Foodica WordPress food blog and personal lifestyle blogging theme

This is flat out delicious.  If you’re trying to start a food blog, or you’re just into talking about your own culinary exploits, Foodica could be a fine pick.  This theme is stunningly intuitive, making it simple enough to get started immediately, but powerful enough to fit with any kind of website.  The demo is set up to give an example of what a food blog would look, perfect for caterers, foodies, aspiring culinary marvels, food critics and restaurant reviewers and related sites, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for a personal blog page too.  Foodica can please a lot of different people, with a stylish home page and a number of different blog post styles, your posts are really going to stand out from everybody else on the market.

The layouts are designed to get you up and posting relatively quickly, because the design of posts and pages is ready to go, allowing you to create attractive and interesting content with customized shortcodes, specifically made for the Foodica blog, the directions and ingredient codes let you create mouth watering recipes to keep your readers coming back time and time again.  We like the variety of color schemes to choose from, they let you skin the site any way you see fit and then there are the incredibly powerful widgets that add features that help your site stand out.  These include an Instagram picture widget, a Twitter feed and more.  Those social networking features are important to help you rank your site quickly and easily, because Google wants to ranks sites that are interactive and sticky.

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Corner WordPress Minimal Blog and eCommerce theme

Corner is a simple, clean and modern…even minimalistic, WP theme for your amazing content.  Look at how sleek this thing is?  There’s no room for the content to slink into the corners of the page, it’s all right there in front of your face.  We like that.  But Corner is absolutely still a completely premium WordPress theme designed for personal blogging use. Using Corner you can easily display your work, thoughts, pin items and sell anything. Corner is so flexible you can transform your website in anything you wish, even all the colors from its powerful control panel. This page is completely widgetized!  This is awesome WordPress with minimal design ideal for blogs that cover every niche. Its limitless color variation and more over 500 fonts makes it very flexible. It offers you the ability to make several post types, audio, status, gallery and quote.

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Milo WordPress eCommerce Theme

Milo is a simple blog style WP theme that still packs in enough features to make sure you can utilize this theme for a wide variety of projects, like a portfolio or more.  It’s clean and beautiful with that minimalist style that’s really popular these days, so it doesn’t matter what you want to blog about, Milo is going to look great and give you all the extra features you need your website to have.  Simple designs don’t indicate a lack of features though, at least not always.  Milo is a feature rich theme that works well for any style of blog.

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Collective WordPress Non Profit Organization Theme

Collective is a WordPress blog theme for multi-author blogs, which makes it a little different than many of the themes on this list.  While all of the themes in our collection are high quality, easy to use, responsive and well designed, they’re not all specifically created for multiple authors.  But if that’s what you’re looking for, Collective is a great theme that you should absolutely check out.  Collective is by Organic Themes, it’s simple to look at, well designed and really easy to use.  Allow authors to register and post what they want to post to your site.  It’s a great idea for generating tons of content and if you have a group of people with shared interests, it’s a nice solution for a professional and easy to use website where everybody can contribute.  Each member can contribute a biography, share their own social media links and display a Twitter feed, for example.  Seed Framework is what’s behind the beautiful style of this theme, so it’s responsive, retina ready and even allows for selling products with WooCommerce or any other eCommerce solution.

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Hardy is an attractive little blog, perfect for letting everybody know what’s going on in your life, your business or your hobby.  Enjoy the responsive layout, slideshow shortcodes and a great number of theme options and page templates to get started with.  Google web fonts and custom color schemes allow you to make a website that is unique and fits with the brand you’re trying to achieve.  A minimalistic but fully responsive WordPress theme, Hardy is designed specifically to bring the attention that your best pieces of work deserve. You have sizeable, customizable areas on the homepage that you can use for this purpose.

With Hardy, you have access to the free shortcodes plugin that you can use to create engaging slideshows and eye-catching toggles, tabs, buttons, and columns. The theme also comes with various choices that can help provide your website with a distinct look. These include options to customize your CSS, set your logos and colors, and many others.

Regardless of the screen size of the device used to view your website, you can be sure that it will look as dazzling as you want it to be because of Hardy’s responsive layout. Likewise, you have the choice to translate the theme into the particular language you prefer through the localization support available.

There is a wide array of Google fonts available for you to choose the appropriate font for your typography. Likewise, your portfolio projects will look more engaging through the built-in filtering animations and hover effects. Likewise, you can easily embed videos from various sites like YouTube and Vimeo.  Contact forms are necessary to provide your visitors with a way to leave feedback and comments. Hardy is fully compatible with the widely-used Contact Form 7 plugin that you can use to come up with your own contact page.

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One of my favorite personal WordPress blog themes is Cool, from MyThemeShop.  I’ve seen this theme used for personal and professional blogs alike, even magazines.  The design is simple, sort of old school, but I love the features and I also love how fast it loads.  MyThemeShop is one of the best theme makers around and Cool is among their most popular blog templates.  The typography is crystal clear, there are tons of widgetized areas and that means you can add all kinds of functionality to any website you want to create.  With Cool, you get incredible support provided by MyThemeShop too, which is nice if you’re a newcomer to the world of WordPress.  Social media integration, full compatibility with SEO plugins and more are all reasons why I recommend this theme.


Epilog One Column Personal Blog Theme

Epilog is a beautifully designed WordPress blog theme. It is designed to appeal to both blog readers and the current search engine standards. It passes all the requirements of a modern theme. It is responsive and works well with all modern browsers. It also looks great in both landscape and portrait views of mobile devices. This theme is specially designed for people and businesses who use colorful photos in their blogs. Every design aspect of the website is toned down to make visitors focus on the photos and images. If you own a restaurant, for example, and your foods are well presented, you can use this theme in your website. The website’s minimalist design will make your food or other types of pretty creations stand out. It is also perfect if you like to blog about your travels and your arts and crafts creations.

