A great vCard theme for WordPress can help land that next job or big contract.  It’s true.  A vCard is like an online calling card, it can be the first impression you make on prospective clients and employers.  With a great WordPress vCard theme, you’ll impress them all from the very beginning.  And best of all, your resumé works hard, in fact it works 24 hours a day!  These WordPress vCard themes are the very best available and we know you’re going to love at least one of them.

If you’re looking for an amazing vCard theme to help show off your skills, educational history and experiences, even your portfolio and maybe a personal blog, then these themes are all you need to get started.  We’ve found the very best themes, highly functional and packed with features, well designed and well supported, so you can make the very best first impression possible.

Hello Pro

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress
Genesis framework themes like Hello Pro load fast, look great and you’ll never be theme locked, since you can update everything using a child theme. Smart!

This theme is called Hello Pro, it’s a Genesis Framework child theme that’s a great way to get your personal or professional experience and skills out there for the world to see.  What Hello Pro does is help you put your best foot forward.  A vCard or online resumé is often the first impression you get to make on a potential client or employer.  When you need your site to look great the first time, every time, it’s important that the theme you choose looks as good as it is easy to use.  After all, a theme like Hello Pro will be working even when you’re not.   The welcome mat is definitely out with this responsive, attractive, flat and professional theme.  Keep in mind, there are actually three different layouts to choose from, so this theme is very, very flexible.

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Resume WordPress vCard theme from Tesla Themes
Make an entrance nobody will even forget with Resumé, by Tesla Themes.  Tesla Themes are known for high quality themes with great support.

This is Resumé, a vCard theme from Tesla Themes and it’s a bold way to make an unforgettable introduction.  A vCard theme like Resumé will help you make a wonderful first impression, giving prospective employers or clients a look at your experience, your skills and your work.  With a built in ‘about me page’, an attractive and clean blog design and a fun, well designed visual gallery, not to mention contact form, Resumé is a perfect solution for creating a bold first impression.  Representing your work in a creative, unique way is a great way for folks to remember who you are.  If you’re trying to attract new business, or you’re even looking for a new job, an attractive web template like Resumé may be critical for your success.

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Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro WordPress entrepreneurs digital business card theme
Aspire Pro makes entrepreneurs look great. This theme is rock solid, beautiful and incredibly functional for all kinds of vCard websites.

Aspire Pro is a bold, eye-catching WordPress theme that has a high impact design, perfect for personal blogs or a resumé, the layouts are clean and clear, the design is flat and strong with simple navigation and awesome typography, making a perfect frame for images or written content.  This amazing, eye catching and useful Genesis Framework child theme is filled, completely filled, with the kind of features which make your site great.  Best of all, since Aspire Pro is a child theme, any updates to WordPress will seamlessly integrate with your site and never break anything.  That creates peace of mind.  With a fantastic responsive design, Aspire Pro looks great on all devices, no matter what size and no matter what browser your readers choose.  Another great feature that’s offered by Aspire Pro, it’s WooCommerce ready.  that means setting up a great shop doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a let, you can do it all with the free WooCommerce plugin.  Live customizer, responsive layout, multiple post formats, a gorgeous blog.  What can’t Aspire Pro do?

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Sarah Martin WordPress vCard Themes
Sarah Martin (aka Create) wants to be your personal development, life coach and human resource department all in one.

This is Create, a WordPress theme that I think could be amazing for life coaches, personal development, vCards, resumés and human resources specialists.  Create is so flexible, so adaptable and so powerful, I’ve seen it used for almost any sort of website.  Create was made with Site Origin’s page builder at it’s heart, so it’s an amazing way to construct a website from the ground up, with every feature you need and nothing you don’t.  Best of all, if your needs change, you can always go back and add content blocks, move stuff around, change fonts and colors and it’s completely simple to do.  That’s what page builder are all about.

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MotiCV wordpress resume and curriculum vitae theme
For a CV theme that’s incredibly simple and minimalist, MotiCV may be the answer to the question, how simple can you get?

MotiCV is a simple theme, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a great style, easy to use layout and a lot of features to make your CV stand out from the crowd.   This responsive theme is perfect for creating a highly optimized presentation of your skills, experience and portfolio, no matter what field you’re in.  If you’re a designer, there’s a well made, but simple, portfolio included.  Skills can be structured into three different levels, skills, subskills and keywords, which makes navigating visually clear to anyone who visits your site.  MotiCV is clean, professional and flexible enough that no matter what field you’re in, your curriculum vitae will look fantastic.

MotiCV is about the simplest, most basic CV or resume theme you could possibly want to see.  It’s just a one page theme with all of the very basic information you could want and nothing you don’t need.  It’s all right there.  I think there’s a wide range of folks who could use a theme like MotiCV, since the simple and modern, slimmed down design is incredibly straightforward and it doesnt stand in the way of your content.  All too often, themes are looking to throw every bell and whistle at you, but MotiCV is careful and selective with what it shows.  I think that makes it ideal for a wide range of businesses, offering you a professional way to showcase your skills, experience and knowledge.

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Perfect CV

PerfectCV Clean, Simple Straightforward CV Theme
PerfectCV harnesses the power of social media and blends a simple design with tons of other powerful features.

This is PerfectCV.  Not shockingly, this theme allows you to craft a perfect looking Curriculum Vitae or resumé theme using WordPress.  Taking advantage of twitter Bootstrap code, the design is incredibly simple and attractive.   PerfectCV allows for child theme support and video portfolio posts too and PerfectCV is as customizable as any theme in this collection, thanks to the Theme Options panel.  The material design of PerfectCV is right on trend, it’s a popular way to present information in a fun, yet simple way.  Not as simple as a flat theme, but it’s not particularly intricate either.  PerfectCV has contact forms included too, so you can help your readers keep up with any new developments on your website.

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iam wordpress resume and portfolio theme
Iam is a powerful, flexible and attractive CV theme for personal websites, showcase your work history, experience and skills in style.

This is iam, a premium WordPress vCard and resume theme, powered by Visual Composer and it’s a well made, incredibly reliable, ultra flexible theme for showcasing your talents and experiences.   This iam theme could be ideal for design firms, online marketing companies and creative freelancers, photographers and more.  The sky’s the limit, really. By choosing a stylish and high-quality theme, you can make a wonderful first impression on your visitors, allowing them to see the high quality of your work.  The iam theme will look fantastic on every kind of device, because it’s perfectly responsive and the code is really clean and professional, so it loads fast.  Showing off a portfolio?  There are tons of options for for that too and iam is even WooCommerce ready, allowing you to build an online shop too.

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Articles on WordPress Development, Marketing & Business by Rich Tabor WordPress Theme

I think that this simple, clean blog theme called Tabor could be a perfect vCard or personal resumé site.  The reason, this theme is so incredibly simple to look at, it’s user friendly and it works well with all the major plugins you need to build a great vCard website.

