We’ve gathered up all of the best WordPress lifestyle blog themes around, each one crafted with care, packed with great features, boasting a strong design and each one among the very best lifestyle blogs available.  Lifestyle blogs need to give a great first impression with their fast loading times, excellent and legible typography and their general layout.  We’ve chosen only the best lifestyle blog themes for this collection and we know you’re going to love each and every one of them.

What’s a lifestyle blog anyway?  Well, it’s a blog about anything you’re into.  Travel, home decorating, gardening, food and personal experiences.  That’s what a lifestyle blog is for, showing what you love in a beautiful and stylish way.


Bold Theme – An Organic Themes Bold WordPress theme

For lifestyle bloggers who want a bold, clear and stylish website, Bold may be a great choice.  Created by Organic Themes, Bold is a flat, simple and attractive theme with clear typography, a nice looking layout and plenty of custom features to help make a great looking website.  Organic Themes describes this as an ‘alternative’ theme and the style does lend itself to sites that are a little bit out of the ordinary.  Strong and simple at the same time, Bold is a wonderful choice for lifestyle bloggers who want a fast loading, SEO friendly theme that’s responsive and even WooCommerce ready for setting up a high quality online shop.

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Underwood minimalist video blog theme

Underwood, which was created by ThemeShift, is one of the best lifestyle type blogs I’ve seen lately.  I really love this theme.  Widgets are, in my opinion, the best way to add functionality to your website.  Underwood uses widgetized areas to the fullest extent possible.  When you use widgets, instead of hard coding functions into the theme itself, you get a flexible theme that’s ‘future proof’.  That means, when WordPress updates their code, when some new code standard comes out, when nearly anything else happens, your site won’t break.  You simple update the widgets, rather than having to wait for the developer to update the entire theme to work properly again.  Anyway, I love Underwood as a lifestyle blog theme because it loads up very fast, it’s responsive, it’s easy to manage and customize and it’s attractive right out of the box with a simple, clean design and tons of features.

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The Voux

Avantgarde – Comprehensive Magazine Theme

This is The Voux, an incredibly popular WordPress lifestyle and fashion blog theme.  With the Voux WordPress theme, you can build a flexible, simple and lovely online magazine or blog, all without having to learn a lick of code.  Voux integrates all your social media accounts, which makes it easier to reach out and connect with your audience, even help build up your readership.  The Voux works just as well with travel websites, food blogs, fashion and other types of lifestyle subjects.  The Voux is responsive, works perfectly with WooCommerce.  The stylish posts pages are definitely worth checking out, they make your content look completely professional.  The Voux has infinite scrolling, multiple header styles and The Voux was designed with an incredible attention to detail, making it a great choice for bloggers and writers who want the very best theme possible.

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The Styler

The Styler WordPres Beauty theme Feminine

Stylish and attractive, full screen and easy to use, the Styler WordPress theme from CSS Igniter is a great looking theme for lifestyle bloggers.  The Styler was created to be a hair salon theme, though the level of flexibility that you get with this theme means it could work for many varieties of blogs.  The Styler has a drag and drop home page that lets you create a page with the layout that fits your needs.  Five custom post types for managing services, testimonials, galleries, price lists and a team page.  Everything is easy to use and beautiful, so if you need a lifestyle blog with the flexibility to give your site any look under the sun, The Styler is worth considering.

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LifeStyle Magazine by Magazine3 Themes

StyleLife is elegant, unique & colorful Lifestyle WordPress Magazine Theme that gives a whole new look to your website. It is loaded with backend options panels and functionality that it allows users to use this theme with Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Travel Blog & Health Websites.  In my opinion, a wonderful feature of WordPress magazine themes like StyleLife are a great option for any online news or magazine portal.  If you need anything else in terms of the best themes for a magazine website, these guys have loads of great options.  Now, StyleLife is far from what I’d call a ‘minimalist’ style, it’s pretty busy to be honest.  That may not be for everyone.  If you’re looking for something different, I think you’ll find some simpler designs in this collection.

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collecto wordpress minimal lifestyle blog theme

This theme is called Collecto, I think it could be a really strong choice for any sort of blog site, but lifestyle bloggers will definitely find this theme easy to use, simple to customize and it will get tons of attention, thanks to a professional, minimalist design that was inspired by newspaper layouts.  With sticky posts that take up two columns, Collecto is clearly newspaper inspired, the minimal and modern layout is a perfect platform for all kinds of writing.  Single pages are no less impressive, with featured images and post title up top, the text flows below, just like a glossy magazine.  It’s a really nice effect.  The sidebar remains hidden offscreen, which forces even more attention on your writing.  I think that Collecto is a perfect theme for all sorts of blog writers, whether the subject is tech lifestyle trends, posts about beautiful art and architecture, creative inspiration blogs or something else entirely.

[wpts_spin]{If|In the event that|When|In the event|Whenever} {you’re|you are|you happen to be} {building|creating|developing|setting up|generating|constructing} {a simple|a basic|a straightforward|an uncomplicated|a clean} and {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|desirable|stylish|elegant|charming} {magazine|journal|newspaper|publication} {website|web site|web page|site|web-site|page|blog} and you {need|require|want|need to have|demand|prefer} a minimalist {option|alternative|solution|selection|theme}, {you should definitely|make certain you|make sure that you|remember to|you should|you must|be sure you|be sure to} {consider|think about|look at|mull over|check out} {the Collecto theme|the Collecto WordPress theme|Collecto|Collecto, from Themes Kingdom|Collecto, from ThemesKingdom}. {Inspired|Influenced|Shaped} by {newspapers|news papers|newspaper publishers|daily newspapers|print newspapers|printed newspapers}, Collecto is {a modern|a sophisticated|an innovative|an up-to-date|an advanced|a trendy|a contemporary|an avant-garde} {take on|look for|style for|style of} {a very|a really|an|an extremely|an incredibly|a pretty|quite an} {old concept|old idea}, {a simple|a basic|a clear-cut|a straightforward|a very simple|an ordinary|an uncomplicated|a surprisingly simple}, {professional|stylish|impressive|pro-style} and {minimalist|minimal|clean|modern} {design|style}, {wonderful|great|fantastic|amazing|terrific|awesome|marvelous|extraordinary|astonishing|remarkable|excellent|superb} typography {and a|along with a|as well as a} {perfect|great|wonderful|flawless|spotless} {layout|structure|configuration} that {highlights|emphasizes|features|focuses attention on|highlights all} your {content|content material|posts|pages and posts|posts and pages} and {presents|offers|reveals|exhibits|highlights} it {professionally|efficiently|expertly|properly|skillfully|well|proficiently}. {It’s|Collecto is|The Collecto WordPress theme is|This Collecto theme is} {a timeless|an enduring|a classic|an ageless} {combination|blend|mix|combo|union} {and one|and it’s one} that {I think|I believe|I feel|maybe|perhaps|I know} {you’ll|you will} {love|really like|appreciate|adore|enjoy|admire|really enjoy|go for|like|cherish}. With {Collecto|the Collecto theme|the Collecto WordPress theme}, {you get|you will get} {all of the things|everything|all the stuff|absolutely everything|anything} {you’d|you would|you should|you could|you might} {expect|anticipate|count on|expect to have} in {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|an amazing|a beautiful|an excellent} {WordPress magazine template|WordPress magazine theme|magazine theme for WordPress|magazine theme}, {like|such as} {responsive|mobile friendly|responsive, mobile friendly|mobile friendly, responsive} {design|layout} and {incredible|amazing|extraordinary|outstanding|awesome|remarkable|fantastic|fabulous|spectacular} {flexibility|adaptability|freedom|versatility} {in terms of|when it comes to|with regard to} {color|colors|color schemes} and {typography|fonts|font choices|type faces}. {You also|Additionally you|You additionally|In addition, you|Also, you} {get|have|receive} {a really nice|another really nice|an extraordinarily nice|an absolutely nice|a truly nice|an incredibly nice|an extremely nice|a very nice} {feature|function|attribute|element}, {called the dynamic grid system|the dynamic grid system|a dynamic grid system}, {which makes|which helps make|that will make|helping to make|that makes} Collecto {sort of a|kind of a} {living, breathing|full featured|user friendly|feature filled|feature packed|full blown} {online|web based|internet based|electronic} {newspaper|news paper|magazine}. {It’s|It is} {really|very|rather|incredibly|quite|truly} {cool|awesome|nice|neat|wonderful|fun} to {see|see that|see it happen|see it for yourself|see that kind of thing|see something like that}.

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Paperbag Simple Modern Clean WordPress Blog Theme


Here’s a theme called Paper Bag, a gorgeous blog theme for any sort of blogger.  WordPress started it’s days as a blogging platform.  the blogging platform, really, so a theme like Paper Bag is a great way to start off your blogging career.  For all kinds of sites, from personal blogs to travel and lifestyle blogs, WordPress and Paper bag is a great fit.  This theme does offer a truly smooth reading experience.  Choose from multiple layouts with an infinite variety of styles to choose from, thanks to over a dozen typography and color selections.

With a variety of post formats, you can let your content stand out from the crowd too.  Live editing makes it so you can see any changes you make to your content before you go live with those changes, which increases user experience.  Paper Bag is completely SEO optimized too, so ranking your content should be a relatively simple task.

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olsen simple minimal lifestyle blogging theme

Looking for a great lifestyle blog theme?  Well, have a look at Olsen, a clean and crisp, well designed theme for any kind of blogging purpose.  Olsen is flexible enough for nearly any usage, from personal blog to style blog, fashion or travel.  Maybe even a blog about design, art history or architecture.  Anything creative and beautiful will look fantastic with a flexible and dynamic theme like this one.  With Olsen, you can create an infinite variety of styles, changing colors as you wish, typography and layouts too.  There are a bunch of post types, custom built, that help to make a lifestyle blog that appeals to a wide range of readers and works for an even wide variety of subjects.  With custom widgets to allow customization of your blog, each section can have a lot of features, the SEO is perfectly customized and it’s constantly being updated by CSSIgniter.