Epilog works well for today’s image-heavy websites. It features a minimalist image slider at the top of the home page and a group of call-to-action buttons right below it. This feature is fully responsive and it transitions beautifully between screen sizes. In the front page, the theme minimizes the clutter by sharing only the most important details about the articles. Because the theme minimizes the number of colors used in the font and layout, the featured images stand out in the front page. The theme includes six layouts to choose from. You will also have the option to use promotional boxes in your front page and blog posts. Because photos look great in this theme, Epilog puts Instagram as the centerpiece of its social sharing integration feature. The theme comes with its own Instagram feed. All you have to do is connect your Instagram to your website and it will load the photos from your account. It also allows integration of other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Electra Personal Blog Theme

Electra could be a perfect personal blog for your nest website, but it might be just as good as a creative agency blog, a design studio site or even a business webpage.  Electra is that flexible, gives you a terrific visual layout as well as splendid support, which is par for the course with Tesla themes.  You’ll like this personal WordPress theme.  Includes Slider Revolution, which is a $15 value, for big-time visual impact.  Also keep in mind, the Tesla framework that it’s built on has a lot of features to make the theme adaptable to any look you want your site to have.  Don’t feel limited by the design shown in the preview.

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The Chatter

The Chatter WordPress Magazine Theme
Do you adore writing? Then the Chatter could be for you, it was made for bloggers, news portals, or any online magazine.

Most informational searches are now done online continuously increasing the popularity of blogs, e-magazines, and the like. When it comes to websites that offer an assortment of content, one of the best WordPress themes to use is called The Chatter. It is ideal for those who need a website to display articles in, arranged in various categories for easier navigation.  The beauty of this theme is that The Chatter can be easily customized. It comes with pre-programmed sliders and layouts that site builders can start with. Different colors and text styles are accommodated and headers can also be used to personalize the website and its contents even more.

The Chatter theme for WordPress allows users to access a visual builder which comes with a drag-and-drop function allowing site builders to make as-is edits on the site. This makes it easier for site builders to see their design edits and how these are positioned exactly on the page.  Optimized for search engines, websites created with this theme will be equipped with the necessary tags helping the site achieve a higher ranking across search engines for improved visibility. It also comes with multiple language support enabling translations for different languages should the site be accessed in different countries worldwide.

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Revoke WordPress Theme for bloggers

Revoke is a multipurpose WordPress theme that’s perfect if you’re an entrepreneur, a creative individual, or both. This Tesla Framework-powered theme provides you with a painless way to build a customized website to house your articles, photos, or products for sale. Revoke offers functionality without giving up aesthetics. The limitless possibilities for customization is only one of the reasons why it’s such a crowd favorite. This theme includes neat transition effects and stunning visual effects. You get to personalize the logo, the background, and the widgets. There are also additional thumbnails located below the main slider. The main slider’s images, titles, and descriptions are all customizable. The built-in shortcodes let you add more sliders, buttons, columns, and testimonials.

If you want to start an online store, Revoke includes animated portfolios that are filterable. This way, online shoppers can browse your list of available items according to price and popularity. Products within the portfolio are shown with an image slider, description, and related merchandise. Since the theme’s layout is highly responsive, potential purchasers can look through your virtual store from their PCs, their laptops, their smartphones, and their tablets. Revoke helps your business get some major web cred by integrating it with various social media platforms. You get YouTube and Vimeo support and Twitter feed. Integrating your Flickr Photostream is also as easy as pasting your Flickr ID and choosing the number of images to display. Revoke is translation-ready so your articles, artwork, photography, or products for sale can get a wider audience all over the globe. If you have an office or if you’re running a traditional business, the Google map in the Contact page will make sure that people know where to find you. The responsive AJAX contact form enables hassle-free communication between you and potential business partners, buyers, fans, or employers. This way, you can be sure that you won’t miss any opportunity to make a sale or, better yet, to make a loyal customer out of someone.

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eames left header minimalist wordpress theme

For an unbelievably simple, easy to use and fast loading personal blog, I recommend you have a look at Eames, by Made by Minimal.  This theme is an all around blog theme, I guess I could include it in a collection of multi-purpose themes, though most multi-purpose themes have more design ‘flair’ than Eames.  Bold, different, daring and simple, that’s what Eames is all about.  But the Eames WordPress theme gives you a simple, clean look that’s good for a lot of purposes.  With WooCommerce support, a variety of attractive portfolio pages and the general blog feature, there’s a lot you can do with this theme.