[wpts_spin]{{Tabor|The Tabor theme|The Tabor WordPress theme|This Tabor theme} {is a great|is a superb|is an excellent|is a wonderful|is a fantastic|is an effective|is a smart|is a popular|is an attractive|is a great looking|is a superb looking|is an excellent little|is a wonderful looking|is a fantastic looking|is an effectively designed|is a smartlooking |is a very popular|is an attractive looking} {GPL|100% GPL|GPL licensed} WordPress {theme|template} {that could be|that may be|that might be|which may be|that is} {just what|exactly what|precisely what|what} {you are looking for|you are searching for|you need|your searching for}.|{If|In the event that|When|In case|Provided|Just in case} {you’re|you are} {looking for|searching for|trying to find|in search of|shopping for|interested in|seeking out|in need of} {a beautiful|an attractive|a good looking|a gorgeous|a stunning|an impressive|an awesome|an enjoyable|an extraordinary|an exceptional|a magnificent|an outstanding} {GPL licensed|GPL} {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|and flexible|and multipurpose|and multi-use|and multi-purpose|highly intuitive} WordPress {theme|design|template|web template}, {you should|you ought to|you must|you might want to|be certain to} {really|thoroughly|seriously} {consider|think about|look at|give some thought to|regard} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme}.|This {WordPress theme|theme|minimalist theme|WP theme|template} {is called|is named|is} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} and {it’s|it is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a wonderful|a powerful|an effective|a really good|an amazing|a perfect|a magnificent|an outstanding|a brilliant} {choice|option|alternative|theme} {for anyone|for anybody} who {needs|requires|needs to have|wants|demands|desires|must have} {a good quality|a high quality|an outstanding|the best|an effective|a very good|a quality|a great} {WordPress theme|template} {that can|that will|which can|configured to|that may|that’s able to} {do|accomplish|carry out} {a lot of different|a large range of|a huge range of|quite a number of|numerous different|a considerable amount of different} {things|duties}.|{There are|You will discover|You will find|You can find|There are actually} {a lot of|lots of|plenty of|many|loads of|numerous} {themes|WordPress themes|possibilities|options|WordPress templates} {out there|available|on the market|to choose from|available on the market|on the internet|offered} and {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} {is among|is one of|is absolutely one of|is definitely one of|is right there among|is certainly among|is certainly one of} the {very best|best|absolute best|finest|very finest|most useful}.|{High quality|Top quality|Good quality|Premium quality|Superior quality|Premium|Excellent quality|Professional quality} {GPL licensed themes|GPL themes} are {tough|difficult|hard|a difficult thing|tricky|challenging} to {come by|find|come across}, {but|yet|however} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} {is one of|is among|is amongst|is certainly one of|is absolutely one of|is right there as one of} the {very best|absolute best|finest|very finest|best possible themes|best around|very best around}.}  {{Some|A few|A number of|Many|Quite a few} {GPL themes|themes} {just|simply|pretty much|basically} {aren’t|are not} {worth the hassle|worth your time|worth downloading|worth much|valuable|very good|a great option|a great choice|good for your website|really that good|really very good|worth it}, {but|yet} Tabor {is a great|is a superb|is a fantastic|is a smart|is a great looking|is a superbly well built|is a fantastic looking|is a smart looking|is a nice looking, professional|professional WordPress} theme {that’s|which is} {very high|extremely high|high|top|really nice|very nice|very, very high|of the best|of the very best} {quality|value|caliber|standard|grade}. {You’ll love it!|You’re going to love it!|What’s not to love?|It’s amazing!|It’s fantastic!|This theme is awesome!|Tabor is awesome!}|This {premium quality|top|top-notch|topnotch|premium|top quality|top notch|superior|superior quality|excellent|high-end} {theme|WordPress theme|WP|design|template} {avoids|eliminates|evades|reduces|has none of|cuts out} the {problems|issues|challenges|concerns|predicaments|worries} that {some|a few|quite a few|many} {GPL themes|WordPress themes} {have|possess|include}, {which is that|such as|like|for example|such as|in that} they {don’t|do not|will not|never|tend not to|fail to|usually do not} load {fast|quickly|rapidly|very quickly} {or|and|or even|or maybe} they {don’t|do not|simple don’t|don’t even} {have|possess|include|offer|provide} {all the|the|all of the} {features|functions|tools|functionality|addons|style} {you want|you would like|you desire|you need|you are looking for}.|Tabor {is a very|is an extremely|is a really|is a wonderfully|is definitely a|is a certainly|is an especially} {fast|rapid|quick|efficient} loading {theme|template|WordPress theme} {too|as well}, {it’s|it is|it truly is} {among|one of|amongts|right there with|up there with} the {fastest|speediest|swiftest|quickest} loading {themes|WP themes|WordPress themes|GPL themes} we’ve {tested|analyzed|examined|tried|checked|evaluated|experimented with|tested out|put to the test|developed}.|{Fast|Really fast|Extremely fast} loading {themes|WordPress themes|templates} {with a GPL license|licensed GPL|under the GPL license|that are GPL} {are very|are extremely|are incredibly|are particularly|are certainly} {rare|uncommon|exceptional|unique|hard to find|scarce}, {but|yet|however} that {perfectly|flawlessly|completely|beautifully|absolutely|properly|faultlessly} describes {this theme|this one|the Tabor theme|Tabor}.|}  {{Tabor|This Tabor theme|The Tabor theme|This nice looking Tabor theme|This simple Tabor theme} {provides|offers|presents|delivers|gives you|provides you with|can provide|guarantees} {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|a beautiful|an amazing|an excellent|the perfect} {frame|framework|structure|stage} for {your|all of your|any kind of|all kinds of} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject matter|posts|posts or pages}, it’s {simple|straightforward|uncomplicated|ingenuous|minimal|minimalist|minimalistic} {style|design|form|layout} is {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|stunning|attractive|amazing|exquisite|appealing|spectacular} and {easy to use|simple to operate|simple to use|user friendly|very easy to use|practical|user-friendly|reliable}.|{There’s|There is|There is certainly} {something|some thing|something special|a special something|} about {simple|straightforward|modern looking}, {minimalist WordPress themes|minimal WordPress themes|beautiful WordPress themes} {that’s|that is|which is} {really|truly|genuinely|very|quite|seriously} {attractive|eye-catching|appealing|beautiful|stylish|captivating|lovely|gorgeous}, the {style|design} {helps|will help|can help|makes|can make|will make|can certainly make|will definitely make} your {content|content material|articles|posts|posts and pages} look {amazing|awesome|incredible|excellent|stunning|miraculous|marvelous|unbelievable|extraordinary|superb|fantastic|perfect|fabulous|brilliant|terrific} {.|!}|{Your|Any|Your new|With Tabor, your|With Tabor, any} {website’s|site’s} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject material|posts|posts and pages} will look {amazing|awesome|incredible|remarkable|excellent|wonderful|great|superb|surprising|stunning|outstanding|astounding|striking|astonishing|marvelous|magnificent|mind-blowing|unbelievable|exceptional|brilliant|dazzling|perfect} with {a modern|a fashionable|an up-to-date|a sophisticated|an innovative|an advanced|a revolutionary|a trendy|a contemporary|an avant-garde|a state-of-the-art}, {user friendly||user-friendly|easy to navigate|simple to operate|convenient to use|simple to use} {minimalist theme|minimal theme|theme|WordPress theme} {like|such as} {the Tabor theme|this theme, Tabor|Tabor}. Minimalist {themes|designs|templates} {are incredibly|are exceedingly|are extremely|are very|are particularly|have become} {popular|sought after|widespread|fashionable|prevalent} {because they|simply because they|since they|as they quite simply|as they} {provide|give|offer|present|produce} {a wonderful|a beautiful|an exquisite|a fantastic|an amazing|an excellent|an awesome|an incredible|a magnificent|an impressive|a stunning|a terrific|an outstanding} {style|design|frame|platform|framework|stage} {for most|for a lot of|for the majority of|for a good number of} {kinds of|sorts of|types of|varieties of} {content|information|subject matter|articles|posts|website content}.|{There are many|There are numerous|There are lots of|There are a lot of|There are a number of|There is a lot of|Often times there are different|There are a plethora of|There are so many|There are plenty of|There are a variety of|There are millions of} {ways to|methods to|opportunities to|strategies to|means to} {customize|personalize|modify|individualize|tailor-make|alter|adapt|customise} Tabor to {make this minimalist theme look|make it look|ensure it looks|make this theme work|make it work} {fantastic|great|amazing|terrific|awesome|brilliant|outstanding|exceptional|glorious|marvelous} {for any|for almost any|for virtually any|for just about any|for virtually every|for every} {kind of|type of|sort of|variety of} {content|content material|written content|subject matter|writing|posts}.|Tabor’s {design|style|layout|look|appearance} is {minimal|minimalist}, {simple|plain|straightforward|hassle-free|straight forward|simplistic|ingenuous|practical|uncomplicated} and {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|interesting|elegant|charming|alluring|stunning|inviting|delightful|engaging}, {so it|so that it|therefore it|and it|and it definitely|and it certainly|so it definitely|so it absolutely} {works for|works well with|works perfectly for} {almost any|just about any|virtually any|each and every} {kind of|type of} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject matter|writing|posts|website|site}.|{For almost any|For every|For virtually every|For virtually any|For just about any} {sort of|kind of|type of} {content|content material|website|online business|posts}, {a great looking|an attractive looking|an amazing|a beautiful|an excellent|a fantastic looking|a well designed|a professionally designed} minimalist {theme|design|WP theme} {is often times|can often be|is usually going to be|can really be|might just be|will be} {a perfect|an ideal|a good|a great|an excellent|an immaculate|a unique|a suitable|a superb|an incredible|an awesome|an amazing|a wonderful|the right} {choice|option|pick|solution}. The {style|design} {doesn’t get|won’t get|never gets|will never be|can never be|won’t be} {in the way of|in conflict with|to conflict with} your {content|content material|written content|writing|posts|website content|articles}.|{This theme|Tabor|This Tabor theme|This one} {is very simple|is modern and simple|is clean and simple} {to look|in style|in terms of style|stylistically|with regard to it’s style}, {yet|but|however} {it’s|it is} {full of|filled with|packed with|brimming with|stuffed with} {many|numerous|quite a few|countless|multiple} {great features|wonderful features|features|bells and whistles} {that help|which help|that really help|that can help} {make it|ensure it is|allow it to be|help it become} {a very|an extremely|an incredibly|an exceptionally|an exceedingly|an enormously|an awfully} {powerful|strong|potent|robust|efficient|dynamic} {WordPress theme|theme|option|option for your website|option for your web page|choice for your site|theme}.}  {{And|Not to mention|Oh yeah|Also|And also}, {it’s|it has|Tabor has|Tabor offers|it offers} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a very good|a wonderful|a powerful|an effective} {combination of|mix of|mixture of|blend of|combo of} {many|numerous|countless|various|multiple|lots of|scores of|plenty of} {amazing|awesome|incredible|remarkable|wonderful|excellent|outstanding|astonishing|terrific|magnificent|exceptional|powerful|staggering|beautiful|really great|dazzling|surprising|striking|impressive} {features|benefits|abilities|functions|advantages|attributes|characteristics}.|{There’s|There is|There is certainly|Tabor has} {plenty|a lot|lots|loads|heaps|a good deal|a great deal} {more than just|more than merely|more than simply} {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|a beautiful|an excellent|an amazing|a gorgeous|a lovely|a stylish} {design|look|layout}. This {theme|template} {has|offers|provides|features|has got|boasts|contains|comes with|includes} {tons of|a lot of|a great deal of|lots of|plenty of|loads of|a pile of|piles of|masses of|hundreds of} {amazing|awesome|mind-blowing|extraordinary|miraculous|astounding|superb|stunning|excellent|really great|brilliant|exceptional} {features|benefits|advantages|attributes|options|functionality|qualities}.|Tabor {also has|also offers|even offers|boasts} {many|a lot of|numerous|loads of|plenty of|scores of|lots of|tons of|boatloads of|countless|quite a few} {incredible|amazing|enormous|tremendous|exceptional|spectacular|magnificent|wonderful|awesome|unbelievable|impressive|stunning|brilliant|terrific}, {powerful|strong|highly effective|robust|efficient|high-powered|dynamic|powerful and effective} {features|abilities|functions|advantages|characteristics|attributes|capabilities|benefits|options} {built in|built-in|integrated|incorporated|on board} to {make it|ensure it is|allow it to be|help it become|cause it to be} {state of the art|state-of-the-art|cutting-edge|cutting edge|top of the line}.|Minimalist {yet|but} {powerful|strong|potent|highly effective|dynamic|powerful and effective}, Tabor is a {WordPress|professional WordPress|beautiful WordPress|bold WordPress|nice WordPress} {theme|template} that {never fails to impress|always impresses|is full of features|is a real winner}.|}