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Adventure Travel Blog Theme by Organic Themes

Looking for an amazing lifestyle blog theme?  How about Adventure, from Organic Themes.  Adventure is everything you need to create a fantastic website blogging about anything you could possibly want to blog about.  It was created specifically as a travel blog, but it works just as well for fashion reviews, product reviews, cooking sites and more.  With WooCommerce support, you can even sell products.  Maybe you’re an affiliate marketer?  Well, Adventure is perfectly set up to be AdSense and affiliate friendly.  Built on the stable and fast loading Seed framework, Adventure gives you a huge head start to constructing a fantastic WordPress based website.  Featured videos, tons of shortcodes, retina display, perfect responsive design, it’s all there, ready to help you make an incredible, successful and memorable web business.

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Articles on WordPress Development, Marketing & Business by Rich Tabor WordPress Theme

Lifestyle blogs like Tabor, by Theme Beans, are perfect for bloggers of all varieties.  This theme is simple, clean, it loads very fast and looks great on all devices.  If you want a really intricate theme with millions of dials and switches to adjust the precise look of your site, this probably isn’t the theme for you.  Tabor is a minimalist theme that does a wonderful job of allowing you a very clean, attractive website that helps get your content to shine.

[wpts_spin]{{Tabor|The Tabor theme|The Tabor WordPress theme|This Tabor theme} {is a great|is a superb|is an excellent|is a wonderful|is a fantastic|is an effective|is a smart|is a popular|is an attractive|is a great looking|is a superb looking|is an excellent little|is a wonderful looking|is a fantastic looking|is an effectively designed|is a smartlooking |is a very popular|is an attractive looking} {GPL|100% GPL|GPL licensed} WordPress {theme|template} {that could be|that may be|that might be|which may be|that is} {just what|exactly what|precisely what|what} {you are looking for|you are searching for|you need|your searching for}.|{If|In the event that|When|In case|Provided|Just in case} {you’re|you are} {looking for|searching for|trying to find|in search of|shopping for|interested in|seeking out|in need of} {a beautiful|an attractive|a good looking|a gorgeous|a stunning|an impressive|an awesome|an enjoyable|an extraordinary|an exceptional|a magnificent|an outstanding} {GPL licensed|GPL} {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|and flexible|and multipurpose|and multi-use|and multi-purpose|highly intuitive} WordPress {theme|design|template|web template}, {you should|you ought to|you must|you might want to|be certain to} {really|thoroughly|seriously} {consider|think about|look at|give some thought to|regard} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme}.|This {WordPress theme|theme|minimalist theme|WP theme|template} {is called|is named|is} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} and {it’s|it is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a wonderful|a powerful|an effective|a really good|an amazing|a perfect|a magnificent|an outstanding|a brilliant} {choice|option|alternative|theme} {for anyone|for anybody} who {needs|requires|needs to have|wants|demands|desires|must have} {a good quality|a high quality|an outstanding|the best|an effective|a very good|a quality|a great} {WordPress theme|template} {that can|that will|which can|configured to|that may|that’s able to} {do|accomplish|carry out} {a lot of different|a large range of|a huge range of|quite a number of|numerous different|a considerable amount of different} {things|duties}.|{There are|You will discover|You will find|You can find|There are actually} {a lot of|lots of|plenty of|many|loads of|numerous} {themes|WordPress themes|possibilities|options|WordPress templates} {out there|available|on the market|to choose from|available on the market|on the internet|offered} and {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} {is among|is one of|is absolutely one of|is definitely one of|is right there among|is certainly among|is certainly one of} the {very best|best|absolute best|finest|very finest|most useful}.|{High quality|Top quality|Good quality|Premium quality|Superior quality|Premium|Excellent quality|Professional quality} {GPL licensed themes|GPL themes} are {tough|difficult|hard|a difficult thing|tricky|challenging} to {come by|find|come across}, {but|yet|however} {Tabor|the Tabor theme|the Tabor WordPress theme|this Tabor theme} {is one of|is among|is amongst|is certainly one of|is absolutely one of|is right there as one of} the {very best|absolute best|finest|very finest|best possible themes|best around|very best around}.}  {{Some|A few|A number of|Many|Quite a few} {GPL themes|themes} {just|simply|pretty much|basically} {aren’t|are not} {worth the hassle|worth your time|worth downloading|worth much|valuable|very good|a great option|a great choice|good for your website|really that good|really very good|worth it}, {but|yet} Tabor {is a great|is a superb|is a fantastic|is a smart|is a great looking|is a superbly well built|is a fantastic looking|is a smart looking|is a nice looking, professional|professional WordPress} theme {that’s|which is} {very high|extremely high|high|top|really nice|very nice|very, very high|of the best|of the very best} {quality|value|caliber|standard|grade}. {You’ll love it!|You’re going to love it!|What’s not to love?|It’s amazing!|It’s fantastic!|This theme is awesome!|Tabor is awesome!}|This {premium quality|top|top-notch|topnotch|premium|top quality|top notch|superior|superior quality|excellent|high-end} {theme|WordPress theme|WP|design|template} {avoids|eliminates|evades|reduces|has none of|cuts out} the {problems|issues|challenges|concerns|predicaments|worries} that {some|a few|quite a few|many} {GPL themes|WordPress themes} {have|possess|include}, {which is that|such as|like|for example|such as|in that} they {don’t|do not|will not|never|tend not to|fail to|usually do not} load {fast|quickly|rapidly|very quickly} {or|and|or even|or maybe} they {don’t|do not|simple don’t|don’t even} {have|possess|include|offer|provide} {all the|the|all of the} {features|functions|tools|functionality|addons|style} {you want|you would like|you desire|you need|you are looking for}.|Tabor {is a very|is an extremely|is a really|is a wonderfully|is definitely a|is a certainly|is an especially} {fast|rapid|quick|efficient} loading {theme|template|WordPress theme} {too|as well}, {it’s|it is|it truly is} {among|one of|amongts|right there with|up there with} the {fastest|speediest|swiftest|quickest} loading {themes|WP themes|WordPress themes|GPL themes} we’ve {tested|analyzed|examined|tried|checked|evaluated|experimented with|tested out|put to the test|developed}.|{Fast|Really fast|Extremely fast} loading {themes|WordPress themes|templates} {with a GPL license|licensed GPL|under the GPL license|that are GPL} {are very|are extremely|are incredibly|are particularly|are certainly} {rare|uncommon|exceptional|unique|hard to find|scarce}, {but|yet|however} that {perfectly|flawlessly|completely|beautifully|absolutely|properly|faultlessly} describes {this theme|this one|the Tabor theme|Tabor}.|}  {{Tabor|This Tabor theme|The Tabor theme|This nice looking Tabor theme|This simple Tabor theme} {provides|offers|presents|delivers|gives you|provides you with|can provide|guarantees} {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|a beautiful|an amazing|an excellent|the perfect} {frame|framework|structure|stage} for {your|all of your|any kind of|all kinds of} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject matter|posts|posts or pages}, it’s {simple|straightforward|uncomplicated|ingenuous|minimal|minimalist|minimalistic} {style|design|form|layout} is {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|stunning|attractive|amazing|exquisite|appealing|spectacular} and {easy to use|simple to operate|simple to use|user friendly|very easy to use|practical|user-friendly|reliable}.|{There’s|There is|There is certainly} {something|some thing|something special|a special something|} about {simple|straightforward|modern looking}, {minimalist WordPress themes|minimal WordPress themes|beautiful WordPress themes} {that’s|that is|which is} {really|truly|genuinely|very|quite|seriously} {attractive|eye-catching|appealing|beautiful|stylish|captivating|lovely|gorgeous}, the {style|design} {helps|will help|can help|makes|can make|will make|can certainly make|will definitely make} your {content|content material|articles|posts|posts and pages} look {amazing|awesome|incredible|excellent|stunning|miraculous|marvelous|unbelievable|extraordinary|superb|fantastic|perfect|fabulous|brilliant|terrific} {.|!}|{Your|Any|Your new|With Tabor, your|With Tabor, any} {website’s|site’s} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject material|posts|posts and pages} will look {amazing|awesome|incredible|remarkable|excellent|wonderful|great|superb|surprising|stunning|outstanding|astounding|striking|astonishing|marvelous|magnificent|mind-blowing|unbelievable|exceptional|brilliant|dazzling|perfect} with {a modern|a fashionable|an up-to-date|a sophisticated|an innovative|an advanced|a revolutionary|a trendy|a contemporary|an avant-garde|a state-of-the-art}, {user friendly||user-friendly|easy to navigate|simple to operate|convenient to use|simple to use} {minimalist theme|minimal theme|theme|WordPress theme} {like|such as} {the Tabor theme|this theme, Tabor|Tabor}. Minimalist {themes|designs|templates} {are incredibly|are exceedingly|are extremely|are very|are particularly|have become} {popular|sought after|widespread|fashionable|prevalent} {because they|simply because they|since they|as they quite simply|as they} {provide|give|offer|present|produce} {a wonderful|a beautiful|an exquisite|a fantastic|an amazing|an excellent|an awesome|an incredible|a magnificent|an impressive|a stunning|a terrific|an outstanding} {style|design|frame|platform|framework|stage} {for most|for a lot of|for the majority of|for a good number of} {kinds of|sorts of|types of|varieties of} {content|information|subject matter|articles|posts|website content}.|{There are many|There are numerous|There are lots of|There are a lot of|There are a number of|There is a lot of|Often times there are different|There are a plethora of|There are so many|There are plenty of|There are a variety of|There are millions of} {ways to|methods to|opportunities to|strategies to|means to} {customize|personalize|modify|individualize|tailor-make|alter|adapt|customise} Tabor to {make this minimalist theme look|make it look|ensure it looks|make this theme work|make it work} {fantastic|great|amazing|terrific|awesome|brilliant|outstanding|exceptional|glorious|marvelous} {for any|for almost any|for virtually any|for just about any|for virtually every|for every} {kind of|type of|sort of|variety of} {content|content material|written content|subject matter|writing|posts}.|Tabor’s {design|style|layout|look|appearance} is {minimal|minimalist}, {simple|plain|straightforward|hassle-free|straight forward|simplistic|ingenuous|practical|uncomplicated} and {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|interesting|elegant|charming|alluring|stunning|inviting|delightful|engaging}, {so it|so that it|therefore it|and it|and it definitely|and it certainly|so it definitely|so it absolutely} {works for|works well with|works perfectly for} {almost any|just about any|virtually any|each and every} {kind of|type of} {content|content material|articles|written content|subject matter|writing|posts|website|site}.|{For almost any|For every|For virtually every|For virtually any|For just about any} {sort of|kind of|type of} {content|content material|website|online business|posts}, {a great looking|an attractive looking|an amazing|a beautiful|an excellent|a fantastic looking|a well designed|a professionally designed} minimalist {theme|design|WP theme} {is often times|can often be|is usually going to be|can really be|might just be|will be} {a perfect|an ideal|a good|a great|an excellent|an immaculate|a unique|a suitable|a superb|an incredible|an awesome|an amazing|a wonderful|the right} {choice|option|pick|solution}. The {style|design} {doesn’t get|won’t get|never gets|will never be|can never be|won’t be} {in the way of|in conflict with|to conflict with} your {content|content material|written content|writing|posts|website content|articles}.|{This theme|Tabor|This Tabor theme|This one} {is very simple|is modern and simple|is clean and simple} {to look|in style|in terms of style|stylistically|with regard to it’s style}, {yet|but|however} {it’s|it is} {full of|filled with|packed with|brimming with|stuffed with} {many|numerous|quite a few|countless|multiple} {great features|wonderful features|features|bells and whistles} {that help|which help|that really help|that can help} {make it|ensure it is|allow it to be|help it become} {a very|an extremely|an incredibly|an exceptionally|an exceedingly|an enormously|an awfully} {powerful|strong|potent|robust|efficient|dynamic} {WordPress theme|theme|option|option for your website|option for your web page|choice for your site|theme}.}  {{And|Not to mention|Oh yeah|Also|And also}, {it’s|it has|Tabor has|Tabor offers|it offers} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a very good|a wonderful|a powerful|an effective} {combination of|mix of|mixture of|blend of|combo of} {many|numerous|countless|various|multiple|lots of|scores of|plenty of} {amazing|awesome|incredible|remarkable|wonderful|excellent|outstanding|astonishing|terrific|magnificent|exceptional|powerful|staggering|beautiful|really great|dazzling|surprising|striking|impressive} {features|benefits|abilities|functions|advantages|attributes|characteristics}.|{There’s|There is|There is certainly|Tabor has} {plenty|a lot|lots|loads|heaps|a good deal|a great deal} {more than just|more than merely|more than simply} {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|a beautiful|an excellent|an amazing|a gorgeous|a lovely|a stylish} {design|look|layout}. This {theme|template} {has|offers|provides|features|has got|boasts|contains|comes with|includes} {tons of|a lot of|a great deal of|lots of|plenty of|loads of|a pile of|piles of|masses of|hundreds of} {amazing|awesome|mind-blowing|extraordinary|miraculous|astounding|superb|stunning|excellent|really great|brilliant|exceptional} {features|benefits|advantages|attributes|options|functionality|qualities}.|Tabor {also has|also offers|even offers|boasts} {many|a lot of|numerous|loads of|plenty of|scores of|lots of|tons of|boatloads of|countless|quite a few} {incredible|amazing|enormous|tremendous|exceptional|spectacular|magnificent|wonderful|awesome|unbelievable|impressive|stunning|brilliant|terrific}, {powerful|strong|highly effective|robust|efficient|high-powered|dynamic|powerful and effective} {features|abilities|functions|advantages|characteristics|attributes|capabilities|benefits|options} {built in|built-in|integrated|incorporated|on board} to {make it|ensure it is|allow it to be|help it become|cause it to be} {state of the art|state-of-the-art|cutting-edge|cutting edge|top of the line}.|Minimalist {yet|but} {powerful|strong|potent|highly effective|dynamic|powerful and effective}, Tabor is a {WordPress|professional WordPress|beautiful WordPress|bold WordPress|nice WordPress} {theme|template} that {never fails to impress|always impresses|is full of features|is a real winner}.|}