[wpts_spin]{Eames|Eames, by Made by Minimal,|The Eames WordPress theme|This theme, Eames,|This Eames theme|Made by Minmal’s Eames theme|This WordPress theme called Eames} is {a beautiful|an attractive|a lovely|a gorgeous|a stunning|an exquisite|an awesome|an enjoyable|a delicious|an extraordinary|a magnificent|an outstanding|a striking|a terrific}, {simple|straightforward|uncomplicated} minimalist {theme|WordPress theme|design} with {a real|a true|a genuine} {equilibrium|balance|sense of balance} between {form|style|the look|the style} and {function|performance|capabilities|functionality|the way it performs}, between {simple|plain|very simple|uncomplicated|fundamental|simplistic} and {complicated|complex|intricate|challenging}, between {portfolio|creative portfolio|artistic portfolio|functional portfolio} and {blog|weblog|blog site|web log|blogging site|WordPress blog|stylish blog}, {so it is|making it} {amazing|awesome|incredible|wonderful|excellent|outstanding|striking|astounding|impressive|mind-blowing} for {an extensive|a huge|a vast|a wide} {variety of|number of|range of|assortment of} {purposes|functions|objectives|usages} and {designs|styles|concepts}. I {adore|love|really like|really enjoy|like|simply adore|absolutely adore|appreciate} the {basic|simple|straightforward|general|standard} {layout|structure|design|arrangement|lay-out} and {style|design|look} {of this|on this|with this} {theme|WordPress theme|all purpose theme|all around theme|all purpose WordPress theme|minimalist theme}, Eames, {as well as|along with|and|and also} the {fluid|beautiful|smooth}, responsive {layout|structure|design|configuration|format}. Eames {was made|was designed|was created} by MadeByMinimal {and|and so|so} Eames is {well|nicely|properly|finely} {crafted|built|designed|made|constructed}, it’s {simple|plain|minimalist|minimal|uncomplicated|straightforward}, it’s {beautiful|lovely|pretty|good-looking|breathtaking|eye-catching|spectacular|charming|elegant|fabulous|amazing|delightful}, {but|yet} at {exactly the same|the same|precisely the same|the exact same} time, {it’s|it is} {incredibly|extremely|unbelievably|amazingly|very|exceptionally|remarkably|extraordinarily|astonishingly} {strong|powerful|sturdy|robust|solid|effective}, {sassy|fresh|funky} and {bold|daring|confident|vibrant|stunning|adventurous|brave|forceful|aggressive}. The {design|style|layout} {is perfect|is good|is pixel perfect|is amazing|is wonderful|is outstanding} and {definitely|absolutely|surely|without a doubt} {nothing|absolutely nothing|not a thing|nothing at all} {will get|can get} between {your readers|your audience|your visitors} {and your content|and your posts}, {so|as a result} for {blogging|running a blog|blogging and site-building|writing a blog|content management|blog posting}, {it could be|Eames could be|it might be|it would be|Eames is} {an amazing|a fantastic|an incredible|a wonderful|an awesome|an extraordinary|an astonishing|a good|a beautiful|a brilliant|a fabulous|a very good|an excellent|an exceptional|a remarkable} {choice|option|theme} {that helps|that can help|which helps} {elevate|raise|boost} your {content|content material|articles|written content|posts} and {really|truly|genuinely|definitely} {get a|get the} {reaction|response} that {you’ll|you will} {love|appreciate|cherish|need}. This {WordPress|WP} {photography and minimalist blogging|minimal blog|minimalist portfolio and blog|blog and portfolio|portfolio and blog} {theme could be|theme might be|blog is} {solid|strong|good|sound|beloved} for {video journal|video blog|journal|personal blog site|vlog}, {any|any kind of|virtually any|just about any|almost any} {photography portfolio|photo portfolio|portfolio|photographer’s portfolio} or {other sort of|any|any type of|any other type of} {creative|imaginative|artistic|inventive|inspiring} {website|site|blog|web page|web site|webpage}. {If you want|If you would like|If you need|When you need|Should you need|Should you want} your {audience|viewers|visitors|readers|followers|guests} to {stand up and take note of|really pay attention to|pay attention to|really get the most out of|get the most out of|really enjoy|take note of} your {fantastic|wonderful|terrific|incredible|awesome|fabulous|extraordinary|exceptional|smashing|magnificent} {images|pictures|photos|graphics|imagery|visuals|photographs} {and|as well as} {creative|artistic|art} work, {you want|you need|you really want|you will want} {a frame|a great frame|the perfect frame|the ideal frame|a well crafted frame} to {put it in|make it look amazing|make it look the best it can|make them look amazing|make them look great|make them look the best they can look|really showcase them|showcase them properly|highlight them properly}. {A simple|A basic|A straightforward|An uncomplicated} {frame|style|theme} like Eames {is a wonderful|is an excellent|is a fantastic|is a superb|is a marvelous|is a perfect|is an effective|is a great|is a stupendous} {choice|option|pick}; {basically|essentially|generally}, {if you|should you} {desire|want|need} a breezy, {peaceful|relaxing|tranquil|calm|laid back|enjoyable|beautiful|stable} looking {site|website|web-site|blog|web page|webpage}.

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BlogoJoy WordPress Blogging Theme

Blogojoy is a minimalist WordPress blogging theme that has stripped away all the unnecessary features and focuses on letting you easily share your content through blogging. You can set it up in just a few minutes so that you can quickly get your blog up and running. To make it even easier to use, Blogojoy is powered by the Tesla Framework, an administrative tool that makes it easy for users to customize their themes, even without having extensive knowledge of coding or web design. With Responsive Design, you have an assurance that your blog will display well on a variety of displays, including mobile devices such as smartphones with smaller screens. Extensive HTML documentation is provided with full step-by-step instructions and screenshots so that you can easily get your website up and running.

Blogojoy comes with the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin for free. Slider Revolution not only allows you to make your own sliders from scratch, it also shares content on them, including the capability of embedding videos on the slider. You can also customize your slider using 3D effects, transitions and animation, among other features, and you can use the drag and drop editor, so you can easily add the features you want to the slider. Blogojoy also comes with different post types that you can use to create a distinctive look for your blog. You have the option to create different types of posts, including posts with videos and images, posts with sliders as well as those that display in full width. Short codes are also included with the theme that let you quickly add special features to your site, such as buttons, tabs and even price tables. You can easily connect your social media to your blog as Blogojoy allows complete integration with the most popular sites, including Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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Nexus WordPress Theme Elegant Themes

Nexus is an Elegant Themes offering, one of their many magazine WordPress themes, which means a few things right away.  Clean code, great support and a host of awesome plugins and short codes included with every download.  You can join their theme club and download a whole bunch of themes for pennies each.  Nexus itself is a versatile Magazine theme, with reviews and more.  All in a neat, tidy design package that will keep your readers happy to learn more about the information you have to offer.  But like most magazine themes, it works great for a personal blog too.  So, that’s it for Nexus.

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Zero App WordPress Themes

Tesla Themes has another great offering called Zero.  This is a WooCommerce ready WP blog theme, perfect for just about any kind of online store, and perfectly coded for great stability and prompt page-load times to keep Google or Yahoo satisfied. The Zero demonstration was built to be an app design retail store, yet there’s not a single limit to exactly what products and solutions it is possible to market with this online site, from trinkets to personal computer tools, sporting items, pet rocks or various other type of business where you desire a feature-rich eCommerce option at a good price.  If you need a blog theme that also offers WooCommerce functionality, Zero may be a real winner.  This theme is unique in its own right, being one of the most versatile WordPress themes which are compatible with contents that contain lots of visuals like photos and videos.  First time WordPress users will definitely find this theme enthralling owing to its ease of setup and customization. This personal blog theme is ideal for websites that cover fashion, health and sports niche, among others. There are lots of layout options contained in this theme, which you can be used alongside with a sidebar. No matter the challenge you may encounter when trying to make your blog stand out from the rest.

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Wintersong Minimalist WordPress blog theme

There’s nothing between your readers and your content.  The best blog themes, like Wintersong and StudioPress, are completely re-imagining personal blog themes.  They’ve removed everything that doesn’t matter, and let us with a striking, stunning personal blogging theme that’s minimalist, sleek and fast.  Your audience will love this them. Visually, it’s appealing.  The typography jumps off the page.  With great content, your readers will be absolutely blown away.  This is one of the best WordPress blog themes we’ve seen so far.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Studio 8 is a creative, bold and beautiful minimalist blog theme for WordPress, wonderful for any sort of written material.  Why does any blog post look so good on a theme like Studio 8?  Partially, at least, it’s because a minimalist theme doesn’t overshadow the material on the page.  I think that the stunning typography helps out a lot in this case as well, Studio 8’s pre-set fonts look great together.  Blog post images look great too, perfectly accentuating each post, making them look even better than just the text on the page would look.  But if you want to ditch the images, there’s nothing that says you have to have them.  Studio 8 looks great no matter how you slice it.