{{Want to sell products?|Starting an online store?|Setting up an online shop?|Selling products?|Selling some stuff online?|Want to sell some products?|Starting up an online store?|Setting up your online shop?|Selling some awesome products?|Selling stuff online?|Want to sell stuff online?|Want to sell stuff?} {Cool|Awesome|Fun|Nice|Fantastic|Yes|Aww yes|Neat|Groovy|Slick|Superb|Congrats|Congratulations|Sweet!|Aw yeah|Right on|Okay then}! {It’s simple|It’s really easy|It’s easy|It’s totally easy|It’s a snap|It’s a breeze|It’s really easy to do|It’s very simple to do|It’s super easy|It’s super easy to do}!|} {{Tabor is a|This is a|This theme is a|The Tabor theme is a} {WooCommerce ready theme|WooCommerce eCommerce theme|WooCommerce optimized theme|theme that’s optimized for WooCommerce}, {which lets you|it lets you|and that lets you|which lets anyone|it lets anyone|and that lets anyone|and it’ll let you|so you can} {create|generate|develop|design|set up|establish|craft|make} {your own|your own personal|an|your own private} {online store|online shop|internet store|internet shop} {selling|offering|marketing|providing|retailing|listing} {any kind of|virtually any|whatever|any type of|any sort of|just about any|almost any} {product|merchandise|products|stuff} {you can imagine|you might imagine|you can think of|imaginable|there is|you want to|you could want to|you might want to}.|{With WooCommerce|Along with WooCommerce|By using WooCommerce|With the free WooCommerce cart|With a free WooCommerce installation}, {Tabor|the Tabor theme|this theme} {allows you to|lets you|gives you a path to|makes it easy to|makes it simple to|makes it possible to|makes it very simple to} {set up an online shop|create an online shop|create your own online shop|create a nice looking shop|create an estore|create an eCommerce store|create an eCommerce shop|make a nice eCommerce shop}, {making it|which makes it|so that it is|thereby making it} {easy to|simple to|an easy task to|convenient to|effortless to|possible to} {create many satisfied|satisfy many|satisfy plenty of|create plenty of happy|create many happy|make many jubilant|wow your|impress your} {customers|clients|buyers|shoppers|purchasers|patrons} {with all of|with|with all} the {amazing|incredible|remarkable|excellent|superb|fantastic|outstanding|mind-blowing|astonishing|impressive} {features of|options that come with|popular features of|advantages of|tools in|top features of|cool features of} {WordPress and WooCommerce|WooCommerce and WordPress}.|WooCommerce {is the most|is easily the most|is regarded as the|is considered the most|is regarded as the most|is one of the most} {popular|widely used|common|prominent|well known|widespread|famous} {shopping cart plugin|eCommerce plugins|eCommerce carts|shopping carts|carts|eCommerce solutions|shopping cart solutions} for WordPress and {the Tabor theme|this theme|Tabor} is {optimized|fully optimized|engineered|designed} to look {beautiful|lovely|great|amazing|fabulous|elegant|charming|attractive|wonderful|gorgeous|magnificent|incredible|exceptional} and {work perfectly|work very well|work well|work flawlessly|work just right}. {You can|It is possible to|You may|You are able to|You can actually} {quickly|instantly|rapidly|swiftly|promptly|rather quickly|almost instantly} {set up|establish|start up|create|setup|build} {an amazing|a fantastic|an astonishing|a beautiful|a spectacular|a fabulous|an exceptional|an impressive|an ideal|an effective|an attractive|a fascinating|a mind-blowing} {online store|online shop|website|online website|shop|store|web store|eCommerce store|eCommerce shop} {in minutes|in seconds|within a few minutes|in no time|within just minutes|before you know it|in a flash}.|{Designed to|Made to|Built to|Created to|Manufactured to} be {one of the|among the|right there with the|among the very|the very} {best|finest|best quality|top} eCommerce {themes|templates}, Tabor {has|offers|provides|features|includes|comes with} {both the|a|both|} {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|wonderful|delightful|charming|spectacular|breathtaking} {style|design|look} {and the|along with the|as well as the} {functionality|performance|features|efficiency|capabilities} which {together|collectively|jointly|alongside one another} {will increase|increases|boosts|raises|improves|will speed up} the {efficiency|effectiveness|performance|productivity|usefulness|potency|productiveness} of your {online store|online shop|website|online website|shop|store|web store|eCommerce store|eCommerce shop|WooCommerce shop|WooCommerce store}!|WooCommerce {integrated|infused|ready|optimized} {websites|web sites|sites|WordPress sites|WordPress pages|themes|WordPress themes} {have|possess|include|have got|offer|provide} {an intuitive|a user friendly|an instinctive|a wonderful|a nice|a beautiful|an amazing|an easy to use|an easy to manage} {user interface|admin panel|interface|setup} {that you can|that you could|that you may|that you will|that you’ll} {use to|utilize to|employ to} {manage|control|administer|supervise} and {display|show|exhibit|present|showcase|publicize|market} {digital|electronic|computerized|downloadable|virtual} {and other|as well as other|along with other} {products|types of products|tangible products|products}.|Tabor’s {dynamic|active|energetic|powerful|highly effective|high-powered|strong} and {professional|skilled|high quality|proficient|popular} eCommerce {plugin|WordPress plugin|cart|shopping cart|cart, WooCommerce,|shopping cart, WooCommerce,} {makes it possible to|allows you to|assists you to|can help you|can potentially|enables us to|helps you} {sell|market|promote|offer|advertise|retail} {anything|everything|anything at all|whatever you want|anything you want|products|all products|all kinds of products} on {your website|your site|your web site|a site|your shop|your store} without {touching|knowing|learning|messing with|having to touch|having to edit|editing} a {line of|single line of|bit of|stitch of|single bit of|single shred of|shred of} {code|CSS or HTML|HTML or CSS|script}.}  {{The Tabor theme|Tabor} {offers|provides|gives you|provides you|offers you|offers up|delivers|has|comes with|features} {a highly|an extremely|a very|an incredibly|a seriously|an especially|an exceptionally} {responsive|fluid|fluid and responsive|mobile friendly|mobile friendly, responsive|responsive, mobile friendly}, {beautiful|engaging|visually engaging|attractive|fun|simple|nice looking|charmingly simple|wonderfully simple|deceptively simple} {design|style|look|layout} that {looks|displays} {great|well|perfectly|pixel-perfect} {all over the world|worldwide|across the world|around the world|around the globe|across the globe|in every country} {and|and also|as well as} on {all|every} {known devices|common device|kind of device|type of device|kind of handheld|type of screen|screen size}.|{It’s|Tabor is|The Tabor theme is} {a modern|a fashionable|a sophisticated|an innovative|an advanced|a revolutionary|a trendy|a very modern|a very fashionable|a very sophisticated|a very innovative|a|very advanced|a quite revolutionary|a very trendy} {and|as well as|and even} {creative|innovative|artistic|inventive|inspiring|distinctive|ingenious|effective} {premium WordPress theme|theme|theme|WordPress theme|multipurpose theme|multi purpose theme|multi-purpose theme|GPL theme} {that is|which is|that’s|and it’s} {intuitive|user-friendly|slick|modern|clean|simple}, {easy to use|simple to operate|simple to use|user friendly|very easy to use|so easy to use|user-friendly|reliable|really easy to use|super easy to use} {and|and also|as well as} {readily|completely|totally|perfectly} {responsive|mobile friendly}.|{With a perfectly responsive design|Totally responsive|Mobile friendly|Absolutely mobile friendly|Fluid and responsive}, {Tabor|this theme|the Tabor theme|this awesome theme} {looks|appears|displays|renders|loads up} {fantastic|perfectly|pixel-perfect|right|exceptionally well|very well|just like you want it|just like you envision|just like you need|as you wish} on {all devices|all screens|all screen sizes|every device|any type of device|all sorts of devices|each and every screen size|all screen sizes|any sort of handheld device|any internet ready device}. {That’s|That is|That is certainly|That is definitely} {very important|essential|crucial|vital|critical|vitally important|imperative|a must|} {considering|when you consider|when you think about|since you know|because of|thinking of|taking into account|when you take into account} {how many people|how many folks|how many customers|how many shoppers|how many readers|how many visitors} {use|utilize|make use of|employ} {handheld|hand held|mobile|hand-held} {devices|gadgets|products} to {access|gain access to|connect to|use|get on|do their business on|shop on|do their shopping on|get their information on} the {internet|web|world wide web|net}.|The {overall|general|complete} {design|style|layout|theme} is {responsive|mobile friendly|fluid and responsive|responsive and mobile friendly}, {clean|fresh|spotless|modern|slick|sleek|nice} and {practical|sensible|effective|functional|basic|simple}, {focusing|concentrating|centering} {the reader’s|your reader’s|your visitor’s|any visitor’s|anyone’s|everyone’s} {attention|eyes} on {what is|what exactly is|precisely what is|just what is|what is actually|what is considered} {truly|really|absolutely|completely|genuinely|actually} {important|crucial|essential|key|significant|central|really important}: {the content|your content|your posts}. {Blog followers|Your site’s readers|Your blog followers|Your readers|Your website’s readers|Your site’s followers} {will enjoy|will like|will love|will cherish|will have|can look forward to|will be provided} {an online experience|an experience|a user experience} {that is|which is} {second to none|first rate|unparalleled|unrivaled|amazing|awesome|fantastic|delightful}.|{It is also|Tabor is also|Tabor is|This theme is|This theme is also} {a fast loading and SEO friendly|a fast loading|an SEO friendly|an SEO optimized|a very fast loading|a very fast loading, SEO optimized} {WordPress multipurpose blog and magazine theme|theme|theme|blog and magazine theme|template|multi-purpose theme}, {a highly|an extremely|a very|an incredibly|an especially|an exceptionally|a particularly|an exceedingly|a tremendously|a remarkably} {responsive|mobile friendly theme|mobile friendly|responsive theme|responsive one}, {retina-ready|Retina ready|retina ready} {and|as well as} {clean|modern|simple|minimalist|sleek|slick looking|sleek looking} {blog|weblog|personal blog|personal blogging} {theme|template} for {WordPress|the WordPress platform}.}

