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December 19, 2019

A few years back, there was quite a stigma attached to online dating. For some reason, the concept just wasn’t accepted by everyone. There really weren’t that many online dating sites and so, there were limited options for anyone who like the idea of meeting a special someone on the internet. Those days have long since vanished.

now, online dating and matchmaking services are big business. There are even quite a number of niche websites for very specific types of matchmaking services. you can meet someone based on just about any criteria. With this rise in online dating, more and more people are thinking about setting up an online dating website. If that sounds like you, we’ve got a fabulous collection of WordPress themes that you’re going to want to take a look at

the themes in this collection are all perfectly responsive, easy to use and easy to set up, and they are handmade for dating websites and matchmaking services. If you’re looking for the best WordPress dating themes, here is our collection of fabulous themes that you’re going to love.

Aardvark, BuddyPress Dating and Matchmaking WordPress Theme

Aardvark - Community, Membership, BuddyPress Theme

Aardvark is a general purpose WordPress BuddyPress ready theme and one of the demo designs they’ve created is a dating website, so here it is!  BuddyPress and WordPress are a great match for online dating service websites, so it makes sense.  There are plenty of features that BuddyPress brings that help make it the right fit for a lot of dating site startups.

With Aardvark, you can build an online community with groups and private messages, profiles and even media uploads. There’s the option to create a paid membership site with membership levels, restricted content and this uses all of the most popular payment gateways using the PM Pro plugin. You can also set up an online store, there is a built-in blog and news set up to keep your members informed about the latest activities and, while it’s not ideal for a dating website, you can even charge corsets. This theme also allows you to restrict access to the site unless you are logged in, that means you can really encourage people to join your dating website to get full access to all of the potential matches out there.

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Gwangi, Dating, Community and Matchmaking Theme

Searching for a WordPress theme to fall in love with?  Well, if you’re looking to set up an online dating and matchmaking website, Gwangi is a really great catch.  There may be plenty of WordPress fish in the sea, but this theme has all the features you’re going to need.  You’ll want to take Gwangi home to meet your parents.  I’m thinking a lot of folks are going to want to get married to this theme and settle down for the long term.  Gwangi is easy to use, easy to customize and the level of features it offers is second to none in this category.

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BeTheme, Buddy, WordPress Dating Demo Site

BeTheme Buddy, WordPress Dating Theme

BeTheme is a theme you may have heard of, since it’s among the most popular WordPress themes anywhere.  They have over 400 different demo site styles that are pre-created and, not surprisingly, one of them is set up for an online dating service.  Taking advantage of BuddyPress, BeTheme’s ‘Buddy’ demo is perfect for helping folks find a love connection.  Did I mention this theme is popular?  It’s been sold over 160,000 times so far and it’s rating is a very respectable 4.82 overall, so it’s not just popular, it’s well liked by folks who have used it.  BeTheme is WooCommerce ready, it has one click demo installation, it works with BuddyPress as mentioned and everything is well documented and easy to adapt the look and the feature set that are provided.

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Sweet Date, Dating and Community Building Theme

Sweet Date is a premium quality dating theme that is really unique. This is a modern and premium being that is perfect for dating and Community website, though it is flexible enough to be used for a more general purposes site. Everything you need to create a fantastic online community is included with the sweet date theme. This is one of the most popular dating themes around, it’s been sold over 8,000 times so far and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This theme perfectly integrates with bbPress and BuddyPress, Easy Digital downloads and you can install Elementor to create layouts that fit with what you want your website to offer.

This Sweet Date theme offers membership subscriptions features, you can even have different levels for those subscriptions, offering different benefits at gold, silver and bronze levels, for example. You can even lock content behind a paywall based on membership level, a great feature for a dating website and one that many of the biggest dating websites offer. This is a bargain price for such a high-quality, feature field theme.  I think Sweet Date is pretty stylish, so I think it could be good for a lot of sites.  Sweet Date does have that classic ‘dating website’ look, right out of the box.

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Love Story, Premium WordPress Dating Theme

Love Story is a high quality dating WordPress theme responsive layout, multiple membership levels and fees, it offers private messages, privacy settings, Facebook login and even virtual gifts, a very interesting a feature of that not all dating themes offer. This is great for any online community, not just for dating or matchmaking, though that is what it’s specifically built for and that is what this collection is all about. But there are chat messages options, membership fees, the theme options panel allows you to quickly and efficiently change up the look and feel of your site and more. The themes developer offers premium quality support for the first 6 months after your purchase, making this a great thing to get started with if you need a little help getting set up. Sort of like your visitors, right?