[wpts_spin] {This theme|This next theme|This beautiful theme|This gorgeous theme|This lovely theme|This amazing theme|This next beautiful theme} {is called Studio 8|is Studio 8|is named Studio 8|goes by the name of Studio 8} and {it’s garnered|it’s gotten} {a ton of|a whole lot of|lots of|plenty of|a bunch of|hundreds of|many} {high ratings|positive ratings|good ratings|favorable ratings|compliments|positive reviews|good reviews|favorable reviews|enthusiastic reviews} {from|from many|from it’s many} {adoring|satisfied|happy|contented|delighted|jubilant|thrilled} {buyers|fans|customers|purchasers}.  {Studio 8|The Studio 8 theme|This theme} {has been downloaded|is incredibly popular, it’s been downloaded|has been purchased} {many, many times |hundreds and hundreds of times|thousands of times|over 5,000 times|many thousands of times|tons of times} and this {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|stunning|wonderful|attractive|delightful|amazing|fabulous|exquisite|elegant|charming|magnificent|eye-catching} {theme|WordPress theme|WP theme|theme|design|template} {is only|is definitely|is|is absolutely} {growing more popular|getting more popular|adding more customers|getting more and more popular|adding to that total|adding more downloads|notching up more downloads|adding to the download count|adding to the sales count} {every day|each day|every single day|each and every day|everyday}. {When it comes to|With regards to|In terms of|Relating to|In the case of|In regards to|Concerning|When it relates to|In relating to|With regard to} {versatility|flexibility|adaptability|overall flexibility}, the {Studio 8 WordPress theme|Studio 8 theme|amazing Studio 8 theme|the incredible Studio 8 WordPress theme|Studio 8 WordPress template} {offers|provides|gives|delivers|presents|features} {everything you need|all you need|everything required} to {find success|start your own business|be successful} {in any|in almost any|in every} {niche|market|area of interest|category|target market|niche market} or {industry|business}. {Complete|Total|Absolute} {beginners|newbies|newcomers|rookies|first-timers} to the {website|web site|site|WordPress website|WordPress site} {building|development|construction|generating|creating} {world|game} {will|are going to|can|will certainly} {appreciate|value|love|enjoy|treasure} the {offer|thememaker’s offer|theme developer’s offer|developer’s offer} of {full|complete|free} {installation|set up|theme installation} {and|as well as|and even} {configuration|customization|site tweaking} by the {developers|designers|designer, WPLook,|WPLook|WP Look|the developer, WP Look,} themselves. {In just|In only|In barely} {a few minutes|a couple of minutes|a few moments|a matter of minutes}, {your site|your website} {will be|is going to be|can be} {ready for business|ready to go|configured and ready to go|ready to roll|all set to go|all ready to go|up and running|ready to open the doors}. {All you need to|All you have to|All that you have to|The only thing you need to|The only thing you’ve got to} do is {make|render|put together|create} any {changes|adjustments|modifications|improvements|corrections} {you desire|you seek|you wish|you like|that you would like|you require|you choose} {and|and then|and then, you just|and then, you can} {add content|add your posts|add your content|add some content|create some content|start adding your content}. After the {site|website|web site|web-site} is {active|up and running|online}, {anyone|you|everyone|even a beginner|even beginners} {should be able to|will be able to|can|ought to be able to|are able to} {use|utilize|make use of|work with} the {highly|very|extremely|tremendously|wonderfully|remarkably|exceptionally|incredibly} {intuitive|instinctive|user-friendly|slick|user friendly} {control panel|admin panel|customization panel|user interface|customization interface} to {create|produce|generate|make|construct|set up|design} {unique|distinctive|completely unique|one of a kind} {layouts and design styles|designs|layouts|design styles and layouts} for {small companies|small businesses}, {creative agencies|creative companies|artistic companies|digital agencies|creative digital agencies}, {freelance|self-employed} {professionals|specialists|experts|pros|authorities} {and|as well as} {any other|any type of|any kind of|any sort of} {group or individual|individual|group|person|organization}.

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Uno, Clean Clear Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

Uno is a minimalist WordPress theme perfect for those who want to showcase their photo gallery and want to set up a photo blog. This uses a child theme for its base theme framework, and offers a ton of features for easy blogging.

Uno is a theme that is easy to customize, making changing the site’s background, menus, and headers very simple. The blog’s logos and favicons can also be customized with ease in this theme. Its custom widgets feature lets the user add some images, forms, texts, and other information they want to put into their site. It contains slideshows and unlimited galleries where the user can choose an unlimited number of images and other content that they want to highlight in their site using various layouts.

This theme has a responsive design, which adjusts to the screens of the viewers’ different devices. It is open to different post formats – like videos, photos, links, audio, and quotes – making blogging much simple and convenient. It also offers one-click updates upon download, and uses the HTML5 Markup for easier blogging. To add to these excellent features is a translation and accessibility ready feature, perfect for the blog’s different viewers. Check out the live preview to have an idea on what Uno has to offer.

For more photography themes, check out our fill collection.

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PaperBag WordPress personal blogging template

The Paperbag WordPress Theme is specially designed to give readers smooth navigation and an unparalleled reading experience. The theme is also speed optimized, which results in faster page loading and higher search engine ranking. These features make Paperbag one of the best themes for personal and lifestyle blogs.

Aside from smooth navigation, the theme also boasts of design flexibility. Paperbag features eleven pre-designed layouts, each with varying column and display settings to choose from. The theme’s style settings have over 80 customizer options to edit, including background and content colors. Designers also have access to over 20 color and typography settings, opening the possibility of unlimited variations. The theme is also compatible with certain page builders for hassle-free editing.

The Paperbag WordPress Theme also allows individual post formatting. This feature helps the blogger highlight each content for optimum personalization. It further allows access to the various WordPress widgets available to help create an engaging environment for readers. The theme is also translation ready to aid foreign readers.