{{Do you need to|Looking to|Looking into|Want to|Need to|Do you feel the need to|Have you decided to|If you’d love to|If you want to} {change|change up|customize|make some changes to|switch up|make some alterations to|tailor-make} the {appearance|look|style|visual style|basic design} of your {website|site|web site|WordPress website|blog}? {With|If you choose|If you select|If you should choose|If you decide to use} {this template|Tabor|the Tabor theme|this theme}, {you will|you’ll|it’s guaranteed, you’ll|it’s a given that you’ll|it’s a guarantee that you will} {always have|have|have access to|find it easy to maintain} {a very|an incredibly|the most|one of the most|a stable and|a user friendly and} {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adaptive|modifiable|functional} {website|web site|site|internet site|web page|web-site|online business|blog}.|  {An intuitive|A user friendly|A well crafted|A well designed|A professional|An easy to use|A simple, powerful|An easy to use, powerful} {interface|editing interface|admin panel|admin setup} {will|can|can greatly|will greatly|will certainly|will totally} {speed up|accelerate|improve|increase the speed of|quicken|expedite|enhance} the {process of|way of|path for|way you go about|method of} {customizing|designing|building|modifying} and {adapting|adjusting} the {theme|web theme|template} to {perfectly|flawlessly|beautifully|correctly|totally|nicely} {fit|match} {your own website|your site|your website|your web site|your business|your online business}.|Tabor is {an extremely|a very|an exceptionally|an exceedingly|an enormously|a remarkably|a particularly|a tremendously|a significantly|a really} {responsive|mobile friendly|adaptable|flexible} WordPress {creative portfolio|artistic portfolio|portfolio site|art portfolio|agency, portfolio|digital agency, portfolio|portfolio, digital agency}, {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|adaptable|extremely versatile|variable|handy|functional|flexible|versatile} {online shop|online store|website|web store|store|eCommerce} {website theme|website template|theme|theme|theme|theme}.|{If you want to|If you wish to|If you need to|If you are looking to|If you would like to|Should you wish to|To} {customize|personalize|modify|individualize|customise|alter|rework} the {look|design|style|fonts and colors|colors and fonts} of Tabor, {it’s|it is|it really is|it truly is} {very easy|very simple|easy|super easy|hassle-free|quite easy} to {accomplish|achieve|attain|undertake|execute|get done} with the {built in|built-in|integrated|incorporated} {theme|WordPress theme} customizer. You {definitely|certainly|absolutely|undoubtedly|unquestionably|undeniably|expressly|unmistakably|indisputably|really} {don’t|do not|will not|never} {need to be|have to be} {a web designer|a designer|an expert coder|a code expert|an expert at coding|a CSS or HTML expert|an expert coder|an HTML or CSS expert} to {take full advantage of|reap the benefits of|take benefit from|optimize|benefit from} {it|Tabor}.|{Customers|Clients|Purchasers|People|Users} {can easily|can readily|can|will find it easy to|can find it easy to|will find it simple to} {personalize|customize|individualize|tailor-make|custom-make|adjust|modify} their site’s {aesthetic|look|style|visuals|cosmetic appearance|appearance}, {there is|because there’s|because of|since there’s|because Tabor offers|because Tabor has} {a limitless|an unlimited|an infinite|a large|an almost infinite|a massive|a huge|a wide|a large} {range of|selection of|variety of|assortment of|collection of|number of} {available|offered|potential} {color choices|color schemes|colors and fonts|fonts and colors|looks that are possible|possible looks|options}. {No|Absolutely no|There’s absolutely no} {advanced|sophisticated|big|in depth|in-depth|great} {knowledge|know-how|skills|experience|coding skill|coding experience} {is required|is needed|is necessary} for the {installation|set up|installing|setup|theme installation} or {customization|personalization|modification|basic customization} {process|procedure}, {as|since|because} Tabor {is very|is extremely|is quite|is incredibly|is absolutely|is tremendously|is exceedingly|is really|is amazingly} {user-friendly|easy to use|practical|user friendly|intuitive}.} {{WordPress|The WordPress platform} {is one of|is among|is just one of|is truly one of|is regarded as} the {most preferred|most popular|most well regarded|top|best|best loved} {blogging|blog|content management|blog posting|personal blog} {platforms|systems|setups} {due to|because of|on account of|resulting from|owing to} its {flexibility|versatility|adaptability|overall flexibility|capability|flexibleness|options} and {powerful|strong|effective|potent|highly effective|impressive|robust|beneficial|efficient|ultra powerful|mighty|high-powered} {features|capabilities|abilities|functions|attributes} and {a theme|a design|a style} like Tabor {is always|is definitely|will always be|is certainly|is obviously|should be considered|is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a really cool|a magnificent|an outstanding|a remarkable|a brilliant|the perfect|a fabulous|a perfect|a highly effective} {choice|option|pick|solution|selection} for {blogging|blog posting|content management|article writing|operating a blog|blogging and site-building|writing a blog|running a blog|posting your content|personal blogs}. Tabor is {a creatively|an artistically|a wonderfully|an imaginatively|a uniquely|a wildly} {bold|daring|confident|audacious|vibrant|striking|adventurous|courageous|aggressive|self confident} and {visually|aesthetically|vividly} {stunning|breathtaking|dazzling|brilliant|sparkling|hot} {theme|WordPress template|theme for wordPress}.|For {creating|producing|developing|generating|building|establishing|crafting} {a nice|a pleasant|a great|a good|an excellent|a lovely|a beautiful|a perfect|a wonderful|a fantastic|an attractive|a satisfying} {looking blog site|site|blog|personal blog|website}, {you need|you will need|you will want} the {right theme|a proper web template|a proper website|a wonderful theme}. Tabor {was designed to|was made to|was created to|is built to} be {a perfect|an ideal|a wonderful|an awesome|an amazing|the best|the perfect|just the right} {blogging|kind of blogging|sort of blogging|style of blog|blog} {theme|template}, {ideal for|perfect for|well suited for|suitable for|great for|useful for|created for|good for|just the thing for|intended for} {any type of|any kind of|almost any|any sort of|any variety of|any} {website|web site|internet site|online business}.|} {For {creative|innovative|artistic} {websites|portfolios}, Tabor {also|definitely|totally} {hits the mark|nails it|gets it right|does the job|gets the job done}, this {theme|design|template} {is great for|is ideal for|is fantastic for|is excellent for|works for} {any type of|any kind of|almost any} {creative|artistic|inspiring|aesthetically pleasing|well crafted} portfolio {website|site|web site|web page|page}.|Tabor {also|additionally} {makes for|creates|produces|enables|presents} {a perfect|an ideal|a great|an excellent|a wonderful|an awesome|an amazing} {creative|innovative|imaginative|artistic|inventive|distinctive|unique|effective} {portfolio|creative|agency|digital agency} {site|website|blog|web-site}, the {design|style|layout|design and style} {works great|works well|is effective} {for all|for any} {kinds of|sort of|type of} {content|content material|written content|page|business}.|{You can|It is possible to|You are able to|You can actually} {display|exhibit|present|showcase|show off|publicize} {your|any|any kind of|any type of|any sort of} {creative|art} work {too|as well}, Tabor {has|offers|provides|has got|gives you|gives artists} {a stylish|a classy|a beautiful|a tasteful|an exclusive|an attractive|an exquisite|a trendy|a fashionable|a good looking} and {useful|user friendly|flexible|easy to manage|easy to use} {portfolio|artistic portfolio|portfolio design} {built in|integrated|incorporated|on board}.|}

