Don’t Upload, Embed Instead

You may be temped to ‘self host’ your own videos by uploading them to your website, but you should consider what I have to say before you go down that path.  Sure, self hosting does a lot for you, you get perfect control over your video, but really, the drawbacks greatly outweigh the benefits when it comes to embedding your video vs self hosting it on your very own site.  Consider the following.
Images, along with sound, and video clips are a huge part of what makes the internet interesting, engaging and fun. Adding videos to your own website certainly adds value to your content and increases the odds that it would be reacted to by your audiences. Nevertheless, you’ll see that most individuals using WordPress probably ought to make use of a third party video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo to upload their videos. Now, can you upload your videos?  Sure, self hosting is relatively easy to do, there are plenty of places where you can find a free or premium theme to get that task accomplished.  That doesn’t change the fact that, in general, you should always steer clear of uploading any video to WordPress.

Before we tell you why you should never upload or host videos in WordPress, let us make sure that everyone understands that there is a difference between upload vs. embed.

  • Uploading or Hosting a video implies that videos will be uploaded by you in your website like you would upload images on your own web site. That is the part that we are recommending against.
  • Embedding a video means that you simply upload a video on a third-party site like Youtube, after which you can simply embed it in your blog posts. Whenever they can, we strongly recommend people to embed videos.

You’ll be able to share a video just by pasting the URL in your site posts, uploaded on YouTube or alternative video sharing sites. Additionally it is better to handle a station on YouTube. On the other hand it isn’t so easy in WordPress to create a video section individually from other uploads and also your pictures. You can choose your video uploaded to social media and reach out to some wider audience. You make it more easy to your viewers to talk about your video by uploading your video on YouTube and other video sharing sites. Among our other website has over 11 million video views on Youtube.

By uploading videos for your internet site, you will be cost bandwidth. More bandwidth is cost by higher quality videos. If you enable users to embed it on their own sites, then each time gets multiplied the video is embedded else where. You are going to likely also need to add more plugins show and to manage your videos. Your server load wills also boost. If you are on shared web hosting, then it is likely that that your website will be suspended by your host and briefly take it down.

Based on Alexa ranks, YouTube is now the world’s second most used search engine and also the third most visited site.  Impressive!  So why not take advantage of all that built in traffic, all those curious eyes looking for your incredible video?  This alone compels many site owners to upload their videos. Uploading a video on YouTube can bring more audience than uploading it on your own website. Social networking characteristics of other video sharing sites along with YouTube can activate viral popularity of your videos.

They process each video to get a much better internet experience, when you upload a video on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Viewers can pick whether or not they might prefer to see your video in HD or on lesser resolutions. Additionally these sites try to automatically discover a user’s internet connection and device type to play with the video in a quality that’s better for the viewer. In the event you upload your video on WordPress, then you’re missing out on those optimizations as it’s, costing you more bandwidth and destroying user experience, and your video will display.

Hopefully that the question was answered by this post on why you host or should never upload a video on WordPress.

There are a lot of video WordPress themes that advertise themselves are wonderful solutions for creating a ‘YouTube like’ experience for your viewers.  I suppose if you have a ton of traffic and want to monetize via video ads and you’d prefer to pick which ads get shown to your viewers, that may be something to consider.  But I think for most folks, embedding that video is an all around better choice.

Free Free Free! Minimal WordPress Themes

I’m in love with these free WordPress minimalist themes from  When you think of minimal themes, you might think they’re boring, but not the case here, these minimalist themes have a really edgy design and a bunch of features that help make any site special.  But they’re easy to use too, I’m about to install one on this blog.  I’m still not sure which one to go with though.  Any thoughts, leave a comment below!

Elegant Themes Divi

Divi is a fantastically aesthetically appealing and cutting edge, modern and impressively visually gorgeous, fashionable and fashionable, flatly designed and incredibly mobile friendly, seamless and technologically adaptable while graphically rounded and polished, neatly ordered and exceptionally responsive in every way WordPress theory, multipurpose theme. Divi is a professionally developed and designed WordPress theme specially assembled and outfitted with all the purpose of creating an infinitely pliable and impressively nimble web site construction toolkit effective at handling the wants as well as prerequisites of webmasters far and wide across a number of markets and areas of interest, with unparalleled simplicity and smoothness of user interface along with deep functionality and layout abilities.

The strong visual Divi Builder manages to offer webmasters who are very experienced and as well as noobs, a world’s worth of power station components and shortcodes, elegantly deployed through reachable and rapidly customizable block-based content modules, with over 40 unique, custom developed modules to select from and stack or scale as you want. Divi’s flat design that is excellent permeates layout every page and template in this theme that is lovely, as well as your crowd will find themselves right at home on your own site owing to its design philosophy that is potently instinctive and universally recognizable. Divi now attempt, and feel the difference of a fresh, design that is level!  Divi review.


The Nimble Theme best showcases artwork and images through its big image slider on its homepage. Its responsive design also seamlessly translates any website detail to smaller mobile phone screens.

As a WordPress Theme, Nimble sports an integrated Theme Customizer. These dashboard theme options allows you to change general settings for blog entries and site design; adjust navigation menus and links; change layouts; manage on-site ads; change website colors; optimize search engine traffic; and integrate social media and analytic codes.

The Nimble Theme also allows you to use shortcodes for creating various website content. Included shortcodes allows you to generate icon buttons, boxes, toggled content, slideshows, tabbed content, image sliders, protected content, columns, tooltips, social media badges, author information, customized lists, quotes, pricing tables, testimonials, and drop caps.
The theme includes premade page templates for creating image galleries, contact forms, sitemaps, advanced search pages, full width pages, member login pages, blog feed pages, and multimedia portfolio page templates. You can also create up to five different types of Portfolio pages under the Nimble Theme.

As part of the Elegant Themes gallery, the Nimble Theme will include free theme updates as long as you are a yearly member. The theme is W3C compliant and includes .po and .mo files ready for them translation.

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