Content is generally displayed in columns or grids, whether viewed from a computer or a mobile device. This highly responsive theme automatically adjusts its display settings when accessed from different screens. It is also optimized for retina devices.

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Atmosphere Pro

Atmosphere Pro WordPress minimal blog template

This theme is called Atmosphere Pro, a StudioPress Genesis Framework child theme that’s great for bloggers of all sorts.  StudioPress creates powerful, easy to manage and simple to customize themes and Atmosphere Pro is definitely all of that.  Atmosphere Pro uses a professional boxed layout to give a stylish and simple presentation to your written content.  When your words are the center of attention, it’s important to let them breathe with plenty of white space.  That’s why they’ve designed Atmosphere Pro to do that.  If you also like to post images with your posts, they’re going to look stellar as well.

It’s not needed for some bloggers, by WooCommerce (any sort of eCommerce plugins really) is fully supported by Atmosphere Pro.  There are a lot of helpful theme options to get you started quickly and efficiently.  There are multiple homepage widgets areas for extending the functionality of your website with the exact features you want to offer.  The header is completely customizable, it’s fully responsive on all devices, the theme customizer is easy to use and allows for changes to colors, fonts and other settings, all in real time.  Atmosphere Pro is like all of the blogger friendly StudioPress themes in that it’s very solid in terms of SEO, it loads up fast and can really help you rank.  Just add content!

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Theme Minimal SImple creative blog

A minimal, modern and clean WordPress blog theme like Elegance Pro can help your site get more views and keep your readers coming back for more.  Elegance Pro is built on the Genesis framework, so it loads up quickly and perfectly on all devices.  That’s because the code is absolutely pristine and the theme itself is responsive.  Modern websites really need to work on any type of device, from handheld to desktops, so Elegance Pro has you covered there.  Elegance Pro improves the browsing experience for everyone.  Elegance Pro is WooCommerce ready too, so if you’d like to establish an online eCommerce site, you can make that happen.  There are several different styles for the homepage and best of all, you don’t have to be an expert at coding to make it happen.  I really like Genesis child themes like Elegance Pro because you can install the theme and never worry about an update breaking your site.  Genesis is updated frequently to keep it up with the newest iterations of WordPress.  Elegance Pro really does give you a simple, clean platform for any type of content too, meaning no matter what you blog about, it’s going to look fantastic.

[wpts_spin] {This is|This theme is|This one is|Here is|This theme is definitely|This theme is truly|This is truly|This one is truly} {a well|a nicely|an effectively|a properly|a skillfully|a perfectly} {designed|developed|made|engineered|constructed|put together|built|crafted}, {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|desirable|amazing looking|beautiful looking|inviting|lovely|pleasing|gorgeous|alluring|elegant|stylish}, {fresh|crisp|clean|cool|vibrant|sleek|slick|novel|contemporary} and {innovative|revolutionary|advanced|modern|unique|progressive|ground-breaking|ground breaking|ingenious} {minimalist|modern|minimalistic|minimal} {style|design} {WordPress theme|theme|WP theme|template} {that can help|that will help|that can assist|which can help|which will help|to help} you {build|develop|create|construct|put together|make|establish|generate} the {website|web site|site|web page|web-site|webpage|online business} of your {dreams|hopes and dreams|desires|aspirations|wishes}. This {theme|design|minimalist theme|WordPress minimalist theme|minimalistic WordPress theme} is {powerful|strong|potent|highly effective|impressive|robust|efficient|ultra powerful|dynamic|amazing|high-powered|effective}, {it’s|it has} been {created with|constructed with|developed with|made with|crafted with|carefully designed with|carefully developed with|carefully created with|painstakingly crafted with} {every kind|every type|all types} of {user|consumer|end user|individual|buyer} {in mind|at heart}, from {beginner|novice|newbie|rookie} to {professional|expert|specialist|experienced professional|very experienced professional}. With the {newest|latest|most recent|hottest|most innovative} {code|CSS and HTML|HTML and CSS}, this {theme|WordPress theme|template} {is ideal|is perfect|is best|is great|is amazing|is fantastic} for {blogs|websites|web-sites|sites|blog sites|weblogs|web sites} and {businesses|companies|organizations|firms|enterprises|business owners} of any {variety|type|kind}, {since|given that|as|because} this {theme|design|template} {is a really|is a very|is an incredible|is an unbelievably} {dynamic|vibrant|energetic|powerful|strong} and {fun|enjoyable|pleasurable|cool} {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|adaptable} {template|design|website theme|website template}, {suitable for|ideal for|suited to|well suited for|made for} {everyone|everybody|almost everyone|absolutely everyone}.

This {Elegance Pro site|Elegance Pro website|Elegance Pro web-site|Elegance Pro web page|Elegance Pro webpage|Elegance Pro web site|theme} {installs|sets up|can be installed|can be set up|is set up} {very quickly|quickly|rapidly|very fast|in a short time|without delay|quite rapidly|promptly|extremely fast|very easily} and {there are so many|there are many|there are plenty of|there are lots of|there are numerous|there are various|there are countless} plugins {that you can|that you may|you could|which you can|that one could|which you could|that you might|that one can|that you are able to|it’s possible to} {use to|utilize to|employ to} {provide|give|offer|supply|grant|provide you with|produce} {new|brand-new|different|innovative|cutting edge|fresh|groundbreaking|brand new} {features|capabilities|abilities|functions|advantages|attributes|options} for {your website|your site|your web site|your web blog|your blog}. {A perfectly|A completely|A beautiful|An absolutely|An entirely|A superbly|A wonderfully} {responsive|responsive designed} {site|theme|web site|website|web-site|web page|internet site} {is crucial|is vital|is essential|is important|is extremely important|is really important|is a must|is terribly important|is very important|is critical|should be mandatory}, {which is why|which explains why|that is why|which is the reason} this {beautiful|gorgeous|stunning|wonderful|attractive|elegant|exquisite|fabulous|amazing|eye-catching|awesome|impressive|remarkable|incredible|extraordinary|good-looking|breathtaking}, {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adjustable|variable|adaptive|functional} {website|theme|template} {has been designed|has been created|has been produced} to be {responsive|perfectly responsive|totally responsive|completely responsive}, {so it|so that it|in order that it} {looks|appears} {great|terrific|fantastic|wonderful|impressive|excellent|cool|awesome|perfect|amazing|magnificent|fabulous} on {any sort of|any kind of|each and every|every} {device|smart device|electronic device|computer or device|device or computer}, {no matter what|every time|every single time|no matter how big or small|no matter how large or small|no matter|no matter the size|no matter what resolution}. {You can|It is possible to|You may|You are able to} {quickly|rapidly|swiftly|promptly|rather quickly} {build|develop|create|construct|put together|generate|make} your own {unique|distinctive|distinct|completely unique|one of a kind|innovative|creative|extraordinary|imaginative|one-of-a-kind|personalized} {layouts|designs|versions|layout variations|design variations} {with this|using this|with this particular|utilizing this} {theme|template|minimal theme|beautiful theme|well designed theme}, {since|because|given that|as} {it’s|it is|it truly is|it is really} {so|incredibly|completely} {flexible|versatile|adaptable|accommodating|adaptive|modifiable|functional} {and|as well as} {dynamic|vibrant|powerful}, {professionally|efficiently|expertly|properly|skillfully} {built|developed|constructed|made|designed|engineered|structured|assembled|produced|crafted} and {designed in|created in} {every way|each and every way}. {This is|This really is|It is|This is certainly} {a truly|an absolutely|a really|an incredibly|an undeniably|an undoubtedly} {great|terrific|fantastic|impressive|awesome|amazing|superb} Elegance Pro {WordPress theme|minimal theme|WordPress theme|minimal WordPress theme} {that you should|that you ought to|that you need to|that you must|you need to} {definitely|absolutely|surely|unquestionably} {take a look at|check out|review|evaluate|examine|consider|think about}.