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Empathy vCard WordPress theme for CV
Bold, brash, fullscreen and easy to navigate, Empathy is a vCard that’s both user-friendly and flexible for all kinds of creative people.

Empathy is a CV theme created by PixelWars, it’s simple and bold at the same time, with lots of impact generated by large, fullscreen images and excellent typography.  While the majority of the information is contained on one page, there is a second page style for a blog.  I love the typography on this theme, it’s really, really cool.  Responsive and easy to use, Empathy has sold around 20,000 times on ThemeForest, making it one of the most popular vCard themes around.  Flexible images, videos, custom widgets, dozens of page animations, it’s all there and it helps to make this a dynamic and flexible theme for promoting your work, skills and experiences.

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Baylie Could be great for a vcard since it's a beautiful one page theme
Baylie isn’t just a creative agency theme, it’s also great for personal and professional websites, showing off your skills, your portfolio and your resumé.

I’m continually blown away by ThemeTrust’s WP themes. Baylie is absolutely no exception. Baylie is an amazing agency design, flexible but the parallax scrolling portfolio element means Baylie’s most likely best used for showing off a portfolio of any kind.  Including a vCard or resumé.  It’s vibrant and alluring animations will certainly very well frame your portfolio of work effectively, guaranteeing your site’s visitors are definitely amazed by your imagery. ThemeTrust, like always, features a ton of theme options in their internal theme options panel and their various web-post style templates.  This is a incredible vCard theme too.

WP Compass

Sonny T. My Awesome Site!
WordPress vCard themes like Sonny T. don’t come along all the time, this is simple, it’s different and highly visual.

The WP Compass is a gorgeous responsive single page WordPress theme. This elaborate theme gives your blog, portfolio, vCard or resumé a unique and fresh look. The theme is very easy to customize; it was built and documented with a novice in mind. The WP Compass comes with 3 beautiful color sets, 2 different options for animation effects, and full screen slideshow. The WordPress theme is also equipped with Font Awesome icons and Google Fonts.


Moje vCard Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme
Moje is a striking WordPress theme for vCards, with fullscreen design and highly attractive layout.

If you want a stylish vCard theme, consider Moje as a really serious contender.  With an attractive, modern layout and easy left sided navigation, Moje is perfectly set up to be a highly professional online resumé builder.  Moje has a responsive design and considering you never know if a prospective employer or client is accessing your site via a mobile device, that’s a key feature to offer.  There are multiple color schemes, single page and multi-page layouts, tons of icons, shortcodes specifically made for building your online resumé and tons more.  The support is exceptionally solid too, so if you need help customizing this theme, it’s always there for the taking.

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for more clever vcard themes, try this collection
Clever looking design, excellent visual layout and tons of features. Yep, that’s what this uCard theme is all about.