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Seeko, Versatile BuddyPress Dating Theme

Seeko is a community site builder at BuddyPress theme that is modern and user-friendly all at once. This theme works perfectly with Gutenberg and the Elementor page builder, two of the most popular and newest ways to usually create a fantastic website. Seeko allow other users to connect with one another, exactly what you want for a dating site, correct? Within minutes, you can have a bold and trendy dating site complete with BuddyPress support, a matchmaking system, Seeko’s own proprietary and professional search engine and an overall appealing design.

This Seeko theme gives you a ton of flexibility, the latest and most up-to-date technology and some fantastic code work. This is the complete buddypress package, it has all of the purpose-built features that any dating website could possibly want. Managing everything from the back end is simple and straightforward as well. Many people seeking to create a really strong dating site online may not be completely at ease with WordPress, which is why this user-friendly and intuitive theme is such a great starting point. In terms of performance, few themes can match this one’s page load times, customization options and overall user experience on both the front and back-end.

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Dating, Responsive Dating and Community Theme

Dating is a responsive WordPress theme that does pretty much what you would expect it to do based on the name. This theme allows you to create a successful online dating website. Nearly everything in this theme is completely customizable, there are settings for fonts, colors, basic layout and more. This theme is sort of a social mixer theme allowing you to create custom post types, allow your users to engage with one another and really make a connection. Dating offers Advanced theme options, includes the PSD file for fine-tuning your design, there are custom page templates, drop-down menus, social media icons and it is all very well-documented.

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DateBook, WordPress Theme for Dating Websites

DateBook is an ideal theme for creating a dating start up. This theme is fully customizable, it’s SEO friendly and it comes packaged with ready-to-use profile Fields, something that you’re absolutely going to need to create a successful dating website. Big book allows members to create their very own personal profile, highlighting and representing the things that they want others to know about themselves. It’s all about connecting. This theme lets you earn revenue by setting several different paid subscription levels, which is probably the very best way to monetize a dating website. This is just how the big sites do it and now, with a relatively reasonable price, you can have a fully functioning dating site of your very own. There are so many Niche markets out there, I think that with a little bit of hard work, you can have an amazing dating site quickly and without too much effort.

Datebook could be the perfect match for any webmaster who wants to create a dating startup website. It’s a dating agency theme in a box, fully customizable, user-friendly and SEO optimized for great results. This theme comes pre-packaged with ready to use, right out of the box profile Fields. The datebook platform lets you are a members sign up and then create personal profiles to let other members know what they are all about. Users will be able to fine-tune their profile to put their best foot forward, helping to connect with other users.

One critical component of the date book WordPress theme, you will be able to earn Revenue by setting different paid subscription levels. This allows for hiding some content behind paywalls, a fantastic strategy for making money online. You can receive payments through the integrated date book subscription service or WooCommerce subscription extension, that’s available through PayPal or PayStack gateways. The choice is yours, I believe that PayPal is a little bit better overall, but your mileage may vary.  For more WooCommerce WordPress themes, our full collection is a nice starting place.

This theme is 100% responsive, has private chat messaging, online status updates, users can create favorite lists or Black List other members, it’s widget ready, multilingual, easy to install and the code is 100% open source. This theme packs in a lot of features that I think could make it a great selection for an online dating site.

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Besocial, BuddyPress Social Network and Community WordPress Theme

Besocial is a WordPress theme that doesn’t just simply support BuddyPress, it’s an actual BuddyPress community and social network theme in one well-designed package. Diesel fuel has a lot of different features that make it ideal for building a BuddyPress based social networking site, including a dating site. It’s got like and dislike rating systems, featured member system, user blog posts, custom BuddyPress widgets, profile searches and social media sharing buttons to name just a few. Be social works great with BuddyPress and bbPress, it is WooCommerce ready, well documented and responsive. This theme is all about making connections, discussions, meeting people and getting to know them.  This theme is very simple to look at, but don’t let that fool you, it’s completely easy to adapt this theme to almost any sort of look that you could imagine and considering how many features Besocial offers, this is certainly one of the best options for creating a dating website.