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cockoo wordpress news magazine theme for viral content

Cuckoo is a fantastically well designed WordPress viral video theme and personal blogging platform, along the lines of Playbuzz or Uprox, designed to help your readers find something fun and interesting every visit, while having the ability to share your content on any of the major social networks like Facebook or Reddit.  That’s pretty cool.  For bloggers, a gorgeous, user friendly and feature rich blog theme is a fantastic option to help you establish readers on the internet, which can help you make money.  That’s not the goal for everybody, but it’s critical to have a great looking site even if you’re just blogging your own personal experiences.  Cuckoo is ideal for blogging or magazine content creation and it’s features make it great for viral news.

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Hellomouse is a minimalist WordPress Theme designed to highlight each individual post. Content is generally arranged in organized columns to avoid overcrowding. This is best for portfolios, fashion blogs, and stock photography websites.

The theme promises to make a great first impression by contrasting the main content vis-à-vis a simple background. Its simple design also makes it one of the most responsive WordPress themes. It has been tested on various devices and each test resulted in uncompromised browsing speeds and aesthetics.

Designers are given absolute control over the website’s customization. The Hellomouse WordPress Theme allows access to over 60 customization settings, including page adjustment, layout configuration, and color changes. Column options even include adding various effects like masonry and isotope. The theme is also compatible with page builders to help make page creation and editing hassle-free.

The theme is also compatible with a wide selection of plugins and widgets. These widgets add to the overall user experience, and include social media integration to reach a global audience. Hellomouse also has translation ready and search engine optimization ready features.

Finally, the Hellomouse WordPress Theme receives constant updates. All updates are initially tested to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress.

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Whitespace Pro

Whitespace boxed WordPress minimal blogging theme

Whitespace Pro is a lovely, minimalist theme that’s got enough style to keep readers interested in your content and it also has the simple, crisp, clear minimalist style that makes for a perfect frame for all of your content, from written material and blog posts to images and portfolios.  Awesome typography, an awesome layout with tons of whitespace, that’s what makes Whitespace Pro such a winner in terms of design.  And speaking of winning, the Genesis Framework is a big winner too.  Since Whitespace Pro is a Genesis child theme, it is rock solid, packed with tons of features and perfectly responsive.  That all combines to create a great user experience for both front end and back end users.

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San Francisco

san francisco wordpress modern multipurpose blogging template

Sites like,, and others, are the leaders in viral content marketing, but with a theme like San Francisco, you can claim your share of the massive market for buzzworthy, viral content.  San Francisco has a bunch of great demo sites, so check them out before you desice, but this simple, well coded theme is a great way to help your content really reach the most people possible.  Social Sharing has never been easier for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Flickr, Pinterest and more.  A wide selection of strong features can help you build your site and draw in a giant number of followers for all of your blog posts.  Modern, clean and sassy, that’s what San Francisco is all about.  (That and high rents, no parking and people wearing all black  Wait, that’s the city, not the theme.)

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presenter wordpress magazine theme

Presenter is a creative entrepreneur’s blogging theme with an adventurous and daring style, but it’s completely modern and fashionable at the same time.  If you need a personal blog that really sets your content apart from anything else on the web, Presenter may be just what you’ve been looking for.  Your content is the key to any site and Presenter never seems to forget that, framing your images, videos and text in a stylish, bold, innovative and interesting way that will really give a jolt of electricity to your content.  To acquire an immense readership for your site, you’ll need a fantastic looking, user friendly and feature filled blogging theme.

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Montblanc WordPress One Page Parallax Business Theme

The Montblanc WordPress theme was created by Tesla Themes.  There’s a lot to love about the Montblanc WordPress theme.  The typography is cool to look at, the design is simple yet it makes a big impact.  There’s the WooCommerce compatibility to allow you to sell stuff in your own online shop, the simple customization options, the great support and in-depth documentation that’s included with your download package.  Powerful and sleek in design, the Montblanc WordPress theme works well for a personal blog.  There are a ton of other great features with the Montblanc WordPress theme that you simply have to see for yourself.

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collecto wordpress minimal magazine theme

Minimalist, easy to use, feature filled, that’s what the Collecto WordPress theme brings to the table.  With a clean, modern and minimalist design, Collecto is ideal for all kinds of blogs, from travel blogs to lifestyle blogs, personal blogs to recipe sites.  This Collecto theme has it all.  Built with all kinds of bloggers in mind, Collecto is well crafted, flexible, well designed and incredibly user friendly.  Themes Kingdom didn’t forget to add the features in either, it’s loaded with stuff that will help engage your readers and keep them coming back for more.  Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert programmer to make this theme look just the way you want it to look.  Collecto includes a drag and drop page builder so you can craft pages and posts visually, which happens to be the fastest way to make a truly custom look for your site.  Fonts, colors and layouts can all be changed any time you want and your content will still look amazing.