Have you been trying to find a WordPress vCard or resume theme with a surprisingly simple, minimalistic style, a clean structure that is definitely simple to use, astonishing, expertly crafted, spotless CSS and HTML, many flexible, powerful personalization options and in depth documentation data and superb tech support?  uCard may have exactly what you’ve been searching for.  uCard was designed with freelancers in mind, whether you’re a writer, a programmer or a photographer, this theme does a fantastic job of letting you exhibit your work in a classy way, framing and enhancing your work with a simple and modern style, letting you show your experience in text or images.  uCard is a delightful choice for professionals of any sort who need a great looking theme fast.

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Clean Slide

Clean Slide Responsive Vcard Template
WordPress vCard themes need to be responsive, CleanSlide knows that and the results are impressive on any device.

For personal or business websites, the Clean Slide Responsive vCard WordPress Theme is designed success.  I really do love this theme.  It’s simple, modern and easy to use, whether you’re building a resumé or a portfolio, blogging or showcasing your skills and experience.  There are two versions included, a personal version and a company version, each one fine tuned for a very specific task.  Companies who want to introduce their services in a professional, clear way, will love this theme.  Individuals who need to show who they are will love it too.  Clean Slide has it all.


Larry Personal and Professional WordPress Business Card Theme
Larry here is a very professional vCard template, stylish and simple, user-friendly and feature filled. Get back to work Larry!

Hey Larry!  Larry is a simple one page CV theme that leaves the overworked design at home, it’s simple to navigate, easy to use for any sort of CV, from programmer to writer, web designer to graphic designer.  The code is amazing, easily extendable and since this theme was developed by expert theme makers, it works perfectly.  Looks like Larry is constantly being updated as well, which is a really key component of what to look for in a WordPress theme.  Larry’s simple design puts your content at the forefront, not wasting a bunch of space on intricate designs, Larry is simple and well put together.  There’s not really a lot to say about this theme, it’s simple, well designed, I think the layout is really nice, it’s just a good solution for a designer, portfolio, freelancer or personal blog site.

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Euforia vCard WordPress theme
Euforia combines a vCard with portfolio, blog and more to give you a great looking, simple to use option for showcasing your resumé.

Euforia is a one page personal resumé theme, coded with the latest HTML, Bootstrap and CSS with clean, modern and organized looking design. What sets Euforia apart is the combination of a fresh & user-friendly interface for an optimized user experience. The template is created in minimalist style and it was designed with both UI and UX in mind, so that everyone will enjoy using the theme.  If you’re a web designer, graphic designer, motion graphic designer or other creative type, Euforia is a fantastic pick for helping build your portfolio, your showreel or your resumé.


Squares Web Developer Resumé and vCard Theme
Hey there John Doe, let’s get to know you. The minimalist vCard style is impressive and fun, simple to navigate and very user-friendly to customize.

You’re going to absolutely love the fifteen different background patterns included with this theme, it’s a cool feature that helps keep your website looking unique.      Squares is also unobtrusively enhanced with Javascript, which is awesome.  There are tons of handy, unique page transitions, which frankly aren’t for everybody, but can be a nice way to add interest if you think it fits with the message you’re trying to put out there.  What’s more, there are smooth CSS3 snimations, multiple custom-made animated bar graphs and even hand crafted portfolio slideshops.  Wow, wow and wow.  With Squares, you get incredibly clean code, a fully functional, and self-validating AJAX contact form too.  Super sweet.  There are also six color-picker presets to go along with those background patterns we mentioned earlier.  Professional and attractive WordPress vCard theme?  Right on!


Biopic WordPress responsive vCard theme
With a unique and different looking material design style, Biopic makes a mark on the world with a user-friendly design and tons of features.

Biopic is a minimalist, elegant and responsive vCard WordPress theme or WordPress resumé theme which is suitable for using it as a vcard, small personal portfolios, photographers, wedding journals etc.  Simple is an understatement with Biopic, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring.  Simplicity can be very useful anddespite the visual simplicity of Biopic, this theme still packs a design punch with a stellar layout that is easy to navigate and give all the information you need to give to make a fantastic first impression.   Biopic also supports a blog page, so you can add to your work history, experiences and other typical CV material with a personal blog.  Responsive, minimalist, SEO friendly, Biopic is a great choice for many different types of websites.

Business Card

Business Card WordPress resume theme vCards
Incredibly simple, mind bendingly easy to use, this is an Elegant Themes vCard template, it’s modern and sleek.

This stunningly simple WordPress theme can be exactly what you need to craft a well made, easy to use one page website for showcasing your contact information, your blog, portfolio and whatever else you need your readers to see.  The Business Card WordPress theme is well coded, user friendly and compatible with all browsers.  The Business Card WordPress theme provides information to your visitors in a clean, concise and straightforward manner.  This theme offers localization support, five unique color schemes, great support and plenty of documentation.  For a simple vCard or résumé website, this could be just what you need to make everybody happy.

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cascade colorful flat vcard template
Writers, designers, coders and all kinds of creatives need a great looking theme to showcase their skills and experience. Cascade wants to be your vCard theme.

Cascade is a minimalist personal vCard WordPress theme based on colorful vertical menu tabs. Tabs are presenting content of the pages. Each page is one cascade tab.  Cascade has been recently updated too, ensuring it’ll remain a viable vCard theme for the near future at least.  Cascade has a light and dark skinned version, the dark one is above.  There are eight predefined tab colors, ten predefined social icons, twenty different page background to choose from.  It’s clear, the options for how your site looks are numerous.  Showcase your work in style, show recent tweets, display content full screen or boxed and tons more.


Prestige popular but simple vCard theme for WordPress
Prestige has been one of the more popular vCard themes on the market, it’s colorful and fun, easy to use and effective.

Put your best foot forward with Prestige.  Prestige is an incredibly colorful, yet minimal portfolio and vCard WordPress theme based.  Prestige is based on a simple concept, providing all the imformation a prospective client or employer might need with simple graphics, easy to navigate tabs and beautiful typography.  That’s the idea behind Prestige and I think it absolutely delivers.

Each page on your website will consist of a single tab, making navigation incredibly straightforward and clear-cut.  Prestige has a working contact form, sliders, built in gallery pages for your portfolio, as well as lightbox with video support.  There are also plenty of social media icons from which to choose.  That all combines to make Prestige a great candidate for any type of online personal presentation.


Zwin Personal vCard Template for WordPress
This Zwin theme is a wonderful way for designers and creatives of all sorts to create their own personal portfolio or CV showcase.

It’s simple! Just download Zwin and install it, it only takes a handful of minutes.  Right off the bat, you’ll be showing off your online vCard to friends, family, customers or potential employers.  The choice is up to you.  Whether it’s a handheld device like a tablet or smart phone, up to desktop and laptops, the responsive design means Zwin will look amazing.  That’s right, since Zwin is a 100% responsive WordPress theme, your readers will be able to view your website on personal computer as well as all the different types of handheld devices. You can even link to your social media profiles!  What’s more, you’ll be able to display your portfolio in many media formats, from images and videos from YouTube or Vimeo, even Flash.  Don’t use Flash though.  Flash sucks.

Zwin is definitely one of the most simple, straightforward themes in this collection, but it’s anything but boring.  Showcase your portfolio with multiple animation effects, if you want to that is.  Build your resumé, even add a contact page with Google Maps integrated.

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Versus Resume, vCard and CV WordPress Theme
With a theme like Versus, you’re almost guaranteed to make a wonderful first impression. Get your foot in the door today!

Versus is a CV theme that’s bold and stylish as it is simple to use and user friendly.  Versus uses a fullscreen image on the front to really grab the reader’s attention, so I think it could be great for photographers. Versus has tons of custom widgets, a wide range of browser compatibility, an intuitive page layout and it’s responsive, SEO friendly and easy to use.  Versus has tons of flexibility thanks in part to the Visual Composer drag and drop plugin that’s included with every license purchase.  I don’t recommend Visual Composer for all websites, but I think it’s very functional in Versus, since the load times aren’t compromised.

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Sam Martin

Sam Martin WordPress CV and vCard theme
Sam Martin is professional and flexible, easy to use and has a great corporate look that many people have been a big fan of.