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Mingle, Multi-Purpose WP BuddyPress Theme

Mingle is one of the first BuddyPress themes ever created, it’s still going strong after all these years. This theme has been adapted and updated over the years to continue to offer fantastic support for more modern features. There is a drag-and-drop layout manager, allowing you to create custom layouts for any post or page. You can attach custom headers and Footers to any post or page as well, interchanging them as you see fit. There’s a contact form Builder and a lot more features jammed in there to make Mingle one of the best BuddyPress themes available. And as for the dating aspect, I think that the style and look of the same certainly lend itself to that purpose, but you may find that this theme is a bit too dated to use on a modern website. Still, since it is so popular, I have decided to include it in this collection oh, so the choice is yours whether it’s useful to you or not.

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Kleo, Professional Community and Matchmaking Theme

Kleo is a modern BuddyPress theme that is a community and social network in a box. This theme is one of the most popular BuddyPress themes available, it’s racked up nearly 20,000 sales so far and it was the best-selling BuddyPress theme in 2018. This theme allows you to build a professional Community, create a stunning portfolio and even sell products. This Kleo WordPress theme has all the features and functionality you would need to create a really strong dating website, the fact that it supports BuddyPress makes that a possibility, but the overall gorgeous design and adaptability is what really sets this theme apart. Created by a power elite author, Kleo is certainly a great option for building yourself a dating website.

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Pet Club, Pet Adoption and Dating Community Theme

Pet Club is not necessarily the type of name that you would necessarily expect to be a WordPress dating website, but here we are. If you can’t get past the images on the screen, some of the other WordPress dating themes may be more in line with what you’re looking for.  That is what the name of this theme is and that is what it purports to be, eh WordPress theme for building a dating community and helping people to make matches online. I suppose adopting a pet is a little like dating, you’re selecting the right fit to join your life, but this thing goes beyond the typical pet adoption website template, it’s also specifically made for dating sites. I suppose if you really wanted to get down to it, you could create a niche dating site based around community of fellow pet lovers, letting people find perfect life matches based on a shared interest. In hindsight, that’s not such a bad idea.

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Dating Agency, WordPress Theme for Matchmaking

Dating Agency is a fantastic WordPress theme that is fresh on the market. This theme is built on the very popular Monstroid template WordPress theme, offered exclusively by Template Monster. Dating Agency includes a featured slider, Parallax scrolling effects, beautiful Galleries and a lovely blog to go with. There are Google fonts and Google Maps Integrations, cross-browser compatibility and thorough documentation. This theme also includes PSD files for advanced customization and the stock images that you see on screen, they’re even included for absolutely no charge. That’s a pretty unique feature, in my opinion.  What you get with the dating agency WordPress theme is a fantastic, responsive platform for building a slick-looking, modern dating website that works great on all devices.

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We’ve found all the best dating themes for WordPress and brought them together in this collection.  If you’re serious about building an awesome website for a social dating website, this collection should be exactly where you start.

The popularity of online dating services has never been greater. Really, over the last decade, this online matchmaking service Market has absolutely exploded. In the past, there may have been ways to meet people online, but there wasn’t a specific market for online dating services. But that has all changed, now online dating networks and matchmaking services are over a 2 billion dollar a year industry. If you are looking to cash in on this, creating your own website to help people find the love of their life, now is the absolute right time.  Plus, this collection of WordPress dating themes is the best possible place to start your search.

There are quite a few matchmaking Services that are quite well-known, yet there are plenty of others that are Niche markets just ready to help find very specific markets of people find love. If you want to get in on this, you’re going to need an absolutely perfect website to help you achieve the best possible experience for your users. After all, that’s what it’s all about, helping your visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you would like to start an online dating website, whether it is a site that appeals to nearly everyone or a very specific niche market, based on personal interests or location, employment or something else entirely, we have gathered up some of the finest WordPress themes that we could find to help you get a head start in building a successful website.

At first, it can be a little bit daunting to search for a great WordPress theme that fits your needs, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have gathered up and reviewed several amazing dating themes that I think can be described as the absolute best on the market today. So, without further introduction, here is our collection of the absolute best online dating and matchmaking Community themes available today.


Check it out.

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