{{Want to sell products?|Starting an online store?|Setting up an online shop?|Selling products?|Selling some stuff online?|Want to sell some products?|Starting up an online store?|Setting up your online shop?|Selling some awesome products?|Selling stuff online?|Want to sell stuff online?|Want to sell stuff?} {Cool|Awesome|Fun|Nice|Fantastic|Yes|Aww yes|Neat|Groovy|Slick|Superb|Congrats|Congratulations|Sweet!|Aw yeah|Right on|Okay then}! {It’s simple|It’s really easy|It’s easy|It’s totally easy|It’s a snap|It’s a breeze|It’s really easy to do|It’s very simple to do|It’s super easy|It’s super easy to do}!|} {{Tabor is a|This is a|This theme is a|The Tabor theme is a} {WooCommerce ready theme|WooCommerce eCommerce theme|WooCommerce optimized theme|theme that’s optimized for WooCommerce}, {which lets you|it lets you|and that lets you|which lets anyone|it lets anyone|and that lets anyone|and it’ll let you|so you can} {create|generate|develop|design|set up|establish|craft|make} {your own|your own personal|an|your own private} {online store|online shop|internet store|internet shop} {selling|offering|marketing|providing|retailing|listing} {any kind of|virtually any|whatever|any type of|any sort of|just about any|almost any} {product|merchandise|products|stuff} {you can imagine|you might imagine|you can think of|imaginable|there is|you want to|you could want to|you might want to}.|{With WooCommerce|Along with WooCommerce|By using WooCommerce|With the free WooCommerce cart|With a free WooCommerce installation}, {Tabor|the Tabor theme|this theme} {allows you to|lets you|gives you a path to|makes it easy to|makes it simple to|makes it possible to|makes it very simple to} {set up an online shop|create an online shop|create your own online shop|create a nice looking shop|create an estore|create an eCommerce store|create an eCommerce shop|make a nice eCommerce shop}, {making it|which makes it|so that it is|thereby making it} {easy to|simple to|an easy task to|convenient to|effortless to|possible to} {create many satisfied|satisfy many|satisfy plenty of|create plenty of happy|create many happy|make many jubilant|wow your|impress your} {customers|clients|buyers|shoppers|purchasers|patrons} {with all of|with|with all} the {amazing|incredible|remarkable|excellent|superb|fantastic|outstanding|mind-blowing|astonishing|impressive} {features of|options that come with|popular features of|advantages of|tools in|top features of|cool features of} {WordPress and WooCommerce|WooCommerce and WordPress}.|WooCommerce {is the most|is easily the most|is regarded as the|is considered the most|is regarded as the most|is one of the most} {popular|widely used|common|prominent|well known|widespread|famous} {shopping cart plugin|eCommerce plugins|eCommerce carts|shopping carts|carts|eCommerce solutions|shopping cart solutions} for WordPress and {the Tabor theme|this theme|Tabor} is {optimized|fully optimized|engineered|designed} to look {beautiful|lovely|great|amazing|fabulous|elegant|charming|attractive|wonderful|gorgeous|magnificent|incredible|exceptional} and {work perfectly|work very well|work well|work flawlessly|work just right}. {You can|It is possible to|You may|You are able to|You can actually} {quickly|instantly|rapidly|swiftly|promptly|rather quickly|almost instantly} {set up|establish|start up|create|setup|build} {an amazing|a fantastic|an astonishing|a beautiful|a spectacular|a fabulous|an exceptional|an impressive|an ideal|an effective|an attractive|a fascinating|a mind-blowing} {online store|online shop|website|online website|shop|store|web store|eCommerce store|eCommerce shop} {in minutes|in seconds|within a few minutes|in no time|within just minutes|before you know it|in a flash}.|{Designed to|Made to|Built to|Created to|Manufactured to} be {one of the|among the|right there with the|among the very|the very} {best|finest|best quality|top} eCommerce {themes|templates}, Tabor {has|offers|provides|features|includes|comes with} {both the|a|both|} {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|wonderful|delightful|charming|spectacular|breathtaking} {style|design|look} {and the|along with the|as well as the} {functionality|performance|features|efficiency|capabilities} which {together|collectively|jointly|alongside one another} {will increase|increases|boosts|raises|improves|will speed up} the {efficiency|effectiveness|performance|productivity|usefulness|potency|productiveness} of your {online store|online shop|website|online website|shop|store|web store|eCommerce store|eCommerce shop|WooCommerce shop|WooCommerce store}!|WooCommerce {integrated|infused|ready|optimized} {websites|web sites|sites|WordPress sites|WordPress pages|themes|WordPress themes} {have|possess|include|have got|offer|provide} {an intuitive|a user friendly|an instinctive|a wonderful|a nice|a beautiful|an amazing|an easy to use|an easy to manage} {user interface|admin panel|interface|setup} {that you can|that you could|that you may|that you will|that you’ll} {use to|utilize to|employ to} {manage|control|administer|supervise} and {display|show|exhibit|present|showcase|publicize|market} {digital|electronic|computerized|downloadable|virtual} {and other|as well as other|along with other} {products|types of products|tangible products|products}.|Tabor’s {dynamic|active|energetic|powerful|highly effective|high-powered|strong} and {professional|skilled|high quality|proficient|popular} eCommerce {plugin|WordPress plugin|cart|shopping cart|cart, WooCommerce,|shopping cart, WooCommerce,} {makes it possible to|allows you to|assists you to|can help you|can potentially|enables us to|helps you} {sell|market|promote|offer|advertise|retail} {anything|everything|anything at all|whatever you want|anything you want|products|all products|all kinds of products} on {your website|your site|your web site|a site|your shop|your store} without {touching|knowing|learning|messing with|having to touch|having to edit|editing} a {line of|single line of|bit of|stitch of|single bit of|single shred of|shred of} {code|CSS or HTML|HTML or CSS|script}.}  {{The Tabor theme|Tabor} {offers|provides|gives you|provides you|offers you|offers up|delivers|has|comes with|features} {a highly|an extremely|a very|an incredibly|a seriously|an especially|an exceptionally} {responsive|fluid|fluid and responsive|mobile friendly|mobile friendly, responsive|responsive, mobile friendly}, {beautiful|engaging|visually engaging|attractive|fun|simple|nice looking|charmingly simple|wonderfully simple|deceptively simple} {design|style|look|layout} that {looks|displays} {great|well|perfectly|pixel-perfect} {all over the world|worldwide|across the world|around the world|around the globe|across the globe|in every country} {and|and also|as well as} on {all|every} {known devices|common device|kind of device|type of device|kind of handheld|type of screen|screen size}.|{It’s|Tabor is|The Tabor theme is} {a modern|a fashionable|a sophisticated|an innovative|an advanced|a revolutionary|a trendy|a very modern|a very fashionable|a very sophisticated|a very innovative|a|very advanced|a quite revolutionary|a very trendy} {and|as well as|and even} {creative|innovative|artistic|inventive|inspiring|distinctive|ingenious|effective} {premium WordPress theme|theme|theme|WordPress theme|multipurpose theme|multi purpose theme|multi-purpose theme|GPL theme} {that is|which is|that’s|and it’s} {intuitive|user-friendly|slick|modern|clean|simple}, {easy to use|simple to operate|simple to use|user friendly|very easy to use|so easy to use|user-friendly|reliable|really easy to use|super easy to use} {and|and also|as well as} {readily|completely|totally|perfectly} {responsive|mobile friendly}.|{With a perfectly responsive design|Totally responsive|Mobile friendly|Absolutely mobile friendly|Fluid and responsive}, {Tabor|this theme|the Tabor theme|this awesome theme} {looks|appears|displays|renders|loads up} {fantastic|perfectly|pixel-perfect|right|exceptionally well|very well|just like you want it|just like you envision|just like you need|as you wish} on {all devices|all screens|all screen sizes|every device|any type of device|all sorts of devices|each and every screen size|all screen sizes|any sort of handheld device|any internet ready device}. {That’s|That is|That is certainly|That is definitely} {very important|essential|crucial|vital|critical|vitally important|imperative|a must|} {considering|when you consider|when you think about|since you know|because of|thinking of|taking into account|when you take into account} {how many people|how many folks|how many customers|how many shoppers|how many readers|how many visitors} {use|utilize|make use of|employ} {handheld|hand held|mobile|hand-held} {devices|gadgets|products} to {access|gain access to|connect to|use|get on|do their business on|shop on|do their shopping on|get their information on} the {internet|web|world wide web|net}.|The {overall|general|complete} {design|style|layout|theme} is {responsive|mobile friendly|fluid and responsive|responsive and mobile friendly}, {clean|fresh|spotless|modern|slick|sleek|nice} and {practical|sensible|effective|functional|basic|simple}, {focusing|concentrating|centering} {the reader’s|your reader’s|your visitor’s|any visitor’s|anyone’s|everyone’s} {attention|eyes} on {what is|what exactly is|precisely what is|just what is|what is actually|what is considered} {truly|really|absolutely|completely|genuinely|actually} {important|crucial|essential|key|significant|central|really important}: {the content|your content|your posts}. {Blog followers|Your site’s readers|Your blog followers|Your readers|Your website’s readers|Your site’s followers} {will enjoy|will like|will love|will cherish|will have|can look forward to|will be provided} {an online experience|an experience|a user experience} {that is|which is} {second to none|first rate|unparalleled|unrivaled|amazing|awesome|fantastic|delightful}.|{It is also|Tabor is also|Tabor is|This theme is|This theme is also} {a fast loading and SEO friendly|a fast loading|an SEO friendly|an SEO optimized|a very fast loading|a very fast loading, SEO optimized} {WordPress multipurpose blog and magazine theme|theme|theme|blog and magazine theme|template|multi-purpose theme}, {a highly|an extremely|a very|an incredibly|an especially|an exceptionally|a particularly|an exceedingly|a tremendously|a remarkably} {responsive|mobile friendly theme|mobile friendly|responsive theme|responsive one}, {retina-ready|Retina ready|retina ready} {and|as well as} {clean|modern|simple|minimalist|sleek|slick looking|sleek looking} {blog|weblog|personal blog|personal blogging} {theme|template} for {WordPress|the WordPress platform}.}