Making a great first impression, that’s what WordPress vCard themes are all about and Sam Martin does it’s best to give you that professional style you crave.  Sam Martin is a wonderful way to highlight your skills, education and work history.  Front and back end users will find Sam Martin to be simple to use, elegant in style and highly adaptable to any situation.  Clean, gorgeous, sleek, that’s what Sam Martin is all about.  For lawyers, authors, designers, wedding planners and more, this CV theme is a great way to present yourself professionally and, hopefully, land that high paying job you’ve always wanted.

Sam Martin is a highly professional, beautifully designed WordPress resumé or vCard theme, build for people who want to give the very best first impression they can, outlining skills, experience and work history with a clear and professional look, design and a great user experience for front and back end users.  Sam Martin is clean, sleek, gorgeous to look at, has a very nicely laid out design and it’s a perfect way to highlight your resumé.  This responsive theme looks incredible on every device out there and if you’re a lawyer, a writer, wedding planner, design professional or coder who needs an attractive and full featured website to gain the attention of prospective clients, this one is a big, big winner.

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Reversal is a simple and professional vCard theme for WordPress
With a fun horizontal scrolling style, people aren’t likely to forget the Reversal theme, or your personal profile, anytime soon. That’s a good thing.

Reversal is a one page theme with big a difference from other resumé themes on the market: it scrolls horizontally. The design is incredibly minimal, elegant, and responsive, which is nice.  All the CSS and Javascript code has been compressed which ensures pages load lightning fast, making navigation a pleasant experience.  Those things are key attributes to making a website that ranks high in the search engine results and one that offers a great user experience, no matter what.  With a pre-built about page, pictured above, a services page, portfolio, contact page and blog, Reversal is a single page theme that has everything you need to make a delightful website showing off your skills and your work history.


Bookcard Responsive WordPress personal resumé theme
BookCard is still going strong after all these years. There’s something to be said for a timeless design like BookCard.

The BookCard WordPress theme is one of the oldest ones on this collection, but it’s still one I highly recommend.  BookCard has a style all it’s own.  Created by PixelWars, one of the best theme makers around, this theme has a 4.6 rating on ThemeForest, making it one of the best reviewed vCard themes on the entire site.  I really love the 3d folding card animation, I think it really helps set this theme apart from the rest.  Here’s a sneak peek at that.

Folding Card animation BookCard
Animated goodness!

BookCard has it all, responsive design, retina ready display, tons of CSS3 effects for portfolio transition animations, Google fonts, social media integration, shortcodes, multiple portfolio types and a lot more.  Check it out below.

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Unique WordPress Theme

There sure are a lot of themes named ‘Unique’ out there.  You’d think they’d catch the hint that it’s not a unique name, considering I’ve personally reviewed about a dozen themes with the same name.  Anyway, this one is all about vCards.  Unique is a simple, attractive and flat theme, it’s a good choice for getting your own personal site up and running fast.  The reviews are nearly perfect, the features are just what you need them to be.  All in all, a nice little theme for personal resume building.

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Squareroot professional business resumé and vCard WordPress theme
If you’re a creative freelancer, you need a great vCard theme and Square Root is a professional way to get that job done.

Want to build a great looking résumé, vCard, portfolio or freelancer page?  Want to make a bigtime first impression?  If you’re looking to work and you want to make a big impact with a tremendous first impression, you might want to take a look at SquareRoot.  This WordPress vCard theme makes an awesome first impression on potential employers, clients and even maybe the competition.  SquareRoot is totally responsive and has a variety of options for the front page layout, which gives you the flexibility to make this template look completely custom.  Personalize this theme with an expansive set of tools, colors and patterns can be switched up and images can be modified as well.  Every element of this polished and professional theme can be made to be exactly what you want it to be.

Make your resumé look amazing with smooth scrolling parallax effects and reap the benefits of the limitless features that allow you to take your creativity to unprecedented levels.  SquareRoot is very user friendly, great for beginners too.  Even if you aren’t a programmer, you can navigate the options with relative ease.  There are hundreds of available font icons, which will be handy when you go to set up various sections of your resume.  Detailed documentation guides the way and if you run into trouble there’s amazing levels of support you can fall back on.


Shift CV WordPress Dark Resume theme for creative vCards
ShiftCV is a full service resumé, CV theme and personal portfolio. The simple look hides a ton of great features though.

After you own ShiftCV, with a pretty and convenient vCard, you become an owner of the full-fledged blog with a wide range of custom options.  That’s what the theme maker has to say as an introduction to this cool looking WordPress theme.  Shift CV allows you to build a strong online presence, showing off your resumé and portfolio together.  If you’re a creative and you need to display powerful, alluring images, this theme is a great option.  Shift CV is fully responsive, it looks incredible on all sizes of screens.  There are multiple color schemes to choose from, such as optional retina display and WPSpace widgets. Space, the final frontier!  Flat, responsive and professional, a great set of features…ShiftCV has it all.

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aveo WordPress flat vCard Theme
Aveo has a really nice, attractive flat style that a lot of people really react to. It’s good to get a reaction.

With Aveo’s drag and drop page builder, unlimited colors, cool and fun page transitions and a powerful, attractive portfolio, Aveo is a wonderful option for avCard template.  Aveo is a premium tool, it’s built from the ground up to make your portfolio look amazing, to make your work look stunning and to help you put your best foot forward, no matter what kind of business you’re in.  Totally responsive, this professional theme helps share your skills, makes your portfolio take center stage and this minimal theme takes it’s job very seriously.

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HyperX Full Featured vCard WP Theme
HyperX is a highly visual vCard theme and it’s great for photographers, creative designers and anyone who really values high quality images.

The Hyperx WordPress theme package offers everything necessary to easily build the most attractive and feature-rich one or multi-page websites. Appropriate for both corporate use and for more creative freelancers and even individuals who want to highlight their abilities to a particular consumer based, this theme allows you to set up everything from a fine art gallery to a product-focused blog. The easy-to-use admin interface allows for one click changes from boxed layout to full width, complete control over the background colors and graphics and more. Header design changes handled by the advanced styling system allow for truly unique and expressive first impressions. Options include dark and light versions and slider capabilities. Since the theme is retina ready and totally responsive, your website will shine on any device.

A plethora of features come packaged with the HyperX theme, which makes it one of the easiest and most intuitive to set up no matter how many elements you use. The powerful Visual Composer allows you to drag and drop blocks of content space to design a totally unique layout with ease. Revolution Slider plugin lets you position slideshows on any page. Other widgets and elements include Recent Posts, Recent Work, Instagram, Twitter, Advertisement widgets, Flickr and Video Embed widgets and more, not to mention WooCommerce ready design that help sell your products online.  It has WPML ready and language translation capability.  The entire HyperX WP theme uses correct and up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3 code for quick loads and background power. Combine all of this with powerful search engine optimization options for heading tags and code and any website created with the HyperX theme can help any company or individual achieve success online. Any questions or concerns not covered in the documentation will be answered by the impressive customer support service.

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Next flat wordpress vcard theme
Get your foot in the door with Next, a well designed metro inspired WordPress theme for vCards and your personal information too.

NEXT is a really cool vCard theme that may just help you get your next job, contract or at least an interview.  You gotta get your foot in the door, right?  That’s what we think, anyway.  NEXT is an attractive theme that has some standout features that make it a little different.  Features like a parallax scrolling background, full-blown retina ready display and a cool set of menu options and navigation, animations and a theme options panel that lets you create and adjust a portfolio quickly and without knowing any code. NEXT is a great theme for beginners in that way and the metro style is trending right now, so if that’s something that interests you, you should absolutely get out there and grab this theme.  Want a theme that loads fast?  The 3 pre-crafted demo pages can be launched just exactly like they look on the demo site.  Sweet, that’s fun, right?

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Ego WordPress vCard or resume theme
With a name like Ego, it has to be good. That’s what I figure anyway an Ego does work well as a handsome WordPress vCard theme.

Ego is a sleek, modern fully responsive, one page resumé or vCard theme theme that is packed with a fun, cool attitude and offers up loads of features to make sure you’ve got the best vCard theme around.  Ego is about showing off, beating your chest a little bit, letting the world know who you are.  That’s how you get your name out there and impress people, maybe land that next job.  Ego is great for a freelance designer or artist or even maybe a small design studio looking to expand their list of clients. Ego is a one page theme that’s completely responsive, it’s got a ton of sliders to help make real impact, parallax scrolling and more.