Collecto is responsive, it’s enjoyable to use for both webmaster and reader alike since the navigation is so simple and intuitive.  Premium support and loads of documentation are included and it’s really easy to get started with.  Social media integration helps your readers find the content and interact too, which is always a nice bonus.  With Collecto, there’s no end to what you can do and you’re going to find it simple and fun to create more content and find more readers.

[wpts_spin]{If|In the event that|When|In the event|Whenever} {you’re|you are|you happen to be} {building|creating|developing|setting up|generating|constructing} {a simple|a basic|a straightforward|an uncomplicated|a clean} and {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|desirable|stylish|elegant|charming} {magazine|journal|newspaper|publication} {website|web site|web page|site|web-site|page|blog} and you {need|require|want|need to have|demand|prefer} a minimalist {option|alternative|solution|selection|theme}, {you should definitely|make certain you|make sure that you|remember to|you should|you must|be sure you|be sure to} {consider|think about|look at|mull over|check out} {the Collecto theme|the Collecto WordPress theme|Collecto|Collecto, from Themes Kingdom|Collecto, from ThemesKingdom}. {Inspired|Influenced|Shaped} by {newspapers|news papers|newspaper publishers|daily newspapers|print newspapers|printed newspapers}, Collecto is {a modern|a sophisticated|an innovative|an up-to-date|an advanced|a trendy|a contemporary|an avant-garde} {take on|look for|style for|style of} {a very|a really|an|an extremely|an incredibly|a pretty|quite an} {old concept|old idea}, {a simple|a basic|a clear-cut|a straightforward|a very simple|an ordinary|an uncomplicated|a surprisingly simple}, {professional|stylish|impressive|pro-style} and {minimalist|minimal|clean|modern} {design|style}, {wonderful|great|fantastic|amazing|terrific|awesome|marvelous|extraordinary|astonishing|remarkable|excellent|superb} typography {and a|along with a|as well as a} {perfect|great|wonderful|flawless|spotless} {layout|structure|configuration} that {highlights|emphasizes|features|focuses attention on|highlights all} your {content|content material|posts|pages and posts|posts and pages} and {presents|offers|reveals|exhibits|highlights} it {professionally|efficiently|expertly|properly|skillfully|well|proficiently}. {It’s|Collecto is|The Collecto WordPress theme is|This Collecto theme is} {a timeless|an enduring|a classic|an ageless} {combination|blend|mix|combo|union} {and one|and it’s one} that {I think|I believe|I feel|maybe|perhaps|I know} {you’ll|you will} {love|really like|appreciate|adore|enjoy|admire|really enjoy|go for|like|cherish}. With {Collecto|the Collecto theme|the Collecto WordPress theme}, {you get|you will get} {all of the things|everything|all the stuff|absolutely everything|anything} {you’d|you would|you should|you could|you might} {expect|anticipate|count on|expect to have} in {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|an amazing|a beautiful|an excellent} {WordPress magazine template|WordPress magazine theme|magazine theme for WordPress|magazine theme}, {like|such as} {responsive|mobile friendly|responsive, mobile friendly|mobile friendly, responsive} {design|layout} and {incredible|amazing|extraordinary|outstanding|awesome|remarkable|fantastic|fabulous|spectacular} {flexibility|adaptability|freedom|versatility} {in terms of|when it comes to|with regard to} {color|colors|color schemes} and {typography|fonts|font choices|type faces}. {You also|Additionally you|You additionally|In addition, you|Also, you} {get|have|receive} {a really nice|another really nice|an extraordinarily nice|an absolutely nice|a truly nice|an incredibly nice|an extremely nice|a very nice} {feature|function|attribute|element}, {called the dynamic grid system|the dynamic grid system|a dynamic grid system}, {which makes|which helps make|that will make|helping to make|that makes} Collecto {sort of a|kind of a} {living, breathing|full featured|user friendly|feature filled|feature packed|full blown} {online|web based|internet based|electronic} {newspaper|news paper|magazine}. {It’s|It is} {really|very|rather|incredibly|quite|truly} {cool|awesome|nice|neat|wonderful|fun} to {see|see that|see it happen|see it for yourself|see that kind of thing|see something like that}.

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Reportage WordPress Theme

Another Graph Paper Press theme that focuses on an artist’s portfolio is Reportage. This theme features a prominent image slider on the first half of the homepage and thumbnail images of other images and blog posts on the lower half. Reportage may suit journalists, photographers, illustrators, and other visual artists.

With the help of its built-in Theme Customizer, you can modify the Reportage Theme from its initial minimalist design and transform it into any design that will suit your business’ brand. You can customize navigational menus, headers, background images and colors, etc.

The Reportage Theme is HTML5 markup ready, translation ready, and accessibility ready. The theme also have built-in page templates, an image Slideshow plugin, and customized widgets.
Another feature included in the Reportage Theme are Unlimited Galleries for images and videos. You can also format your posts using the theme’s built-in post formats for links, texts, photos, videos, galleries, audio, and quotes.

As part of Graph Paper Press’ theme database, the Reportage Theme may be purchased either under a basic or a professional package plan for an annual fee. Or you may also avail the lifetime access to the Reportage Theme and other Graph Paper Press themes for a one-time fee.

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potara wordpress minimalist modern blog theme for fashion

Potara is a clean and minimal, sleek and modern magazine theme for fashion blogs and websites that like to follow the latest trends.  Built with a simple layout at first, this superbly flexible theme can adapt to nearly any situation you want to put it into.  For bloggers, a beautiful, powerful and robust blog theme is a superb technique to allow you to build followers on the net.  Potara is built on a widgetized homepage so you can move content to the areas you want, dragging and dropping the modules where you need them.  All in all, Potara could be a great fit for any fashion blog.