{{Do you need to|Looking to|Looking into|Want to|Need to|Do you feel the need to|Have you decided to|If you’d love to|If you want to} {change|change up|customize|make some changes to|switch up|make some alterations to|tailor-make} the {appearance|look|style|visual style|basic design} of your {website|site|web site|WordPress website|blog}? {With|If you choose|If you select|If you should choose|If you decide to use} {this template|Tabor|the Tabor theme|this theme}, {you will|you’ll|it’s guaranteed, you’ll|it’s a given that you’ll|it’s a guarantee that you will} {always have|have|have access to|find it easy to maintain} {a very|an incredibly|the most|one of the most|a stable and|a user friendly and} {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adaptive|modifiable|functional} {website|web site|site|internet site|web page|web-site|online business|blog}.|  {An intuitive|A user friendly|A well crafted|A well designed|A professional|An easy to use|A simple, powerful|An easy to use, powerful} {interface|editing interface|admin panel|admin setup} {will|can|can greatly|will greatly|will certainly|will totally} {speed up|accelerate|improve|increase the speed of|quicken|expedite|enhance} the {process of|way of|path for|way you go about|method of} {customizing|designing|building|modifying} and {adapting|adjusting} the {theme|web theme|template} to {perfectly|flawlessly|beautifully|correctly|totally|nicely} {fit|match} {your own website|your site|your website|your web site|your business|your online business}.|Tabor is {an extremely|a very|an exceptionally|an exceedingly|an enormously|a remarkably|a particularly|a tremendously|a significantly|a really} {responsive|mobile friendly|adaptable|flexible} WordPress {creative portfolio|artistic portfolio|portfolio site|art portfolio|agency, portfolio|digital agency, portfolio|portfolio, digital agency}, {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|adaptable|extremely versatile|variable|handy|functional|flexible|versatile} {online shop|online store|website|web store|store|eCommerce} {website theme|website template|theme|theme|theme|theme}.|{If you want to|If you wish to|If you need to|If you are looking to|If you would like to|Should you wish to|To} {customize|personalize|modify|individualize|customise|alter|rework} the {look|design|style|fonts and colors|colors and fonts} of Tabor, {it’s|it is|it really is|it truly is} {very easy|very simple|easy|super easy|hassle-free|quite easy} to {accomplish|achieve|attain|undertake|execute|get done} with the {built in|built-in|integrated|incorporated} {theme|WordPress theme} customizer. You {definitely|certainly|absolutely|undoubtedly|unquestionably|undeniably|expressly|unmistakably|indisputably|really} {don’t|do not|will not|never} {need to be|have to be} {a web designer|a designer|an expert coder|a code expert|an expert at coding|a CSS or HTML expert|an expert coder|an HTML or CSS expert} to {take full advantage of|reap the benefits of|take benefit from|optimize|benefit from} {it|Tabor}.|{Customers|Clients|Purchasers|People|Users} {can easily|can readily|can|will find it easy to|can find it easy to|will find it simple to} {personalize|customize|individualize|tailor-make|custom-make|adjust|modify} their site’s {aesthetic|look|style|visuals|cosmetic appearance|appearance}, {there is|because there’s|because of|since there’s|because Tabor offers|because Tabor has} {a limitless|an unlimited|an infinite|a large|an almost infinite|a massive|a huge|a wide|a large} {range of|selection of|variety of|assortment of|collection of|number of} {available|offered|potential} {color choices|color schemes|colors and fonts|fonts and colors|looks that are possible|possible looks|options}. {No|Absolutely no|There’s absolutely no} {advanced|sophisticated|big|in depth|in-depth|great} {knowledge|know-how|skills|experience|coding skill|coding experience} {is required|is needed|is necessary} for the {installation|set up|installing|setup|theme installation} or {customization|personalization|modification|basic customization} {process|procedure}, {as|since|because} Tabor {is very|is extremely|is quite|is incredibly|is absolutely|is tremendously|is exceedingly|is really|is amazingly} {user-friendly|easy to use|practical|user friendly|intuitive}.} {{WordPress|The WordPress platform} {is one of|is among|is just one of|is truly one of|is regarded as} the {most preferred|most popular|most well regarded|top|best|best loved} {blogging|blog|content management|blog posting|personal blog} {platforms|systems|setups} {due to|because of|on account of|resulting from|owing to} its {flexibility|versatility|adaptability|overall flexibility|capability|flexibleness|options} and {powerful|strong|effective|potent|highly effective|impressive|robust|beneficial|efficient|ultra powerful|mighty|high-powered} {features|capabilities|abilities|functions|attributes} and {a theme|a design|a style} like Tabor {is always|is definitely|will always be|is certainly|is obviously|should be considered|is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic|a terrific|an awesome|an incredible|a really cool|a magnificent|an outstanding|a remarkable|a brilliant|the perfect|a fabulous|a perfect|a highly effective} {choice|option|pick|solution|selection} for {blogging|blog posting|content management|article writing|operating a blog|blogging and site-building|writing a blog|running a blog|posting your content|personal blogs}. Tabor is {a creatively|an artistically|a wonderfully|an imaginatively|a uniquely|a wildly} {bold|daring|confident|audacious|vibrant|striking|adventurous|courageous|aggressive|self confident} and {visually|aesthetically|vividly} {stunning|breathtaking|dazzling|brilliant|sparkling|hot} {theme|WordPress template|theme for wordPress}.|For {creating|producing|developing|generating|building|establishing|crafting} {a nice|a pleasant|a great|a good|an excellent|a lovely|a beautiful|a perfect|a wonderful|a fantastic|an attractive|a satisfying} {looking blog site|site|blog|personal blog|website}, {you need|you will need|you will want} the {right theme|a proper web template|a proper website|a wonderful theme}. Tabor {was designed to|was made to|was created to|is built to} be {a perfect|an ideal|a wonderful|an awesome|an amazing|the best|the perfect|just the right} {blogging|kind of blogging|sort of blogging|style of blog|blog} {theme|template}, {ideal for|perfect for|well suited for|suitable for|great for|useful for|created for|good for|just the thing for|intended for} {any type of|any kind of|almost any|any sort of|any variety of|any} {website|web site|internet site|online business}.|} {For {creative|innovative|artistic} {websites|portfolios}, Tabor {also|definitely|totally} {hits the mark|nails it|gets it right|does the job|gets the job done}, this {theme|design|template} {is great for|is ideal for|is fantastic for|is excellent for|works for} {any type of|any kind of|almost any} {creative|artistic|inspiring|aesthetically pleasing|well crafted} portfolio {website|site|web site|web page|page}.|Tabor {also|additionally} {makes for|creates|produces|enables|presents} {a perfect|an ideal|a great|an excellent|a wonderful|an awesome|an amazing} {creative|innovative|imaginative|artistic|inventive|distinctive|unique|effective} {portfolio|creative|agency|digital agency} {site|website|blog|web-site}, the {design|style|layout|design and style} {works great|works well|is effective} {for all|for any} {kinds of|sort of|type of} {content|content material|written content|page|business}.|{You can|It is possible to|You are able to|You can actually} {display|exhibit|present|showcase|show off|publicize} {your|any|any kind of|any type of|any sort of} {creative|art} work {too|as well}, Tabor {has|offers|provides|has got|gives you|gives artists} {a stylish|a classy|a beautiful|a tasteful|an exclusive|an attractive|an exquisite|a trendy|a fashionable|a good looking} and {useful|user friendly|flexible|easy to manage|easy to use} {portfolio|artistic portfolio|portfolio design} {built in|integrated|incorporated|on board}.|}