Whatever your needs, Ego is a wonderful way to showcase your work with great style and a professional presentation.  Hundreds of options allow you to customize the template to your heart’s content and a swipe ready, full screen slider is a cool way to show off on mobile devices, since this theme is fully responsive and looks great on every smart phone, iPad or desktop computer.  With Ego, you can simply and effectively adapt the look, the features and the options to perfectly match your site’s needs.


Tommy Rhodus Photography Portfolio and vCard theme
TommusRhodus is known as one of the most popular developers of simple WordPress themes and this theme, Kubb, is a great way to present your personal information and photography to the world.

TommusRhodus has created a wonderful beautiful and full featured photography theme called Kubb.  Kubb is a photo portfolio at heart, but it goes the extra mile, adding the ability to create a beautiful, functional resumé or calling card for your photography.  You need a beautiful theme, a highly professional theme, one that has tons of great features, is easy to use and most of all, a theme that makes a great first impression.  You need to sell yourself and Kubb helps do just that.  That’s what it takes to make it in the world today, there’s so much competition, particularly for photographers. But with Kubb, the site’s design is down pat, all you need to do is keep taking incredible photographs to build your business.

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Selfless vCard for Professional Photographers and Creative People
The Selfless vCard theme is a great solution for professionals to establish an incredible resumé and portfolio theme.

Selfless is a powerful one page WordPress theme, especially crafted for personal or company portfolio, particularly those involving photography.  If you’re a freelancer or a small photo studio, this is a theme you’ll absolutely want to consider.  Selfless is technologically very advanced, taking advantage of jQuery features and the basic layout is designed for all user types.  Selfless does it’s best at providing a smooth, easy and rich browsing experience on all devices. This is the WordPress version of the theme and therefore is extremely simple to install and manage!

With built in portfolio and blog, an advanced theme settings panel, custom post types and more, the flexibility of features is incredible.  You’ll never get tired of the feature set included but if you need to extend it, Selfless works with the vast majority of after-market plugins.  Google fonts, one page scrolling, built in blog, there’s a ton to love about Selfless.



Me Premium Portfolio Theme with vCard Option
Simple and different. That’s ‘Me’. This ‘Me’ theme that is, not me. Who’s on first, what’s on second, I don’t know is on third.

Me is a responsive one page portfolio theme. That doesn’t sound right, but it is, I swear!  If you wish to showcase your work in an elegant, simple way, Me would be a good choice.  That doesn’t sound right either!  Me comes with a whole bunch of features (sigh), like a responsive slider, filterable portfolio, portfolio items load using Ajax, meaning you can load a portfolio item without re-loading the page, over 70 fonts, a custom Ajaz contact form and more.  With over 3000 sales and counting, this theme is built to last, the support is fantastic, the options are nearly limitless and I know you’ll make great use of the ability to alter and customize this theme to look just like you need it to look.


vCard Theme Passage Premium Personal Page WordPress Theme
Passage is a parallax theme with the optional ability to work hard as your vCard or online resumé web template.

Display almost any products or services with a solid looking parallax scrolling site. This incredibly modular theme is a powerful way to create any sort of site and we absolutely love it as a vCard theme template.  Viewing your craftsmanship with parallax sections is wicked-good and is something that any user will love.  This theme is guaranteed to be a unrivaled onepage parallax portfolio theme for creative design folks who would like to show their best projects in a really new manner. This template is bound to stagger and stupify you and your potential clients with its incredible animations and transitions that make your site feel incredibly natural. The premade portfolio area is simple and helpful and is customized in a snap by using only a very small number of clicks.

John Smith

VCARD John Smith Photo Portfolio
Personal portfolios, personal blog sites and resumé sites will all benefit from a theme like John Smith. It’s got a really unique style all it’s own.

John Smith is a premium one page WP theme, one of the flashiest and fun themes in this collection, and it’s great for portfolio and personal websites, particularly photography portfolios.  Could probably be used as a vCard theme too?  The design is clean enough, simple enough to work, and you can even highlight your work with a stylish gallery, which is a perfect way to frame your design, photography or other art work.  With the Remote WordPress Management Tool, included for free, you can even take your work on the go.  Accessing your website from anywhere is a huge benefit, especially considering how many people have to travel for work, commute via train or bus or when you’re just sitting somewhere away from your computer.  It’s absolutely something to think about.


Scrollex WordPress resume builder emporium and VCard Template
Scrollex practically oozes style, it’s responsive, it’s beautiful and it’s user friendly. Not to be confused with Skrillex.

The Scrollex WordPress theme focuses on delivering the coolest and most up to date one-page website possible although multipage sites look great with this theme as well. All the necessary features and elements are available to create and attention-grabbing website that will attract more customers than ever before. This theme comes standard with various pre-made layouts with different colors, structures and font choices so you can launch the site after just a few simple clicks. If you want to get up and running quickly, this is all you need to look professional and polished.  With a couple dozen prebuilt templates and styles to choose from, flexibility is a key attribute to Scrollex’ feature list.

However, if you wish to tweak the pages even more, Scrollex has plenty of options to let you creates a truly one of the kind look. The included page builder allows you to add stylish parallax scrolling, video backgrounds and unique menu options so visitors can find exactly what they are looking for without trouble. Other options include unlimited color choices, support for a wide selection of typography styles and support for multiple graphic and video types. This WP theme is 100% responsive so it will show up perfectly on everything from a large desktop monitor to the smallest smartphone. Scrollex uses clean and up-to-date coding and has extensive customer support from developers.

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Cooper is the ultimate creative portfolio theme and the single page WordPress theme option is a really nice way to create a landing page or splash page for your website. Sometimes, you don’t need more than a single page to get your message across. That’s what Cooper tries to keep in mind. Cooper is very simple to operate, efficient, packed with features, functional and it’s incredibly beautiful too. Cooper is totally SEO optimized, highly versatile and completely responsive. Cooper could be great for photographers, ad firms, interior decorators, publicity companies or designers. Anybody who wants a well crafted, powerful and attractive single page theme. A beautiful WordPress portfolio can really help you deliver a fantastic first impression and why not use a single page to get that done? Cooper uses Visual Composer, which happens to be the leading WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin/addon around. Visual Composer is powerful and versatile, it allows you to add features, create a tweak layouts and it’s very user friendly.

The Visual Composer plugin works perfectly with the leading third party plugins such as WooCommerce, both Gravity and Ninja Forms, Sliders like Revolution or Layer Sliders, Essential Grid and Contact Form 7. That all makes Cooper incredibly functional for any purpose. You’ll really love the simplicity of getting started with Cooper, the adaptability to create any variety of site, that it’s compatible with everything, the low cost to get started and the incredibly powerful features. With Cooper, you’ll get highly detailed documentation, a vast and growing template library, totally 100% responsive design, tons of content elements and well appointed front end editor, and tons more.

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A vCard is an electronic resume, and it can really help get you your next job.  I’m very serious about that, a well crafted theme can be the difference between being completely ignored and your resumé really catching somebody’s attention.  If you need a vCard theme for WordPress, this is the best collection on the internet.  Show off your CV (curriculum vitae) or resume and portfolio in style.  These highly functional and well designed WordPress themes are made to highlight your skills and experience, and they’re a great way to make an impactful first impression with a potential employer or client.  In 2017, we know that most companies look to vCards or online resumes to find talent, which makes sense, considering how important your online presence is.

If they can’t find your resumé online, you’re never going to get a chance to win that job or a big project.  Right?  Right!  These WordPress resume themes are SEO optimized to help drive traffic to your site.  If the headhunters can find you, you’re one step ahead of the game, so it’s imperative that you have a functional and well designed site.  Linkedin and other sites like it are great for a resume, but you need to have that option of showing both your resume and a portfolio of your work.  That’s where a vCard theme comes into play.

We’ve found the very best vCard themes we can and gathered them up in this list, each set up for easy administration and a fast set-up of your website.  You can change the colors and designs to look exactly like you want them to.  Without further ado, here they are.