Potara is the ideal viral magazine theme for video, news stories, magazine articles or blogs, it’s modern, beautiful, well designed, easy to use and engaging as it is professional, well-appointed, well designed, powerful and bug free. The design is sleek, clean, fashionable, crisp and elegant and it has many powerful features that help make your blog a massive success story, like all the biggest viral marketing sites.  With a stylish layout and wonderfully modern, easy to navigate design, it’s plain to see why this theme has become so popular in a short period of time.  Potara has everything you need to create a fantastic magazine.
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The Trip

The Trip WordPress Blog Theme for adventurous folks

The Trip is an excellent WordPress theme for bloggers, tour operators, and other travel enthusiasts who want to show their adventures and stories in a creative and stylish way. The theme is designed for both individual blogs and company-commissioned blogs. It provides a user-friendly visual page builder, allowing you to add some tweaks to your site without having to dive into a pool of complicated code.

The theme provides some ready-made layouts for your pages, so you can use them as they are. It is also 100% customizable, so you can make some changes into the structure and appearance of your site. The theme offers a variety of slider options, color schemes, background choices, and so much more. The automatic backup system ensures that the changes you’ve done to your site are stored.

The Trip is made with the Unysone framework as a backbone for the theme. It is SEO optimized and translation ready, to ensure that your site ranks high in search results and is easy to navigate by your viewers. It is WooCommerce integrated, making it more convenient for you to develop an online shop section. The theme’s one-click installation feature allows you to download and set it up easily.

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Matisse WordPress personal blog theme

As artistic as the great masters, the Matisse WordPress theme offers a unique style for a multitude of website types. Webmasters with experience will appreciate the clean HTML5 and CSS3 code that forms the structure and design while those with no knowledge of site development at all can still access all the modern features and build their own structures into every page of the final site Matisse truly shines when used for creative online platforms such as those for photographers, graphic design specialists and find artists. This is due to the inclusion of powerful portfolio and gallery options that can be used to display artwork and other graphics with delightful ease.

The intuitive admin control panel provides the proper tools for various changes to the basic design. Matisse includes module-based content and design elements that can be placed anywhere on the pages. It also offers several unique header styles and galleries and portfolios power with Ajax. Every graphic, piece of artwork or photograph will enjoy high-resolution display on any size screen. Combine all of these stunning features with SEO opportunities and the Matisse WordPress theme is an all-around winner in the quest for a professional yet highly creative website.

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gather magazine theme for WordPress
Looking for a simple magazine and portfolio? Well, get a load of Gather from Theme Trust.

Gather is an ecommerce theme that is minimal but fully responsive. It is the ideal theme to use if you want to show off your best work, sell products online, or maintain your blog – in dazzling fashion! With Woocommerce, the top ecommerce plugin today, you can quickly set up your online shop and have it running immediately.

The WordPress theme comes with a lot of other functional features. These include various theme options you can use to customize your CSS, and set your colors and logo to give your ecommerce site a unique appearance. In addition, creating slideshows, tabs, toggles, buttons, and columns would be a breeze with the free shortcodes plugin.

As mentioned, the layout design is fully responsive. You can expect your site to look amazing when viewed on any screen size and resolution. You even have the option to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular sites because Gather has a solid video support feature. The theme also has a localization support that allows translation of the theme into your preferred language.

To make your projects look even more eye-catching, you can apply hover effects and filtering options. The widely-used Contact Form 7 plugin also comes in bundled with Gather that allows you to quickly create your contact page.

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decay wordpress theme for viral blogs

If you want a simple, minimalist viral news blog theme, why not the Decay WordPress theme?  Decay has all the features you need from a a viral theme, like social sharing and a highly navigable, incredibly ordered layout, bt it does all this with a simple, modern and minimalist design.  That’s a little different, so if you don’t need all the bells as whistles of a more intricate theme, it may be a fantastic choice for you.  No matter whether you’re looking for a simple or an ornate theme though, an awesome blog theme can help you build readership and makes it effortless to develop great looking content that truly grabs your attention.  That’s at the crux of viral design.

For writers who would like to generate a huge following, a beautiful WordPress theme is the first thing you require.  This theme brings the heat, it delivers many helpful, popular features, it’s absolutely practical with plenty of fantastic documentation, it’s completely responsive so it works great on any kind of device, it’s incredibly multi-purpose so that you can utilize it on virtually any magazine web-site and classically made with beautiful style that everybody is going to love.

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Auditorium WordPress Video Theme

The Auditorium Theme is a theme that works great as a platform for photographs and videos. This theme’s main advantage is its minimalist design. It allows both fans of your work and potential clients to focus on your art/image and not be distracted with your website’s theme.

The Auditorium Theme has a responsive design that allows your site to be easily displayed in any type of screen. The theme also comes with an integrated Theme Customizer that allows you to make changes on the site before publishing it live on the website.

In the Auditorium Theme, a photo or video slider is emphasized on the homepage. The theme also includes widget areas on the sidebar and footer. These areas are optional and you can add or remove them at your discretion.

The Auditorium Theme’s Slideshow plugin allows you to simply drag and drop images to create sliders on posts or pages. There is no limit to the number of image and video galleries allowed on a site running under the Auditorium Theme.

Additional features of the Auditorium Theme are built-in .mo and .po translation files, HTML5 markup codes, automatic theme updates, accessibility ready design, different post formats, and premade page templates.

We’ve included Auditorium in our collection of video themes.

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Heartbeat – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

This theme, which is currently in the top 5 for highest rated WordPress themes on all of ThemeForest, is called Authentic.  It’s a very popular theme with over 2,500 downloads so far and I already mentioned the rating, which speaks to the quality of this template.  Authentic is clean, modern and simple to look at, it’s WooCommerce ready and ideal for fashion and lifestyle blogs, personal blog sites, magazines, video sites…you name it.  This template has plenty of options for creating a completely custom website, multiple headers, colors, footers, they can all be changed at a whim.  This is a very good choice for any personal blog website.

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Coup WordPress blog theme

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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress minimalist Themes



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Eris Creative WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

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This bunch of minimalist personal WordPress blog themes can’t be beaten.  When looking for an incredible minimalist blog, you’ve got a lot of choices out there, a lot of great themes to choose from.  But some are better than others, which is why we’ve created this collection.  We’ve gathered up the best simple, modern and beautiful personal blogs and professional blog themes in once place.  If you see it here, you can know for sure that it’s high quality, user friendly, fast loading and powerful.

We’ve come to the end of the road for this collection of the best personal blog WordPress themes.  But we update this collection often!  So if you need to find a great WordPress theme for writers, a WordPress blog theme for any kind of publication really…bookmark us and check back often!  If you didn’t see anything you liked, maybe try these popular categories.