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Theme Minimal SImple creative blog

A minimal, modern and clean WordPress blog theme like Elegance Pro can help your site get more views and keep your readers coming back for more.  Elegance Pro is built on the Genesis framework, so it loads up quickly and perfectly on all devices.  That’s because the code is absolutely pristine and the theme itself is responsive.  Modern websites really need to work on any type of device, from handheld to desktops, so Elegance Pro has you covered there.  Elegance Pro improves the browsing experience for everyone.  Elegance Pro is WooCommerce ready too, so if you’d like to establish an online eCommerce site, you can make that happen.  There are several different styles for the homepage and best of all, you don’t have to be an expert at coding to make it happen.  I really like Genesis child themes like Elegance Pro because you can install the theme and never worry about an update breaking your site.  Genesis is updated frequently to keep it up with the newest iterations of WordPress.  Elegance Pro really does give you a simple, clean platform for any type of content too, meaning no matter what you blog about, it’s going to look fantastic.

[wpts_spin] {This is|This theme is|This one is|Here is|This theme is definitely|This theme is truly|This is truly|This one is truly} {a well|a nicely|an effectively|a properly|a skillfully|a perfectly} {designed|developed|made|engineered|constructed|put together|built|crafted}, {attractive|appealing|eye-catching|beautiful|desirable|amazing looking|beautiful looking|inviting|lovely|pleasing|gorgeous|alluring|elegant|stylish}, {fresh|crisp|clean|cool|vibrant|sleek|slick|novel|contemporary} and {innovative|revolutionary|advanced|modern|unique|progressive|ground-breaking|ground breaking|ingenious} {minimalist|modern|minimalistic|minimal} {style|design} {WordPress theme|theme|WP theme|template} {that can help|that will help|that can assist|which can help|which will help|to help} you {build|develop|create|construct|put together|make|establish|generate} the {website|web site|site|web page|web-site|webpage|online business} of your {dreams|hopes and dreams|desires|aspirations|wishes}. This {theme|design|minimalist theme|WordPress minimalist theme|minimalistic WordPress theme} is {powerful|strong|potent|highly effective|impressive|robust|efficient|ultra powerful|dynamic|amazing|high-powered|effective}, {it’s|it has} been {created with|constructed with|developed with|made with|crafted with|carefully designed with|carefully developed with|carefully created with|painstakingly crafted with} {every kind|every type|all types} of {user|consumer|end user|individual|buyer} {in mind|at heart}, from {beginner|novice|newbie|rookie} to {professional|expert|specialist|experienced professional|very experienced professional}. With the {newest|latest|most recent|hottest|most innovative} {code|CSS and HTML|HTML and CSS}, this {theme|WordPress theme|template} {is ideal|is perfect|is best|is great|is amazing|is fantastic} for {blogs|websites|web-sites|sites|blog sites|weblogs|web sites} and {businesses|companies|organizations|firms|enterprises|business owners} of any {variety|type|kind}, {since|given that|as|because} this {theme|design|template} {is a really|is a very|is an incredible|is an unbelievably} {dynamic|vibrant|energetic|powerful|strong} and {fun|enjoyable|pleasurable|cool} {multipurpose|multi-use|multi-purpose|adaptable} {template|design|website theme|website template}, {suitable for|ideal for|suited to|well suited for|made for} {everyone|everybody|almost everyone|absolutely everyone}.

This {Elegance Pro site|Elegance Pro website|Elegance Pro web-site|Elegance Pro web page|Elegance Pro webpage|Elegance Pro web site|theme} {installs|sets up|can be installed|can be set up|is set up} {very quickly|quickly|rapidly|very fast|in a short time|without delay|quite rapidly|promptly|extremely fast|very easily} and {there are so many|there are many|there are plenty of|there are lots of|there are numerous|there are various|there are countless} plugins {that you can|that you may|you could|which you can|that one could|which you could|that you might|that one can|that you are able to|it’s possible to} {use to|utilize to|employ to} {provide|give|offer|supply|grant|provide you with|produce} {new|brand-new|different|innovative|cutting edge|fresh|groundbreaking|brand new} {features|capabilities|abilities|functions|advantages|attributes|options} for {your website|your site|your web site|your web blog|your blog}. {A perfectly|A completely|A beautiful|An absolutely|An entirely|A superbly|A wonderfully} {responsive|responsive designed} {site|theme|web site|website|web-site|web page|internet site} {is crucial|is vital|is essential|is important|is extremely important|is really important|is a must|is terribly important|is very important|is critical|should be mandatory}, {which is why|which explains why|that is why|which is the reason} this {beautiful|gorgeous|stunning|wonderful|attractive|elegant|exquisite|fabulous|amazing|eye-catching|awesome|impressive|remarkable|incredible|extraordinary|good-looking|breathtaking}, {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adjustable|variable|adaptive|functional} {website|theme|template} {has been designed|has been created|has been produced} to be {responsive|perfectly responsive|totally responsive|completely responsive}, {so it|so that it|in order that it} {looks|appears} {great|terrific|fantastic|wonderful|impressive|excellent|cool|awesome|perfect|amazing|magnificent|fabulous} on {any sort of|any kind of|each and every|every} {device|smart device|electronic device|computer or device|device or computer}, {no matter what|every time|every single time|no matter how big or small|no matter how large or small|no matter|no matter the size|no matter what resolution}. {You can|It is possible to|You may|You are able to} {quickly|rapidly|swiftly|promptly|rather quickly} {build|develop|create|construct|put together|generate|make} your own {unique|distinctive|distinct|completely unique|one of a kind|innovative|creative|extraordinary|imaginative|one-of-a-kind|personalized} {layouts|designs|versions|layout variations|design variations} {with this|using this|with this particular|utilizing this} {theme|template|minimal theme|beautiful theme|well designed theme}, {since|because|given that|as} {it’s|it is|it truly is|it is really} {so|incredibly|completely} {flexible|versatile|adaptable|accommodating|adaptive|modifiable|functional} {and|as well as} {dynamic|vibrant|powerful}, {professionally|efficiently|expertly|properly|skillfully} {built|developed|constructed|made|designed|engineered|structured|assembled|produced|crafted} and {designed in|created in} {every way|each and every way}. {This is|This really is|It is|This is certainly} {a truly|an absolutely|a really|an incredibly|an undeniably|an undoubtedly} {great|terrific|fantastic|impressive|awesome|amazing|superb} Elegance Pro {WordPress theme|minimal theme|WordPress theme|minimal WordPress theme} {that you should|that you ought to|that you need to|that you must|you need to} {definitely|absolutely|surely|unquestionably} {take a look at|check out|review|evaluate|examine|consider|think about}.

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Olivia lifestyle blogger for women

Meet Olivia, a lifestyle blog with a great looking feminine style, responsive layout, tons of features and an ultimately flexible set of tools for customization.  Olivia is a delightful lifestyle blogging template but it’s also WooCommerce compatible, so you can set up a shop within minutes of installation.  Olivia supports 3 different post and page layouts, gallery, video, audio and quotes post formats, many custom widgets and several basic blog layouts.  The design touches are distinctly feminine, which can often be a great choice for a lifestyle blog, particularly one that is meant for a female audience.

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Suarez Personal WordPress Blog Theme

For lifestyle bloggers, style is incredibly important.  If you want your readers to see what kind of taste you have, you need a great theme to properly frame your posts, images and other content.  That’s what Suarez is all about.  The Suarez WordPress theme was crafted with Bloggers firmly in mind.  With incredibly clean, crisp code, fast loading pages, tons of post types, bold images, great typography, Suarez gives the first impression you want to give.  Suarez theme is a modern design with beauty to spare, it’s got tons of great features and you don’t even need to be an expert at WordPress to set this theme up and get started.  It’s really, really user friendly.  That leaves you more time to create content, which is what running a blog is all about.  Suarez includes a drag and drop page builder to help you craft the design and layout you want, you can structure each and every page the way you want.  That’s flexibility and your audience is really going to love the way this theme looks.  It’s perfectly responsive, bug-free, offers thorough social media integration and extensive documentation.  Suarez really is a premium quality WordPress theme.

[wpts_spin]It’s clear, the advantages Suarez gives you.  {To {build|develop|create|make|generate|build up|acquire|cultivate} {a massive|an enormous|a huge|a tremendous|an immense|a large|a colossal} {following for|set of followers for|readership for|amount of traffic for|number of followers for} {your blog|your site|your website|your web blog}, {you’ll|you will} {need|want|require} {a great looking|a nice looking|an attractive looking|an amazing|an incredible looking|a fantastic looking|a well designed}, {full featured|feature filled|user friendly and feature filled|feature filled and user friendly} {blogging theme|blog theme|WordPress blog theme|blogging theme for WordPress}.|{A great looking|A beautiful|An attractive|When you’re blogging, a beautiful|For bloggers, a beautiful|For bloggers, a gorgeous|When you’re blogging, a wonderful looking}, {powerful|ultra powerful|easy to use|user friendly} and {full featured|feature rich|feature-rich|feature-filled|robust} {WordPress blog theme|blog theme|WP blog theme} {is a great|is a superb|is an excellent|is a wonderful|is a fantastic|is an effective|is a smart|can be a great} {way to|strategy to|technique to|option to} {help you|allow you to} {build|develop|establish|grow} {an audience|viewers|followers|readers|readership} {online|on the web|on the net|on the internet}.|{When you look|If you’re looking|If you are looking} for {a great looking|a beautiful|a wonderfully attractive|a well designed, attractive|the best WordPress|a fantastic|a powerful} blog theme, {you want to|you’ll need to|you will need to|you’ll definitely want to|try to} {find one|pick one|choose one|select one} {that has|which has|which includes|with|having} {a wide range of|numerous|a variety of|a wide selection of|a great number of|a good number of|plenty of} {features|functions and abilities|functional attributes|functionality}.| {A wide range of|An array of|Numerous|A variety of|A wide selection of|A good number of|Plenty of} {powerful|strong|effective|highly effective|impressive|beneficial} {features|attributes|capabilities|functions|options|functionality} {can help you|will help you|may help you|will allow you to|could help you|will let you|can assist you to} {build|develop|grow|construct} {your blog|your site|your website|your web blog} and {attract|draw in|catch the attention of|bring in|bring|generate} {a big|a large|a huge|a giant|an enormous} {audience|readership|number of readers|number of followers} for all of {your blog posts|your posts|your content|your posts and pages|your pages and posts|your amazing content}.|{A great|An excellent|A fantastic|A terrific|An awesome|A powerful|An effective} {blog theme|WordPress blog theme|WordPress blogging theme|blogging theme} {can help you|will help you|may help you|will allow you to|will let you|can certainly help} {attract|build|develop|grow} {an audience|readership|a following} {and it|and} {makes it|can make it|will make it} {easy to|simple to|an easy task to|effortless to|possible to} {create|make|develop|provide} {great looking|very attractive|attractive|wonderful} {content|content material|articles} {that really|that truly} {gets attention|grabs your attention|gets a reader’s attention|gets the reader’s attention|grabs the reader’s attention}.|{When|If you’re|When you’re|If you are} {looking to|trying to|seeking to|wanting to|aiming to|hoping to|wishing to|attempting to} {gain|get} the most {attention|readership|followers} for {your blog|your site|your website} {content|articles|posts}, {you’ll|you will|you are going to} {want|require|need} {a beautiful|a lovely|a wonderful|a gorgeous|a charming|a brilliant|a stylish|a classy|an appealing} and {well|nicely|clearly|effectively|efficiently} {crafted|built|designed|made|constructed} {theme|design} with {a wide range of|an array of|numerous|a wide selection of|a great number of|a good number of|plenty of} {features|functions|attributes|functionality|capabilities}.|For {bloggers|writers|web publishers|authors|marketers|publishers} {who want to|who wish to|who would like to} {build|develop|create|make|grow|generate} {a big|a large|a huge|a giant|an enormous} following, {a great looking|an attractive|a beautiful|a well made|a well crafted|a well built} {WordPress|WordPress blog|blog|blogging} {theme|template} is the {first thing|very first thing|critical thing|number one thing|most important thing that} {you need|you will need|you require|you will want|you absolutely need}.|{You need to|You have to|It is advisable to|You will need to} {find|locate|get|obtain|try to find} {a great looking|a beautiful|an incredible looking|a well made|a well crafted|a beautiful, well built}, {feature filled|user friendly|feature-rich|feature-filled} {blog theme|WP blog theme|WordPress blog theme} {in order to|to be able to|so that you can} {create|generate|produce} the {best|very best|greatest} {online|reading} experience {you can|that you can|possible|around}.|To {create|produce|generate|make|develop} the {best|perfect|greatest|very best}, most {enjoyable|pleasurable|satisfying|entertaining|exciting|fulfilling|pleasing|gratifying|wonderful} {user experience|reader experience|online experience} {possible|around|you can|that you can}, {you will want to|you will need to|you should|you really need to|make sure you} {select|pick|choose|buy|opt for} {a strong|a solid|a powerful}, {well designed|well-designed|properly designed|smartly designed|modern|sleek|suitable} {blog theme|WordPress blog theme|blogging theme}.}  {{Would you like to|Do you want to|Want to|Do you need to|How would you like to} {build|develop|create|construct|put together|make|establish|generate} {an online|an internet|a web-based|a web based|an on-line|an internet based|a web|an online web} blog {that’s|that is|which is} {trusted|respected|known|known and trusted|trusted and known|followed|known and followed|trusted and respected|trusted and followed|known and relied on|relied on} by {millions of|countless|a lot of|a great number of|lots of|enormous amounts of|innumerable} {loyal|faithful|devoted|regular|satisfied|dedicated} {readers|viewers|subscribers|users}? {If so|If you do|If you are}, {you’ll|you will|you are going to|you may|you will definitely} {need|require|want} {a perfectly|a superbly|a wonderfully|a beautifully|a well|a very well} {built|constructed|made|designed|structured|assembled|manufactured|produced|crafted} {blog WordPress theme|WordPress blog theme|WordPress news blog theme|WordPress news theme|news theme} {that’s|that is} {filled with|stuffed with|loaded with|packed with|crammed with|brimming with} {features|functions|attributes|capabilities} {that help|which help|that can help|that really help} {make it|ensure it is} {easy to|simple to|effortless to|straightforward to} {create|build|produce|generate|make|develop|provide|churn out} {content|content material|information|articles|written content|subject material} {and|and also} {market it|sell it|monetize it}.| {There are thousands of|There are lots of|There are millions of|There are literally thousands of|There are plenty of} {online|internet|on line|web based|web-based|web|on-line} {blogs|personal blogs} and {more|a lot more|even more|many more} {start|begin|commence|start off|start out|launch} {every day|each day|daily|every single day|on a daily basis|each and every day|all the time}, {so|therefore} {it’s|it is|it’s very|it is very|it’s really|it is really} {important to|vital that you|crucial that you|imperative that you|essential to|crucial for you to} {stand out|stick out|jump out} from the {competition|competitors|rivals|others|other sites|other blogs|other blog sites} with {a well|a nicely|a competently|a suitably|an effectively|a properly} {designed|created|developed|made|constructed|planned|put together} and {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adjustable|adaptive|modifiable|functional} {WordPress blog theme|WordPress personal blog theme|WordPress blog or blog theme|blog theme for WordPress}.| {Online|On line|Web based|Web-based|Internet based|On-line} blogs {have been around|have been used|have been available|have existed|have been popular} {since|from} the {very|absolute} {beginning|start|outset} of the {internet|web|world wide web|online world} and {now|right now|today|currently|nowadays|these days|at this moment|at the moment}, {it’s|it is} {easier|simpler|much easier|faster and easier|faster|more simple|simpler and easier} than {ever|at any time|ever before} to {create|produce|generate|make|develop|establish|set up} {beautiful, engaging, well designed, modern and easy to use|beautiful, engaging, well designed, easy to use and modern|beautiful, engaging, modern, well designed and easy to use|beautiful, engaging, modern, easy to use and well designed|beautiful, engaging, easy to use, well designed and modern|beautiful, engaging, easy to use, modern and well designed|beautiful, well designed, engaging, modern and easy to use|beautiful, well designed, engaging, easy to use and modern|beautiful, well designed, modern, engaging and easy to use|beautiful, well designed, modern, easy to use and engaging|beautiful, well designed, easy to use, engaging and modern|beautiful, well designed, easy to use, modern and engaging|beautiful, modern, engaging, well designed and easy to use|beautiful, modern, engaging, easy to use and well designed|beautiful, modern, well designed, engaging and easy to use|beautiful, modern, well designed, easy to use and engaging|beautiful, modern, easy to use, engaging and well designed|beautiful, modern, easy to use, well designed and engaging|beautiful, easy to use, engaging, well designed and modern|beautiful, easy to use, engaging, modern and well designed|beautiful, easy to use, well designed, engaging and modern|beautiful, easy to use, well designed, modern and engaging|beautiful, easy to use, modern, engaging and well designed|beautiful, easy to use, modern, well designed and engaging|engaging, beautiful, well designed, modern and easy to use|engaging, beautiful, well designed, easy to use and modern|engaging, beautiful, modern, well designed and easy to use|engaging, beautiful, modern, easy to use and well designed|engaging, beautiful, easy to use, well designed and modern|engaging, beautiful, easy to use, modern and well designed|engaging, well designed, beautiful, modern and easy to use|engaging, well designed, beautiful, easy to use and modern|engaging, well designed, modern, beautiful and easy to use|engaging, well designed, modern, easy to use and beautiful|engaging, well designed, easy to use, beautiful and modern|engaging, well designed, easy to use, modern and beautiful|engaging, modern, beautiful, well designed and easy to use|engaging, modern, beautiful, easy to use and well designed|engaging, modern, well designed, beautiful and easy to use|engaging, modern, well designed, easy to use and beautiful|engaging, modern, easy to use, beautiful and well designed|engaging, modern, easy to use, well designed and beautiful|engaging, easy to use, beautiful, well designed and modern|engaging, easy to use, beautiful, modern and well designed|engaging, easy to use, well designed, beautiful and modern|engaging, easy to use, well designed, modern and beautiful|engaging, easy to use, modern, beautiful and well designed|engaging, easy to use, modern, well designed and beautiful|well designed, beautiful, engaging, modern and easy to use|well designed, beautiful, engaging, easy to use and modern|well designed, beautiful, modern, engaging and easy to use|well designed, beautiful, modern, easy to use and engaging|well designed, beautiful, easy to use, engaging and modern|well designed, beautiful, easy to use, modern and engaging|well designed, engaging, beautiful, modern and easy to use|well designed, engaging, beautiful, easy to use and modern|well designed, engaging, modern, beautiful and easy to use|well designed, engaging, modern, easy to use and beautiful|well designed, engaging, easy to use, beautiful and modern|well designed, engaging, easy to use, modern and beautiful|well designed, modern, beautiful, engaging and easy to use|well designed, modern, beautiful, easy to use and engaging|well designed, modern, engaging, beautiful and easy to use|well designed, modern, engaging, easy to use and beautiful|well designed, modern, easy to use, beautiful and engaging|well designed, modern, easy to use, engaging and beautiful|well designed, easy to use, beautiful, engaging and modern|well designed, easy to use, beautiful, modern and engaging|well designed, easy to use, engaging, beautiful and modern|well designed, easy to use, engaging, modern and beautiful|well designed, easy to use, modern, beautiful and engaging|well designed, easy to use, modern, engaging and beautiful|modern, beautiful, engaging, well designed and easy to use|modern, beautiful, engaging, easy to use and well designed|modern, beautiful, well designed, engaging and easy to use|modern, beautiful, well designed, easy to use and engaging|modern, beautiful, easy to use, engaging and well designed|modern, beautiful, easy to use, well designed and engaging|modern, engaging, beautiful, well designed and easy to use|modern, engaging, beautiful, easy to use and well designed|modern, engaging, well designed, beautiful and easy to use|modern, engaging, well designed, easy to use and beautiful|modern, engaging, easy to use, beautiful and well designed|modern, engaging, easy to use, well designed and beautiful|modern, well designed, beautiful, engaging and easy to use|modern, well designed, beautiful, easy to use and engaging|modern, well designed, engaging, beautiful and easy to use|modern, well designed, engaging, easy to use and beautiful|modern, well designed, easy to use, beautiful and engaging|modern, well designed, easy to use, engaging and beautiful|modern, easy to use, beautiful, engaging and well designed|modern, easy to use, beautiful, well designed and engaging|modern, easy to use, engaging, beautiful and well designed|modern, easy to use, engaging, well designed and beautiful|modern, easy to use, well designed, beautiful and engaging|modern, easy to use, well designed, engaging and beautiful|easy to use, beautiful, engaging, well designed and modern|easy to use, beautiful, engaging, modern and well designed|easy to use, beautiful, well designed, engaging and modern|easy to use, beautiful, well designed, modern and engaging|easy to use, beautiful, modern, engaging and well designed|easy to use, beautiful, modern, well designed and engaging|easy to use, engaging, beautiful, well designed and modern|easy to use, engaging, beautiful, modern and well designed|easy to use, engaging, well designed, beautiful and modern|easy to use, engaging, well designed, modern and beautiful|easy to use, engaging, modern, beautiful and well designed|easy to use, engaging, modern, well designed and beautiful|easy to use, well designed, beautiful, engaging and modern|easy to use, well designed, beautiful, modern and engaging|easy to use, well designed, engaging, beautiful and modern|easy to use, well designed, engaging, modern and beautiful|easy to use, well designed, modern, beautiful and engaging|easy to use, well designed, modern, engaging and beautiful|easy to use, modern, beautiful, engaging and well designed|easy to use, modern, beautiful, well designed and engaging|easy to use, modern, engaging, beautiful and well designed|easy to use, modern, engaging, well designed and beautiful|easy to use, modern, well designed, beautiful and engaging|easy to use, modern, well designed, engaging and beautiful} {online|internet|web|web-based|web based|internet based} {blog|journal|newspaper|mag|’zine|blog|journal or blog|newspaper|news blog|publication} to {spread|distribute|pass on} {information|info|your writing|your content|content|the newest information|the latest information|the latest news} to your {many|numerous|countless|loads of|scores of|various} {readers|visitors|customers|subscribers|fans}.| {A beautiful|An attractive|A good looking|A lovely|A wonderful|A stunning|A nice|An exquisite|An impressive|An enjoyable|A delightful|A delicious|An extraordinary|A stylish|A classy|A charming|An excellent|An outstanding} and {very|extremely|quite|exceptionally|especially|highly} {functional|useful|practical|efficient|well-designed|effective} {personal blog theme|personal blog|blog theme} {is a wonderful|is an excellent|is a fantastic|is a superb|is a marvelous|is a perfect|is an effective|is a great} {way to|method to|strategy to|option to|route to|way for you to|solution to|approach to} get {an online|an internet|a web-based|a web based|an internet based|a web} {blog|journal|newspaper|periodical|publication|mag} {up and running|launched and established|installed and operating|working|online|launched|off the ground|published online} {quickly|immediately|instantly|rapidly|swiftly|promptly|right away|almost instantly}, with {features|functions|characteristics|elements|capabilities|benefits} {and|and also|as well as|together with} {tools|add ons|plug ins|other tools|many tools|tons of tools|the design and tools} to {help you|allow you to|enable you to|help|provide help to|assist you to} {create|generate|produce|build|make|develop|establish|provide} {a memorable|an impressive|a treasured|an unforgettable|an incredible|an outstanding|a fun-filled|a splendid|a great|a terrific|a wonderful|a remarkable} {experience|encounter|feel|time} for {your|all|all of your} {readers|visitors|audience|customers|subscribers|users|fans|followers}. } It’s all about the lifestyle with Suarez!  {This {beautiful|lovely|gorgeous|stunning|wonderful|attractive|delightful|amazing|fabulous|exquisite|elegant|charming|magnificent|eye-catching|awesome|appealing|pretty|stylish} {WordPress lifestyle blog theme|personal lifestyle blog theme|WordPress lifestyle blog theme|lifestyle blog theme|personal lifestyle blog template|WordPress lifestyle blog template|professionally designed personal blog theme|professional looking personal blog theme|professional WordPress personal or lifestyle blog theme|premium personal or lifestyle blog theme|premium WordPress personal blog theme|WordPress theme for blog writers|WordPress theme for blogs|WordPress theme for personal blogs} {can be used|may be used|can be utilized|works extremely well|should be considered|could be used|work extremely well} {for any|for almost any|for virtually any|for just about any|for virtually every|for every} {type of|kind of|sort of|style of|variety of} {blog|website|web-site|blogging and blog site|blog site} {you need|you require|you would like|you might need|you want}. With {a beautiful design|a sophisticated design|remarkable design|a brilliant design|a really great design|a first class design|an awesome design|a magnificent design|an incredible design|a stunning design|a lovely design|a wonderful design} {and a|along with a} {wide variety of|wide selection of|large variety of|wide array of|large array of} {features|functions|amenities}, {it would|it could|it will} {work great|work perfectly|look great|look perfect|look amazing|work amazingly well} as a {fashion|style|clothing|stylish fashion|stylish clothing} {blog|site|blog site}, a {news blog|blog|news blog|news blog blog|blog blog} {or|or even|or perhaps|or maybe|as well as} {any other kind of blog|any type of blog page|any other news or blog page|any type of professional blog|any information filled blog page|your own personal blog page}. | With {a beautiful|an attractive|a good looking|a lovely|a wonderful|a gorgeous|a stunning|an incredible|an exquisite|an impressive|a spectacular|a charming|an excellent|a striking|a first class|a terrific|a superb|an amazing}, {functional|useful|practical|efficient|well-designed|effective} {layout|structure|design|arrangement|lay-out} {and many|and plenty of|and tons of|and a lot of|and lots of|and a wide range of|and a wide array of|and plentiful} {features|abilities|functions|options|functionality} to {make|render|help make|help to make} {blogging|running a blog|blogging and site-building|writing a blog|content management|blog posting|writing} {easy|simple|effortless|trouble-free|simple and easy|painless}. {If|In case|In the event} {you’re|you are} not a {WordPress|WordPress coding|coding|code} {expert|specialist|professional|pro|master}, {you can still|it is possible to|it’s still possible to|it’s possible to|you are able to|you can still} {alter|change|modify|adjust|improve|revise} this {theme|design|amazing theme|beautiful theme|WordPress theme|template|WP theme|great looking theme|lovely design} to {give it|provide it with|provide|put in} the {features|functions|attributes|options} {you want|you would like|you need|you wish|you are looking for} {your blog|your site|your web blog|your website} to {have|offer|possess}. | {Your readers|Your subscribers|Your viewers|Your blog readers|Your blog’s readers} {will love|will like|will enjoy|will cherish|will adore} the {way this blog looks|way your blog looks|style of this blog|style of your site|style and features of your site|style and design of your site|the style and features offered by your blog|stylish way your blog looks|way your amazing blog looks}, the {simple|straightforward|uncomplicated|hassle-free|straight forward|convenient} navigation, the {modern|contemporary|advanced|fashionable|trendy} and {professional|specialized|high quality|well built|well coded|professionally coded} {design|layout}, the {clean|thoroughly clean|clear|fresh} {code|CSS and HTML|scripts}, the {basic|simple|general} {layout|structure|arrangement|configuration} and {much more|a lot more|a great deal more|so much more|a whole lot more}. |WordPress {is the most|is easily the most|is regarded as the|is considered the most|is regarded as the most} {popular|widely used|well-liked|common|prominent|well-known|well known|widespread|prevalent} {blogging|blog} {platform|solution} around, {because|since|simply because|mainly because|due to the fact|as|given that} {it’s|it is} {very easy|very simple|easy|super easy|hassle-free|quite easy|so easy} to {use|utilize|make use of}, {it’s|it is} {highly|very|wonderfully|remarkably|tremendously|exceptionally} {flexible|versatile|adaptable|adjustable|adaptive} and it {has|possesses|offers|provides|includes} {many|a lot of|numerous|quite a few|countless|loads of} {powerful|effective|potent|highly effective|impressive|robust|beneficial} {features|capabilities|functions|advantages|attributes|characteristics}.} {{There is|There is certainly|You can find|There exists|You will discover} {a lot|a whole lot|plenty|much|quite a bit} you can {customize|personalize|modify|individualize|customise|alter|adapt} with {every|each|each and every|every single|just about every|any|almost any|virtually any|nearly every|any kind of} {WordPress lifestyle blog theme|lifestyle blog theme|WordPress personal and lifestyle blog theme|theme or template|template or theme}, {so|therefore} {it’s|it is|it really is|it truly is|it is really} {important to|crucial that you|vital that you|imperative that you|essential to|crucial for you to|crucial to|vital to} {select|choose|pick|pick out|go for|buy|purchase} {an attractive|an appealing|a beautiful|a gorgeous|a pretty|a stunning|a stylish|a nice-looking|a good-looking|an elegant|a striking|a professional looking|an exquisite|a fashionable|a tasteful} {theme|WP theme|WordPress theme|personal blog theme|design|style} {that offers|that provides|that gives|which offers|that has} the {features|functions|attributes|options|functionality} {that you need|that you require|that you desire|which you require|you need|you require}.| {A professionally designed|A well designed|A well made|A professionally made|A well built|A well crafted|A well built and coded|A professionally built and coded|A well thought out} {theme|WordPress theme|personal blog theme|WP personal blog theme|WordPress personal blog theme|WordPress internet personal blog theme|personal personal blog theme|blog template} {helps you to|enables you to|lets you|allows you to|helps you|aids you to|really helps to|will let you} {attract|appeal to|draw in|catch the attention of|captivate|entice} {readers|visitors|viewers|your readers|your visitors|guests|site visitors} and with {a good|a great|an excellent|a fantastic|an effective|an outstanding|a quality|the right} {WordPress personal blog theme|theme}, the {code|coding|design|code and design} is {clean|thoroughly clean|clear|good} so {your page|your blog|your web pages|your site|your website} {loads|loads up|opens up|will load up} {very quickly|quickly|rapidly|without delay|quite rapidly|promptly|extremely fast} {and that|which} {can help you|will help you|may help you|will allow you to|could help you|will let you} {rank better|rank higher} on {Google|the search engines|Yahoo and Google|Google or Yahoo|the SERPs}. This {premium|high quality|top quality|first-class|remarkable|excellent} {blog|weblog|wordpress blog|personal personal blog theme} theme {has everything|proudly represents everything|boasts everything|includes everything|features everything|offers everything|gives you everything|gives you all} {you need to|that you need|you’d need|you could need|you could possibly need} {produce|generate|create|deliver|provide} {a beautiful|an attractive|a lovely|a spectacular|a really great|a terrific|an amazing|an extraordinary|a magnificent}, {professional|high quality|authority} blog on {any|any kind of|virtually any|just about any|almost any|whatever} {subject|topic|issue|subject matter} {like|such as} {travel|traveling|travel destinations}, {food|food items|cuisine|restaurants}, {applications|web applications|software|apps|web apps}, {corporate|corporate and business|business|corporate business}, {personal|personal blogs|diaries|your personal blog}, {fashion|design|style|clothing|high fashion|trends} {and more|and much more|and plenty more}.}  Suarez wants to be your lifestyle blog theme of choice.

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Weston WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

Considering a smooth operating theme with powerful features for your blog?  Consider Weston.  No matter what style of living you’re showcasing, from posts about entertaining guests to blogs about motherhood, travel, fashion and home decoration.  It doesn’t matter what lifestyle topic you choose, a theme like Weston can really help pull it off.  There are tons of options out there, you’ll want to make sure you select one that’s flexible with a clean and clear layout and all the features that any lifestyle blogger needs.  With Visual Composer on board, Weston makes it easy to get the layout your site needs and Visual Composer makes your site truly flexible for all purposes.  What kind of theme is best for a lifestyle blog?  In my opinion, Weston is certainly high on the list.

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Grace Under Pressure

grace under pressure lifestyle blogging theme

Grace Under Pressure is a touch optimized blog theme for lifestyle bloggers who want a really powerful, mobile friendly WordPress theme that has a simple, minimal and modern style, with loads of bigtime features under the hood.  Responsive and really optimized for tablets and smart phones, Grace Under Pressure supports all swipe gestures, allows for gorgeous imagery, which is very important for lifestyle bloggers.  With lovely author profiles and a user friendly customizer, hundreds of people have found Grace Under Pressure to be a great fit for framing their web content.  Grace Under Pressure is also a Bootstrap coded theme, so you know it’s reliable and there’s absolutely no code bloat in this theme, which makes it great for wellness blogs, travel and fitness blogs, fashion trends and more.

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blogue wordpress theme for lifestyle blogs

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, I think Blogue could be a wonderful choice to help get your site the attention it deserves.  A lifestyle blog needs a simple but elegant design, one that frames your written content in a beautiful way, which is precisely what Blogue attempts to do.  Any kind of personal blogger can benefit from a theme like Blogue though.  If you’re a beginner, Blogue is easy to set up and the simple and classic style is responsive, which means it’s going to look good on all devices, irrespective of screen size.  With a flex image gallery, your images will look fantastic too.  No matter the topic of your blog, from healthy living options to travel, interior decorating and entertaining to work fashion blogs, Blogue could be a wonderful choice for your website.

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Sarraty WordPress Theme

Sarraty is finely crafted, well tuned, professionally built multi-purpose responsive and retina ready WordPress theme with tons of features and elements, like unlimited colors and fonts, to help you get a new website on the web in minutes, or even to rebrand your existing site.  Sarraty’s built the way you want it to be built, with clean code and pro-style design and we’re guessing you’ll say “Holy Cow” after purchasing it, the flexibility of the theme will amaze you, with our powerful options panel you can almost turn on or off every feature in the theme and use the features you need to get the most from Sarraty, and the advanced page builder will make you use your creativity to build any page and give it any look you want. You also have unlimited ways to build your website, which is nice.  To top it off, everything on the entire theme, from options to the coding itself, has been optimized to ensure that it loads fast and will not crash.

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Lynette Fashion Theme for WordPress

Lynette is a beautiful, feminine theme that has every feature you could possibly need to create a stunning website using WordPress, the best free platform for creating an amazing website.  If you want a feminine theme for a lifestyle blog, you definitely have to consider BluChic.  they’re considered the top theme maker for websites geared toward women’s issues, feminine blogs, products for women and more.  I absolutely love their designs and Lynette is no exception.  Like all of BluChic’s themes, Lynette is incredible simple to use, it’s easy to customize, it’s got a ton of features to help you make a really incredible website.  Lifestyle blogs are often very simple to look at, which is a good thing, since you want your content to really shine through, whether it’s images or blog posts.  Lynette makes that happen.

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Yaga Lifestyle Blogging Theme

Yaga is a multi-purpose, responsive WooCommerce WordPress theme, that comes equipped with all the features you need to set up a responsive WordPress site quick, fast and in a hurry.  Yaga offers something unique too, a pair of plug-ins, built by PeHaa themes.  Pehaa Themes Simple Posts types, whoch lets you add any custom post type you want to, such a recipes, portfolio projects, travel destinations or whatever you want.  And the PeHaa Themes Page Builder, which makes it simple to craft your own design layouts using 20+ fancy content elements and text modules. I think that between those two plugins and a bunch more great features, Yaga is a wonderful choice for a lifestyle blog theme.

The design of this theme is fantastic, it’s child ready and compliant with the W3C standards for WordPress code.  Instantly preview any customization, thanks to the WordPress customizer.  This theme also loads very quickly and smoothly too, because the number of http requests is relatively low.  That reduces the weight of the theme, causes it to load faster, particularly on mobile devices.  Very important for a responsive WordPress theme.

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Amadeus WordPress premium blog theme

This is Amadeus, a simple and clean lifestyle bloggers template for creating a really nice place for all your content.  Amadeus is from ThemeIsle, one of my favorite theme makers.  It has very strongly built code that’s been validated and if you have even a little bit of knowledge in HTML and PHP, you’ll be able to see exactly how everything was built.  What is a lifestyle blog anyway?  Well, that’s really sort of up to you.  Lifestyle blogs can be about whatever strikes you as important to your life.  From food, travel, family, friends, local culture and more, a lifestyle blog reflects your daily life in every way.  It doesn’t have to remain static either, you’ll be able to blog about different things as your life and interests evolve.  With Amadeus, no matter what you’re blogging about, it’s going to look fantastic.

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Chamomile WordPress Theme

Feminine lifestyle blog themes like Chamomile don’t come along every day.  This theme, which was created by BluChic, is a great choice.  Aimed squarely at women and for feminine oriented websites, this personal blog has what it takes for making your posts look incredible.  Chamomile bills itself as having a ‘girl-next-door’ look, which is something I’d agree with.  The style is clear, feminine and attractive.  There’s nothing in this theme that calls too much attention to itself, so I think it works for a lot of different types of websites, feminine blogs, lifestyle blogs, wedding planners, events sites, photographers and more.  Responsive and feature filled, Chamomile is absolutely worth considering for your next web project.

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Geraldine WordPress Feminine Theme


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Isabelle Feminine WordPress Blog Theme


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Jacqueline Bold Blog theme for Women


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Marilyn WordPress Fashion Blog Theme

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Naomi WordPress Pastry Shop and Bakery Theme

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Olivie WordPress theme for Women

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Paisley WordPress women

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Quinn WordPress event planner theme for weddings

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Rachel WordPress Theme

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Samantha WordPress feminine theme

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Tiffany WordPress female themes

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emma WordPress theme

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Victoria multipurpose feminine blog theme

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Adelle Pro

Adelle Pro WordPress feminine blogging template

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Adrianna Feminine eCommerce WordPress theme

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Aperitive WordPress simple food blog theme


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